World Record Breaking Medal Winner
20 August 2018

A Guide to World Record Breaking for B2B Brands

When you think about Guinness World Record attempts, more light-hearted events might spring to mind. Like Yahoo celebrating its 20th anniversary by breaking the yodelling world record. A whopping 3,432 employees all yodelled in unison! Or more bizarre achievements like the world’s tallest dog (it’s a Great Dane called Freddy who measures 3ft 4.75in – if you’re interested).

Despite this reputation, a World Record attempt is a useful tool in B2B communication campaigns. Attempting a World Record isn’t confined to bigger enterprises. They can be as successful for smaller organisations trying to raise their media profile too.

Of course, when brainstorming and planning a new PR campaign, all tactics must feed back into original objectives and strategy. Breaking a Guinness World Record is a brilliant way to reinforce messaging for an entire campaign.  It’s particularly useful for tech companies who need case studies to showcase their product.

World Record Breaking Campaigns

A great example of a record breaking campaign comes from by IBM Research Laboratories, the innovation engine of the IBM Corporation. As the World’s largest industrial research organisation, they wanted to demonstrate their leading work in atomic innovation and data storage. So they produced “A Boy and His Atom”, the Smallest Stop-Motion Film using just 12 atoms. The film validated the firm’s technological capabilities while propelling them out of technology press and into the global mainstream media.

B2B industries are very wary of the looming STEM skills gap. Many businesses are launching their own initiatives and PR campaigns to help combat the problem. In 2013, PwC set out to create a PR campaign that would reinforce their commitment to youth education and financial literacy. To support PwC’s ambitions, Guinness World Records created a new category – “The Largest Simultaneous Financial Literacy Lesson in Multiple Locations“. PwC hosted partners and staff in Southern California, Arizona and Nevada, alongside thousands of local students and community organisations. The campaign drove awareness of the initiative and PwC’s messaging, raised morale and created B2B networking opportunities.

More than a PR stunt

As well as bolstering a B2B PR campaign, bringing employees together in a world record attempt is an excellent team building exercise. Proof in point, as part of its company growth plan, Domestic & General invited 100 of their commercial team to participate in a new Guinness World Record title for the fastest time to pass 10 t-shirts along a chain of people. On top of media attention, Domestic & General increased engagement from their sales reps and positive feedback on the organisation’s upcoming changes.

Go the distance with a Guinness World Record

By successfully completing a Guinness World Record, B2B businesses can attain press coverage far beyond what would normally be achievable from the standard corporate news. Having a creative news hook offers an opportunity to share interesting audio/visual content from the event across multiple channels.