I’m a YouTuber, get me out of here!



Ahead of the new I’m a Celebrity … series hitting screens, TOBAR challenged us to drive demand for its I’m a Celebrity’s official Bush Grub range with tweens aged 9-13.


Cost of 4p per engagement.

 248k organic video views.

2,000+ comments from excited viewers keen to give it a go:

“I got the game to do it on Christmas Day!”

“I am SOOOOOO going to attempt this challenge on my channel!”

“Love this video the 1 gross thing was the bugs”

Inspired copycat videos from other tween YouTubers.

Dom Vlogs chose it as his homepage video six months after upload as it was so entertaining for his subscribers.


The OneChocolate Influencer Intelligence Matrix identified key YouTubers for our target age bracket.

Cross-channel partnerships were negotiated with YouTube favourites, Ruby Rube and Dom Vlogs.

Our team worked with the influencers to create engaging Bush Tucker Challenge videos with their friends … who would end up eating the bugs?

SEO keyword research informed the titles and descriptions for maximum search visibility.

Though viewers were divided over whether horrible or hilarious, engagement went through the roof and many were keen to try it for themselves.