A web build to change behaviours

The Can Makers


Having established a growing market for craft drinks in cans; the Can Makers needed to help take this to the next level.


Canned craft beer sales rose by 327% in 2017.

Drove 5,000 visits in first 6 months, with no paid support.

Site traffic continues to grow, almost doubling YOY.

Record number of enquiries made to the Can Makers Information Service in the 12 months following its launch.

Coverage across FMCG and packaging trade news, including Packaging Europe, Beer Today and New Food Magazine.


The team drew insights from independent brewers and drink makers on the barriers they were facing.

What was lacking was knowledge: they didn’t know if and how to get their drinks into cans or who the key contacts were.

We devised and built a “one-stop shop” educational website: Indie Drinks Can Advice, including a full supplier database.

The recycling benefits of the can also took centre stage, showcased through how-to video content and interactive infographics.

Also integrated was the world’s first free 3D drinks can design app, Can Creator, for budding canners to quickly and simply try out new design ideas and see them come to life on-can.

To drive traffic and speed SEO, additional content (e.g. articles, myths & facts, videos, infographics) was created through the year and cross promoted across other channels, partners and media.

Inspirational interviews with success story independents such as CanOWater and Beavertown completed the content line-up.