Establishing a powerful voice in Europe

Sierra Wireless

Sierra Wireless, the Internet of Things wireless solutions company, appointed OneChocolate to raise its profile as an innovator in IoT services and to become a global thought leader in end-to-end IoT solutions.

Secured 80+ pieces of national and top-tier coverage in just six months
Our smart messaging and news content, designed to engage key media, successfully smashed earned quality coverage KPIs, securing more than 80 pieces compared to our target of 50 within six months. This included breakthrough coverage in the Financial Times, and all leading tier-one trade titles in the UK, France and Germany.
We also supported events on social media, massively increasing audience engagement on Twitter, resulting in 78 retweets per 100 tweets and 74 replies per 100 tweets.
The business impact: Our aggressive thought leadership programme, which generated more than 40 briefings with European media and analysts, successfully established Sierra as a leading voice in the industry and raised its profile in Europe.

Developing a stronger European voice, with dedicated PR campaigns for the UK, France and Germany, opened the door to high-impact media relations and substantially increased brand awareness in priority European markets. We devised and executed thought leadership campaigns around the key themes of Smart City, IoT Innovation and connected cars, supported by an analyst and media relations programme across all markets.
Our European coordination of the launch of Sierra Wireless’s AirVantage Enterprise gateway product range and IoT Accelerator services platform secured additional pieces of quality coverage. We also maximised Sierra Wireless’s presence at key events, including Mobile World Congress in Spain and Embedded World in Germany.