Building traffic and trust for a challenger brand

reichelt elektronik


reichelt needed to increase their web traffic and online sales across Europe, including new markets already dominated by SEO-savvy competitors.


Dramatic monthly sales increase.

Total web traffic increased by 60%.

Generated over 46,000 site visits.

Took MozTrust score for brand new international sites from 0 to 5 in 6 months.

133 pieces of earned media coverage in electronics, DIY and maker press including Build It!, Electronics Weekly, ITProPortal, Elektronik Praxis Online,, Haustec, L’Électronique and, generating organic links back to reichelt’s site.

Tripled average paid click-through rate within two months of activity.


Audience research and market audit identified key customer queries going unanswered by competitors.

Created a bank of educational content based on these insights, centred around reichelt’s hero products.

Produced monthly how-to guides, videos, infographics, images and research tailored to makers, hobbyists and electronics professionals.

Our team worked these harder by re-using as earned PR content, securing thought leadership guest posts in media with social sharing linking back to, building our MozTrust score.

Having identified the highest impact websites for our audiences, we placed paid content as suggested reading, linking to optimised anchor text on our site.

This was implemented across Europe, in five languages.