Setting engagement targets ablaze

PLAYMOBIL UK and London Fire Brigade

PLAYMOBIL UK needed a step change to get more ‘brand in hands’ throughout 2016. We were tasked to devise a sparkling activation to engage and delight 3-6-year-olds and their parents. A triumvirate of events, school visits and online video views meant we had three key touch points to engage with children throughout the year, alongside creating content with key media and influencers.


Global award winning campaign:


‘PLAYMOBIL and London Fire Brigade to the Rescue!’ hit 512k+ views.

Launched on London Live (4m+ viewers), our campaign secured 214 pieces of top national and specialist media coverage, including The Guardian, Evening Standard & Mashable.

The partnership created 396,000 engagements with children and video views have reached 512k+.

Our fabulous launch event at Soho Fire Station attracted over 100 media and influencers and their families, and over 61,000 people attended themed open days at fire stations across London.

The events themselves generated strong coverage including Sky News, Telegraph, Metro, The Sun, Evening Standard and Closer.

Key business impact: pulling off the difficult coup of getting a brand into schools in a meaningful way. The PLAYMOBIL video has been adopted as a key asset for LFB’s schools education programme, in which firefighters visit Foundation Year classes across all London boroughs.

OneChocolate identified a perfect partnership opportunity with the London Fire Brigade (LFB), which was celebrating its 150th anniversary.

We devised and produced a stop-motion video, featuring the PLAYMOBIL fire engine and fire brigade characters.

To support the LFB’s educational objectives, we created a script and catchy song, focusing on the three most common incidents that LFB are called upon for assistance: outdoor fires, floods and road traffic accidents.

Hosted on LFB’s YouTube channel, the video was amplified via PLAYMOBIL’S owned social channels, with strategic seeding and paid media reaching bang-on target customers.

Between April and December, 65 free open days took place across London, jointly hosted and co-branded by LFB and PLAYMOBIL.

Children were treated to meeting both real firefighters and life-sized PLAYMOBIL ones, as well as having the opportunity to explore fire engines and the station.