Smart blogger and vlogger relations for maximum clicks

Panasonic Lumix G

Panasonic wanted an innovative vlogger and blogger relations programme to support and amplify “Lumix G – The One For You”, a digital campaign designed to showcase the cameras in its Lumix G camera range.

High-impact influencer engagement and social activations reached 4.7m target customers.

Leveraging our ambassadors’ large and highly active communities across Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, and creating content for Panasonic’s owned channels, we created a big social buzz, reaching nearly 5 million consumers in just eight months.

Via the creation of engaging content and compelling CTAs, we generated over 300 pieces of innovative UGC (images and videos), which were also shared on Panasonic’s channels.

Overall, our campaign actively engaged 115k target customers.

The business impact: our activity helped to drive substantial volumes of quality, targeted traffic – 20,000 clicks – to Panasonic’s The One For You campaign microsite.

Our strategy focused on creating influential brand advocates and maximising UGC to tell the brand story – with new narratives designed to engage target customers of each of the four cameras.

Using our OneChocolate INFLUENCER INTELLIGENCE MATRIX, we identified some of the UK’s top bloggers and vloggers across key sectors, including fashion, travel, filmmaking and arts/culture to establish a powerful team of ambassadors.

Each brilliantly showcased their subject area through the lens of a Lumix G camera, producing a long-running series of blog posts, social media posts and videos, featuring the campaign hashtag #LumixGTheOne.

Putting the product in the hands of these talented influencers injected priceless credibility and brought the campaign to life.