Because even zombies are looking for love


Nokia briefed OneChocolate to devise and implement an international digital campaign to attract a new audience of gamers.

Winner of Cannes Cyber Lion Award

Zombie Singles, The Official Dating Site for the Un-dead, generated a huge buzz with consumers and social media jumping on the campaign within hours of launch.

The site achieved 1 million+ page views, with more than 12,000 target consumers creating profiles.

Our seeded content and competitions secured 106 blog posts across fan community sites in 10 key global markets.

The business impact: the perfect fit for the consumer base Nokia was seeking to attract, this campaign achieved priceless kudos, as well as sales.

This campaign was also featured as ‘Most Creative’ in PR Week’s Top 10 Digital Campaigns and won a Digital Lion at Cannes Lion International Advertising Festival.

Insight-driven, our digital strategy was clearly focused on zombie fan sites and blogs across 5 key countries.

To drive sign-ups to Zombie Singles, we pinpointed the international influencers amongst the zombie-fan crowd.

We then lobbied webmasters, forum leaders and bloggers to post our content, kicking off with an ‘Agony Aunt’-style letter to promote the site.

We also created a competition to win a trip to Japan and the Tokyo Games Show as a compelling incentive.

This totally ‘earned’ campaign was a hit with our communities, with sign up and competition entries coming from 138 countries globally.