The art of localising content for maximum ROI

Information Builders

OneChocolate was tasked with raising the profile of Information Builders as a market leader in business intelligence and analytics software, while maximising PR and social ROI across the UK, France and Germany to substantially increase brand awareness in Europe.

Hit ROI jackpot by securing 60+ pieces of quality earned coverage and 73% increase in European Twitter followers in just three months.

Our tactics for intelligently repurposing and localising US content and generating European thought leadership materials smashed all targets, securing 60+ quality articles in just three months.

This included breakout coverage in tech media, including CBR, Information Age, Economie Matin (FR), and IT Director (DE).

Focusing on Twitter for social reach, we achieved a 73% increase in European Twitter followers on the ‘international’ page, a 55% increase in DACH followers, and a 45% increase in followers on the French Twitter handle.

The business impact: Information Builders’ CEO named in Top 50 Global Data Leaders Award in Information Age.

We based our integrated, issues-based thought leadership campaign on core business themes of ‘the self-service BI generation’ and ‘how businesses can monetise data.’

We carefully repackaged and localised US materials with relevant statistics to resonate with local markets, and leveraged our established media relationships for placement.

This integrated approach was rolled out to Europe via our PR and social content generation team based at the London HQ, with all markets following the same measurement and monitoring criteria.

Issues hijacks around, for example, Gartner’s hype cycle and CIOs vs. data analysts drove up coverage and social engagement, whilst pitching around major industry events for face-to-face interviews with Information Builders raised the profiles of senior executives.