Re-igniting UK sales and buyer relationships

Griffin Technology

American tech accessories brand, Griffin Technology, wanted to increase UK brand awareness and sales of an accessories range in a crowded market place where the Apples, Samsungs and Sonys dominate the mobile and gadget headlines.

Over 140 pieces of coverage, with an Opportunities To See (OTS) of 688m, including Guardian, Telegraph, Metro, Men’s Health, Shortlist, TechRadar, Stuff and T3.

Tapped into the fast-growing popularity of unboxings driving over 4.3k views in first two-weeks.

Contributed to building stronger key buyer relationships via smartly negotiated contra-deals for access to high-profile consumer events.

Our engaging B2B content created over 6.8m OTS to key decision-makers in the education, hospitality and construction markets. Over the first 12 months, we have helped to re-ignite UK sales and get the brand relisted by major retailers.

With a huge product catalogue on offer, we were hired to work quickly with the client to drill down and create a refined set of product priorities, brand stories, key messages and creative content.

The previous tack of (effectively) getting coverage for the sake of coverage was neither raising brand awareness nor driving sales.

We then delivered a razor sharp product news, reviews and placements programme, backed by strong brand stories as the backbone of the campaign.

In addition, via web analytics we identified the top traffic driving websites, such as TechRadar, CNET, Stuff and MacWorld, and secured more pieces in these to get Griffin seen in the right places.

We also worked with influential gadget unboxers for in-depth product reviews targeted straight at our audience.

Keeping Griffin front of mind for stockists, we entertained potential buyers at high-profile consumer events in their interest areas of sport, food and fashion, through contra-deal partnerships including Cosmopolitan Ultimate Women Awards, London Taste and Jamie Oliver’s Feastival.

To support Griffin’s B2B sales activity, we identified key sectors (education, hospitality and construction) and created clever content pieces, such as ‘how-tos’ and listicles, to engage decision-makers and drive further awareness of Griffin’s solutions to common problems faced by their workers.