Inspiring and informing through influencers



Introducing a new diabetes smart meter to tech-savvy teenagers, with competitors already key players in the conversation.


Cost of 4p per engagement.

350% spike in traffic to

34k+ video views.

Video tweeted by Diabetes UK to 151k followers.

Glowing YouTube comments:

“Omg, you really did a great description. I love your video!!! I think it is so difficult to tell somebody who doesn’t have diabetes how you feel when you have a hypo. Great job.”

“Great post, thanks for sharing 🙂 🙂 :)”

Social posts delivered to 10k+ further people with diabetes.


Audience profiling and SEO analysis identified common consumer questions currently going unanswered by competitors’ content.

Our OneChocolate Influencer Intelligence Matrix identified key voices for young people with diabetes. We negotiated a partnership with vlogger and Diabetes UK ambassador Melanie Stephenson.

We co-created two engaging videos to help those with diabetes understand and manage their condition; “I’m having a hypo, what do I do?” and “How do I exercise with diabetes?”

After giving the videos SEO-savvy titles and descriptions, they were hosted on Melanie’s YouTube channel with extra amplification on Instagram.

Earned media interviews we secured for Melanie included a 5-minute broadcast slot on London Live.

A written product review and top tips piece posted on her blog provided further links back to Dario’s website.