Breaking into the Guinness World Record books

Comfort Insurance

Comfort Insurance, the UK provider of specialist insurance for caravans, campervans and motorhomes, tasked OneChocolate to put its brand on the map. The goal: making Comfort Insurance synonymous with insurance for ‘homes on wheels’.

A Guinness World Record breaking stunt & creative PR helped achieve 20% increase in traffic

Our campaign focused on big bang tactics to secure high volumes of earned media – with our Guinness World Record for ‘most people in a VW campervan’ the hero of the piece.

The six-month campaign achieved 21m OTS, and nailed 60+ pieces of coverage in nationals, including MailOnline, The Sun, and Daily Express, along with top-tier and specialist media, including MSN and Active Traveller.

The business impact: our Guinness World Record made history; and our creative PR effectively fuelled high levels of brand awareness that converted into YoY increase in sales.

Our Guinness World Record attempt to cram in a record-breaking number of people (50) into a VW campervan was hosted and staged at Busfest, the UK’s premier event for campervan enthusiasts.

To further develop the brand’s personality and establish its expertise, we also created and placed top tips, such as ‘UK’s best campsites’ in the travel media, and jargon-free guides to insurance.

Our survey, commissioned to highlight the booming appetite for ‘holidays on wheels’, with data tapping into topical family, travel and celebrity trends, successfully secured widespread national and regional coverage.