Corporate videos doesn't need to be corporate
30 August 2018

Corporate videos do not need to be corporate

Creating good corporate videos doesn’t have to be hard. When thinking of corporate videos, we often imagine the single-camera, talking-head scenario. It’s content that gets the message across on what the company is about, but can’t hold your interest for very long.

In a B2B environment, the problem is that management can forget that their audiences (i.e. their employees, their customers, their suppliers etc.) are shifting in demographic, from gender to socio-economic backgrounds to age. According to KPMG, millennials represent 35% of the UK workforce and are set to represent an astounding 50% of the global workforce by 2020.

How to create a good corporate video

So, what should you consider if you don’t want viewers to switch off after 30 seconds?

  1. Know your audience. It might be that a talking-head vox pop works well for the people you’re targeting, but if it doesn’t, the results could be disastrous
  2. Check out your competitors. See what types of videos they’re pushing out, and assess how well they are performing. This might help you refine the format you choose
  3. Have a script and keep it simple. Too many words (especially complicated jargon) confuses or dulls the message
  4. Break up your content. Studies say that the average attention span is eight seconds. So, you would have definitely lost them by minute five of the same static shot!
  5. Convey your brand personality. Even if it’s a quirky exec, brand personality can be attributed to an average revenue increase of 23%
  6. Get creative. B2B marketers think that corporate messaging videos need to follow the same old pattern. Now is the time to break the mould. Make use of stock imagery, stop-motion clips and graphic design. This will showcase how corporate doesn’t need to be “corporate”

Below are a few examples of successful corporate videos. This should inspire you to think outside the box the next time you need to create video content.