Weekly social scoop

The latest news and developments on Facebook, Twitter, Buzzfeed, Amazon and Snapchat – just in case you missed it!

Weekly social scoop

#1 Snapcash

By Reuters

  • Last week, it was announced that Snapchat will team up with Square to allow users aged 18 or over to send money to their friends’ bank accounts
  • Snapchat, which has previously experienced security issues, stated that security is a top priority and that Square will store the debit card information and transfer the money between accounts

#2 Facebook at Work criticised

By The Independent

  • Last week, we wrote about Facebook’s attempt to rival LinkedIn through Facebook at Work, which is thought to launch in the new year
  • But some have argued that it could lead to distracted employees and breaches of confidentiality, if Facebook does not properly understand the requirements of businesses

#3 Amazon’s disappearing deals


  • In a bid to appeal to mobile shoppers, the internet retail giant, Amazon, has announced it will use Snapchat to send out exclusive deals to customers
  • As well as deals, users will receive gift ideas and recommendations, which will disappear seconds after the message has been opened

#4 Buzzfeed’s website traffic

By The Drum

  • A new report from Buzzfeed on how technology is changing media has revealed that social traffic, mobile usage and video views are the highest drivers to its website
  • The insight has led to Buzzfeed adopting a mobile-first approach, resulting in more mobile traffic and a higher share rates

#5 Facebook Groups app

By The Telegraph

  • Following the launch of its controversial Messenger app earlier this year, Facebook has revealed its second standalone mobile app – Facebook Groups
  • In an attempt to improve user experience, Facebook Groups will allow users to start new groups as well as track and control notifications

#6 Twitter exec Anthony Noto’s direct message fail

By BBC News

  • A senior Twitter exec, Anthony Noto, has made a Twitter faux paux by accidentally sending a public tweet which was supposed to be a private direct message
  • The message, which was deleted shortly after, read: “I think we should buy them. He is on your schedule for Dec 15 or 16 — we will need to sell him. i have a plan.”

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Weekly social scoop

Latest news and developments on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube and Snapchat – just in case you missed it!

Weekly social scoop

 #1 Facebook attempts to rival LinkedIn

As reported in the FT

  • In an effort to compete with Google, Microsoft and LinkedIn, Facebook is developing a new website targeted at enterprises called “Facebook at Work”
  • The site, which has been used internally at Facebook for some time, will enable users to chat with colleagues, connect with other professionals and allow remote collaboration

#2 Twitter’s new features

As reported in The Telegraph

  • The first – and less controversial– new development is that users will be able to record, edit and upload videos natively on Twitter, much like they can currently do with photos, gifs and Vines
  • Secondly, the chronological nature in which Tweets appear will be altered which, according to VP of product, Kevin Weil, is to ensure users can find the tweets most relevant to their interests 

#3 Facebook to bury promotional posts

As reported in The Drum

  • In response to negative feedback from users about promotional posts, Facebook has announced that they will appear less in news streams from 2015
  • As a result of new privacy policies, unveiled just a few days ago, users are also able to query why certain ads have appeared on their Timelines

#4 Pinterest’s fastest-growing demographic is surprising

As reported in Tech Crunch

  • Due its reputation as being the go-to site for arts and craft lovers, brides to be and fashionistas, Pinterest has traditionally attracted a predominantly female audience
  • However, Pinterest has revealed that men now account for one-third of all new members and the number of active male users has doubled over the past two years

#5 Snapchat increases users’ privacy

As reported by The Independent

  • Snapchat has announced that it will now let users know if unofficial third-party apps are saving their pictures or videos
  • The development follows the claim from 4chan that it had ‘hacked’ more than 100,000 nudes from Snapchat users, sparking concerns over users’ privacy

#6 YouTube’s Music Key

As reported by BBC News

  • Google’s YouTube has unveiled its new pay-monthly subscription service, Music Key
  • The move is set to pose a threat to other streaming services such as Spotify,  Rdio and Beats Music
  • Subscribers will also gain access to Google Play All Access, which is currently lagging behind Spotify’s 12.5 million paying subscribers

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onechocolate loves… the view from France

Our colleagues in onechocolate’s Paris office have selected this week’s round-up of inspiring PR & digital marketing campaigns, smart new apps and cool events…

#1 IKEA getting spooky in Singapore

A month after releasing an incredibly popular commercial spoofing Apple, IKEA is back with a new ad – and this one takes a rather different approach. Its latest offering sees IKEA Singapore paying homage to Stanley Kubrick’s classic 1980 film The Shining by recreating its iconic (and super creepy) hallway scene. The Hallowe’en campaign is being used to promote IKEA’s daily late night shopping to its Singapore customers. In addition to the YouTube clip, an interactive social media video hunt will run parallel to the campaign where consumers will be invited to spot and win products that appear in the film.

#2 Track your phone habit

track your phone

Do you have your Smartphone glued to your hand? Or do you have friends who annoy you by constantly checking their phones whilst you’re at dinner with them? Then you need to know about Checky – Phone Habit Tracker. The app, available since September both on Android and iOS, counts the number of times you check your handset each day. We’ve been trying to psyche ourselves up to tryout the new gizmo, but we’re afraid the truth will be too ugly. Sometimes ignorance is bliss.

#3 IDTGV and Google Glass

Google Glass

IDTGV, the subsidiary of SNCF – the French national train company – did a big media coup last week by equipping its employees with Google Glass in order to improve customer service and staff efficiency. For example, when purchasing a ticket, the customer’s ticket is scanned and the glasses display information on the traveler, including identity and seat numbers. In harnessing this innovative technology IDTGV managed to gain wide media attention whilst positioning itself as a leader in customer service.

#4 Twitter in Paris

Twitter in Paris

This summer, Paris’ twitter page rapidly overtook New York’s, with Paris accumulating more than 224 000 followers vs. New York’s 209 000. In aid of our city’s success on social media, we thought we’d enlighten you to a few facts about Paris’ twitter feed. Did you know that the least popular post in the history of the Paris page had no less than 5 likes? And the most popular tweet so far, with 960 retweets, was a post about the Eiffel Tower illuminated for screening breast cancer? 

#5 Be crazy, be yourself

We love this campaign from Maisons Du Monde, a French furniture and home decor company. The brand is encouraging its audience to ‘Be crazy, be yourself’ through a quirky video, which shows, amongst other things, a baby with a fake moustache and a man dressed as a giant fish – glorious!

#6 Digital Week France

Digital week

From 15th-26th October we welcomed, for the first time, Digital Week France to Paris. The event offered a number of courses and events around digital creation and digital contemporary art to a large number of collectors, gallery owners and enthusiasts. Over 11 days and in 14 different locations, many conferences, exhibitions and round tables took place to discuss the digital evolution of society and how artists offer new perspectives and contemporary readings on the topic.


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Paddy Power strikes again

Paddy Power

Looking for a great example of responsive content, created in the spur of the moment with big headline-grabbing results? Well look no further, PaddyPower has gone and done it again!

By now, anyone interested in digital marketing campaigns knows to keep a keen eye out for Irish bookmaker Paddy Power’s latest antics. Its adverts, love them or hate them, demand attention – a TV ad where a cat was kicked into a tree by a blind footballer became the most complained-about UK advert of 2010.

This week, the boundary-pushing brand courted attention for live-tweeting the chat-up lines of a poor fellow named Steve. The hapless gent became an overnight sensation when he accidentally started texting a Paddy Power employee, thinking he was contacting  a lady he had met while on ‘the pull’ the night before.

Paddy Power texts 1

The conversation went viral before Steve could work-out that he had been duped – but thankfully he took it well when he realised his flirting had been put on display for the whole world to see.

Paddy Power texts

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Who’s buying Facebook’s button?


Announced at the end of last week, Facebook is launching a ‘buy’ button, designed to let users snap up products straight from the site. It follows hot on the heels of Twitter, which quietly launched a ‘buy now’ button earlier in the month, after much speculation. A week later, and this news is still proving cause for debate, with key commentators, including the FT, posing the big question: is this just window dressing or will actually help drive sales?

Here’s a snapshot of industry insiders’ views and predictions:

According to Mashable, this social/ecommerce merge is more than just about increasing ad sales. What they really want is to “use commerce as a way to boost engagement among users by giving them more reason to stay on site, as well as provide an additional selling point to advertisers.” A particularly interesting point when you think about it in context of today’s millennials. This generation is social media-savvy and often the best way to reach them is through social channels. For brands to stay relevant to their younger fans – they need to diversify. Could social shopping be the way to do this?

In the slightly more cynical corner sits Marketing Week. Lara O’Reilly warns that neither brands, nor Twitter and Facebook for that matter, should expect this move to “generate meaningful revenue…any time soon.” And it doesn’t stop there. She adds that ultimately users just aren’t really ready for this new tool, they will rarely “log in (to the sites) for a shop.” However, it’s not all doom and gloom – it may just take a bit of time for this innovation to catch on.

When it comes to ads on Twitter and Facebook, diginomica argues that “brands can do a hell of a lot on Facebook and Twitter themselves without having to advertise.” This also brings into question ad targeting. Derek du Preez states that “Facebook needs to get a hell of a lot better at serving up ads that are really tailored to its users.” He adds, “I can’t think of a single thing I would have bought from an ad on Facebook to date, if I had been given the opportunity.”

The views on this are very much a mixed bag but it seems most industry pros are approaching the move with caution. Will the new tools really be all they’re cracked up to be? We’ll have to wait and see but, in the meantime, it’s interesting to note that other social platforms are also getting in on the action. The FT reports that Pinterest is likely to get on board with the trend, having just partnered with Shopify, an online platform that encompasses more than 100,000 shops and makes sure that all pins of products include details of prices.

What do you think? Can you see a strong business case for buying into the button for your brand’s social channels?

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