Weekly social scoop

The latest news and developments on Pinterest, Twitter, Google, WhatsApp, YouTube, Spotify and Facebook, just in case you missed them…

Weekly social scoop

#1 Tweets will now appear in Google search results

By The Independent

  • The partnership is aimed at bringing real-time news and trends to users even faster than before
  • The development presents the opportunity for brands’ Twitter content to reach a whole new audience, namely those who do not currently have a Twitter account
  • Brands should also note that Tweets with embedded media will increase your chance of getting click-throughs on Google

#2 Pinterest introduces promoted pins

By Mashable

  • Despite its popularity, Pinterest does not make a large profit. In an effort to combat this, the social platform is bringing in ‘Promoted Pins’
  • Video ads will be called ‘Cinematic Pins’ and will have a similar function to Pinterest’s current ad products
  • Promoted Pins will be formatted to blend in with users’ newsfeeds and will be motion-based 

#3 WhatsApp: Businesses could soon send you messages

By The Independent

  • According to Facebook, businesses could soon be allowed to contact WhatsApp users directly through the platform
  • This is an opportunity for the messenger service to increase its profits, having previously avoided bringing in ads and paid-for features

#4 Google links new tool to other social media sites

By The Drum

  • Google is set to sever links between Google+ and its latest photo sharing and storage tool
  • The new service will instead link to other social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, allowing users to post photos directly to their other social media profiles
  • Google is expected to debut the tool at its annual software developer’s conference, later this month

#5 Youtube releases new video ad feature

By Mashable

  • ‘TrueView’ video ads will list a selection of the retailer’s products, alongside the ad itself
  • Users will be able to click on the image to be directed to the product on the retailer’s website
  • The new feature allows YouTube to help advertisers to promote their goods and increase the platform’s ad revenue

#6 Spotify introduces new features

By The Guardian

  • Spotify has expanded its offering by adding new features such as podcasts, videos and a more intelligent music service that adapts to the listener’s running pace, activity and habits
  • The streaming service hopes the developments will increase its advantage over rivals such as Apple and YouTube

#7 Facebook faces criticism for Internet.org

By The Guardian

  • Digital rights groups from across the world have accused Facebook of not doing enough to promote net neutrality through Internet.org – its initiative to bring internet access to everyone
  • Facebook has received a letter from some of the world’s largest digital rights groups such 18MillionRising.org, India’s IT for Change and Nigeria’s Paradigm Initiative

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onechocolate loves… the view from the U.S. 

onechocolate’s San Francisco office selected this week’s round-up of inspiring PR and digital marketing campaigns, smart new tech and cool events… 

#1 Google and Twitter team up


We often look for breaking news or buzz around a TV series’ finale or sporting events in the form of live tweets from individuals before the media even gets a chance to publish. Luckily, you don’t to have to be on Twitter to find real-time tweets anymore, now that Google and Twitter have teamed up to make real-time news and information accessible by displaying tweets in Google’s search bar via its mobile app. So start your searches, but watch out for spoilers!

#2 Cannes you dig IT?

Cannes Festival

The Cannes Film Festival is in full swing and while many people expect to see the latest movies coming to theaters soon, we’re also seeing a rise in tech and tech companies that attend. Attendees can now look forward to presentations from companies such as Netflix, virtual-reality brand Oculus, as well as Amazon and Vimeo. With so many “cord cutters” today, those who elect not to pay for traditional, subscription television, it’s no wonder that more companies are now courting non-traditional platforms.

#3 Spotify introduces video streaming and podcasts


Spotify is going beyond music streaming with a new line-up of features announced this week at a press conference in New York. Expanding its content with a new feature called ‘Spotify Now’, it will soon offer users video streaming and podcasts content through partnerships with MTV, NBC and TED. It also unveiled a new feature that tailors playlists to runners. The update comes ahead of Apple’s music streaming service launch, which will be unveiled next month.

#4 The earliest technology, ever

Stone Tools

Stone tools have been found by researchers digging in Kenya that date back some 3.3 million years, making them the first signs of technology. While scientists originally thought that the genus Homo, which includes modern humans, went back about 2.8 million years, the new finding shows that the date could be pushed back 700,000 years. There is some uncertainty about who the tools actually belong to — they may well belong to a species that we don’t know about yet!

#5 The President joins Twitter

Obama tweet

It only took six years, but the President of the United States has (finally) joined Twitter. While First Lady Michelle is already using the service (@FLOTUS), U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron joined Twitter back in 2012. In his first few tweets, the President discussed his commencement address to the Coast Guard, which addressed climate change and building safer communities through “smart policing”. Welcome, Mr. President!

#6 Graduation season is on

We’re currently in the middle of this year’s graduation season for our nation’s schools and universities, which means there are plenty of scholars and celebrities giving commencement speeches. There were several that caught our eye including an inspiring speech from Apple CEO Tim Cook, a rousing speech from comedian Stephen Colbert, and finally a powerful message from First Lady Michelle Obama. Former Secretary of State Madeline Albright also encouraged the students to “be doers, not just hearers”, and reminded students that the future “depends not on the stars or some mysterious forces of history,” but on the decisions they will one day make since they will have to “pick up the baton so often mishandled by the leaders of yesterday and today.”

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Weekly social scoop

The latest news and developments on Facebook, Periscope and YouTube, just in case you missed them… 

Weekly social scoop

#1 Facebook is making it easier to access news articles

By BBC News

  • ‘Instant Articles’ is a new feature on Facebook, which will give news organisations the chance to create interactive content
  • The uploaded content will be faster and easier to read on mobile devices
  • Instant Articles aims to increase traffic through the news organisations’ websites. Facebook is confident that the media outlets will get 100% of the ad revenue they have sold

#2 Periscope can now be used without a Twitter account

By Mashable

  • The live-streaming app from Twitter can now be accessed with a phone number rather than just a Twitter account
  • The development is aimed at growing the app’s footprint beyond Twitter

#3 Facebook tests its own search engine

By The Independent

  • Users may soon be able to find articles to share with their friends through Facebook’s own search engine
  • The update will start to appear on some iOS users’ phones in the near future; there will be an ‘add a link’ option which is where articles can be searched for
  • News organisations could soon use Facebook to host their published content rather than their own pages

#4 Video Ads are most likely to be viewed on YouTube

By The Drum

  • 46% of video ads across the internet will never be viewed by members of the public compared to YouTube, where 9 out of 10 will be viewed
  • To combat this problem, Google recommends that advertisers place video players in a better position on the page
  • Mobiles have the highest number of videos views compared to tablets and desktops

#5 YouTube updates its privacy settings for Android

By International Business Times

  • The new privacy settings permit users to stop new videos from joining their ‘previously watched’ list
  • There is also a new ‘Pause Watch History’ option, which allows the user to prevent recently watched videos being added to their video history
  • The newly updated YouTube app is currently only available for Android

#6 Facebook to launch an eBay rival

By The Drum

  • Members will be allowed to sell items such as festival tickets and appliances
  • The new tool is currently being tested and will start appearing on users’ profiles in the upcoming months

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Weekly social scoop

The latest news and developments on Google+, Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook and Meerkat, just in case you missed them…

Weekly social scoop

#1 Google+ adds a Pinterest-like section

By Mashable

  • Users will be able to group related posts into a topic-based area
  • Collections will allow users to follow them – similar to Pinterest
  • The feature is available on the web and the Google+ Android app, it will roll out to on iOS “later”

#2 Hootsuite allows users to upload images to Twitter newsfeed

By The Social Media Hat

  • Hootsuite has added a new feature allowing users to embed images in Tweets by using Twitter’s native pic.twitter
  • Previously, images that were uploaded could only be found via ow.ly links and shown when users expanded the post
  • Hootsuite predicts 3x higher engagement with posts due to the new features

#3 Discover tab on Snapchat gets revamped

By The Drum

  • The Discover feature on Snapchat allows users to gain access to content from creators and broadcasters
  • The new update will allow users to annotate and snap branded content
  • It will also serve as a reminder to users of the branded content that is available

#4 Facebook’s internet.org opens up to other websites

By BBC News

  • Other websites and online services will be able to join Facebook’s “free mobile data” Internet.org scheme
  • Subscribers of partner mobile network will be able to use a limited number of online services without having any additional charges
  • Developers who want to join the platform will have to meet three criteria: they cannot be data-intensive, must be able to run on cheaper feature phones and encourage the exploration of the broader internet

#5 Meerkat creates new platform to attract developers

By Developer-tech

  • Meerkat is rivalling Twitter’s Periscope by offering developers an official presence
  • The start-up is creating a dedicated platform and a set of APIs that won’t  be deleted – giving developers peace of mind
  • If developers get on board with Meerkat, the platform’s popularity will increase to truly rival Periscope

#6 Oculus Rift release date is set by Facebook

By The Guardian

  • Facebook’s virtual reality headset, Oculus Rift, will be going on sale at the beginning of 2016
  • The headset has been developed initially for gaming, but the technology is being tested  for film-makers, education and occupational therapy

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onechocolate loves: #Election2015 special

So, the results are in. But which brand got your vote for the best newsjacking PR stunts and digital marketing tactics in the run up to the final countdown? Here are the top brand campaigns we loved for putting ‘the party’ back into politics….

#1 Facebook’s pie in the sky

Election - facebook

In the lead up to the election, Facebook created a stunning stunt using The London Eye and its own data. The big eye in the sky, located just opposite Westminster, was turned into a visual representation of what slice of the pie each party had – according to user engagement levels on Facebook. It was updated every day at 9.30pm and was created with the aim of encouraging members of the public to turn up to vote.

#2 Paddy Power’s cheeky stunt

Election - Paddy Power

The cheekiest election stunt has to go to Paddy Power, who sent a branded lorry to the Houses of Parliament, complete with a spokesperson chanting “Sacked in the morning, you’re getting sacked in the morning, sacked in the mooorning, you’re getting sacked in the morning.” The controversial bookmakers predicted that 75 per cent of MPs would be unseated in the 2015 Election and on the morning of results day the actual number stands at 110.

#3 #EducatingJoey

Election - Joey Essex

In this time of pretty heavy politics chat, one person caught our eye for something altogether lighter. Sending twitter into a virtual meltdown, the delightful Joey Essex kept us entertained on Tuesday with his open admission to lack of political knowledge and his mission to learn, over on ITV2. Twitter was buzzing with #EducatingJoey tweets and, while we were certainly amused by his banter with top politicians and the children he met at Westminster, it was fascinating to watch everyone the take time to speak to @JoeyEssex and hopefully lessen his confusion around all things politics. The show certainly caught the eye of the media, too with coverage everywhere from The Independent, Daily Mail and The Telegraph to OK and regional press.

Digital Spy’s done a roundup of their favourite reactions to the show and, of course, there’s some interesting chat from the man himself.

#4 Paintball politics

Election - paintball

We are loving UKPaintball’s online game which allows you to move your player around the screen, hide behind obstacles, protect yourself from being shot and shoot your opponents. What makes it extra special, is that your targets are actually various MPs and you get to shoot them down. The company has also run a competition with 500 prizes up for grabs. Within a few hours, the game received almost 2k shares on Facebook and almost 3k on Twitter… We highly recommend trying out the game for yourself, a word of warning however: it is really addictive!

#5 General Election round-up: brands reacts

Eelction - Pizza hut

We particularly love this round-up of brand reactions to the Election from Samantha Edwards at Brand Republic. The article is a great illustration of the way brands leveraged the national event to raise their profile on social media. One of our favourites from the article was Pizza Hut, who created a humours range of pizzas based on the characteristics of each of the main five parties and encourage its audience to get to the Polling Station and then to the LOLLING Station.

#6 E4’s Election Day Shutdown

Election - E4

Finally, we were impressed by E4’s clever tactic designed to galvanise young voters. Britain’s most popular digital channel E4 stopped broadcasting from 7am to 7pm on Election Day in a bid to get Britain’s younger generation off the sofa and into the polling stations. Instead of the usual array of teenage drama series and American sitcoms, viewers tuning into the channel were subjected to a bored technician manning the control room. This is the first time in the UK a major broadcaster has shut down its operations for the day as part of a marketing campaign and the message appears to has resonated: according to initial reports, 58% of young people turned up at the polling station – a 20% increase on 2005’s figures!

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