Weekly social scoop

The latest news from Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, just in case you missed it…
 Weekly social scoop
 #1 Twitter to ramp up its ecommerce drive

By TechWorld

  • The new feature will allow users to highlight relevant products and places to create an easy way to buy products
  • Celebrities and brands will also be able to build these pages

 #2 Twitter to launch ‘Project Lightening’ to track live events

By TechWorld

  • Project Lightening will make it easier for users to find content relating to specific live events
  • Can be used to follow sports events, concerts or major news events
  • Other websites will be able to embed content into their pages, meaning users don’t even need to be using the Twitter app to view the information

#3 Facebook will let people without an account use its Messenger service

By The Independent

  • Following the split of the service into its own app last year Facebook will now ‘unbundle’ the Messenger service from Facebook completely
  • It allows non-members to use the service and will look to build on the 700 million users already using Messenger
  • Users can sign up with just their name, phone number and photo

#4 Facial recognition from Facebook will work even on obscured faces

By The Independent

  • Facebook will be able to identify people from just their hairstyles, body type and posture
  • The algorithm allows the tool to learn what people look like over time to identify them quickly
  • Currently the algorithm has an 83% accuracy rate

#5 New Snapchat-esque filters added to Facebook photos

By The Verge

  • Facebook users can now add text, filters and stickers to their photos
  • A new button has been added to the lower left-hand corner of photos and will house all of the new photo-editing tools
  • All options are available to iPhone users, however, Android users will have a little longer to wait for the full range of updates

#6 Instagram’s CEO, Kevin Systrom, discusses its growing influence in creative industries

By Financial Times

  • Systrom claims “Instagram is probably monetising more quickly than any other social network”
  • He discusses the escape from fundraising and the early demand for advertising
  • Instagram currently has 300 million active monthly users, with average users spending 21 minutes per day logged onto the app
  • He describes the app as a “’visual pulse of the world’, a ‘history of the world’ and a ‘visual walkie-talkie’ to communicate with friends”

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onechocolate loves… the view from France

Our French office selected this week’s round-up of inspiring PR and digital marketing campaigns, smart new tech and cool events…

#1 Google and Levi’s are teaming up to create interactive jeans


After smartwatches and Google Glass, your jeans may be the next piece of clothing to help you access your tech without digging into your pockets. Levi’s is the first major American clothing designer to announce its partnership with Google’s ‘Project Jacquard’, it seeks to develop interactive clothes, woven using conductive yarns adorned with sensors discreetly integrated into buttons and seams. It gives a whole new meaning to the term wearable tech. So, are you ready to answer a call or send a text by simply touching the pocket of our jeans?

#2 Pepper, the new robot

Japanese telecom,SoftBank, began selling its Pepper robot for 198,000 yen (about $1,600) on 20th June, 2015. Pepper first debuted last year and was developed by French robotics group, Aldebaran. The robot interacts with humans verbally but is also meant to put people at ease in a more subtle way. Pepper – weighing 61 pounds and almost four feet tall – can mirror emotions and even express its own, for example, it will convey loneliness if you don’t interact with it. This emotional awareness is meant to make Pepper a better companion, because it is supposed to be fluent in the subtle forms of human communication. Robot emotions are still just simulations of human feelings. But at least robot roommates don’t leave dishes in the sink or lose the remote.

#3 #BellyButtonChallenge vs. #BoobsOverBellyButton


If you thought the ice-bucket challenge wasn’t enough to show how crazy and wacko our generation has become, we now have the Belly Button Challenge. The challenge has exploded in China, making it the number one trending topic on Weibo, the Chinese version of Twitter. It involves attempting to reach around your back and touch your belly button. The challenge has now reached more than 130 million hits – attracting even men – in just two days. While it appears to be nothing more than harmless fun, the challenge has been criticised in Western media for sending out negative messages about body image. Thus, another challenge has appeared, #BoobsOverBellyButton to fight back against the Belly Button Challenge. Indeed, British lingerie brand, Curvy Kate, known to promote body positivity, has countered the Belly Button Challenge. On the blog, Curvy Kate is asking women to post pictures of themselves touching their breasts to promote all body types, as well as the importance of breast exams.

#4 SNCF launches #TGVPop

On 16th June, SNCF, France’s national state-owned railway company launched a new digital campaign giving internet users the chance to start/stop a train. The first train will circulate on 5th July and the last one on 30th August. The principle is quite simple: if a passenger is interested in a train, the passenger can vote for its departure. A passenger can also invite their community to vote for the train. Once the selected itinerary has reached the required number of votes, trains go on sale and its departure is fixed four days later. Prices range from €25-€35, depending on the destination.

#5 Michel et Augustin in partnership with Starbucks


The French biscuit SME – known for its crazy communication – has just signed a partnership with Starbucks. The process happened at an incredible speed – just 48 hours. Initially, it was a mere sample request from Starbucks to send products to the corporate headquarters in Seattle. Instead, Michel et Augustin sent two of its employees to meet Howard Schultz, CEO of Starbucks. To publicise this meeting, the two employees of Michel et Augustin shared their journey on social media, posting videos of their adventure and mobilized their online community with the hashtag #AllezHowardUnCafé (#HowardGoesToACafe). The success was huge and this is a great example of how a social campaign can lead to a strategic brand partnership.

#6 Paris.fr updates its website


After eight years, the website of the City of Paris is getting a makeover. Launched on 24th June, by Mayor, Anne Hidalgo, this website is the digital showcase of Paris and attracts over 3.5 million visitors per month. Its goal is to bring together all the information the public will want or need to know. This refresh was needed in order to fit users’ expectations in terms of ergonomics and ease-of-use.


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Weekly social scoop

The latest news and developments on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Brigade, just in case you missed them…

Weekly social scoop

#1 Twitter launches autoplay in timelines

By Brand Republic

  • Twitter has launched in-feed autoplay for native videos, Vines and Gifs
  • Autoplay has already resulted in a 7x increase in completions of Promoted Videos 

#2 Facebook to outline new ad formats for mobile

By Wall Street Journal

  • 25 billion people access the social networking service from smartphones and tablets each month
  • Mobile accounted for 73% of the company’s advertising revenues during the first quarter of 2015
  • To continue the growth of Facebook’s mobile-first focus, it will now build new mobile ad formats and advertising opportunities
  • Facebook’s chief product officer, Chris Cox, is expected to make the announcement at the Cannes Lions advertising festival on Monday 22nd June

#3 Pinterest adds verified accounts

By Mashable

  • Pinterest is increasingly used for shopping, making it a huge opportunity for ecommerce sites, so the company is verifying high-profile pinners
  • Verified users will have red check marks next to their names on their profiles to quickly identify them

#4 Facebook updates its news-feed algorithm to select the stories most relevant for users

By The Guardian

  • The company hopes to help make more “meaningful” stories appear at the top of people’s feeds by looking beyond metrics like comments, likes and shares
  • Time-spent on a story will have more of an effect on determining a news story’s relevance

#5 Sean Parker launches social network: Brigade

By The Guardian

  • Social network aims to generate interest around American citizen’s civic life
  • Starting off as a simple discussion tool that will allow users to share and debate their political beliefs
  • Users can mark certain topics by how much they agree with them to compare against friends and the wider population

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Weekly social scoop

The latest news and developments on Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram, just in case you missed them…

Weekly social scoop

#1 Twitter boss Dick Costolo steps down

By Sky News

  • After months of pressure, Dick Costolo has stepped down as CEO
  • Twitter’s active user growth has slowed in recent months, particularly in comparison to Facebook
  • Co-founder, Jack Dorsey, will step in temporarily until a permanent CEO is found
  • Following the announcement, shares in Twitter rose by more than 7% in after-hours trading on the New York Stock Exchange 

#2 Facebook’s News Feed algorithm changes

By Forbes

  • Changes to News Feed mean that Facebook will now factor in the amount of time you spend looking at posts
  • It is reported that the algorithm will even be able to tell if a user is actively looking at a post, or has simply walked away from their computer
  • This is in addition to other News Feed changes in recent months, including preferential ranking of friends’ posts over Facebook pages and downgrading the visibility of likes/comments from friends in News Feed

#3 Twitter to lift 140 character DM limit


  • In July, Twitter will increase the DM character limit to 10,000 from 140
  • The change comes two months after the company announced that DMs could be received by anyone

#4 Facebook Open Compute Project

By Business Insider

  • Business Insider has provided a look at Facebook’s free Open Compute Project, 4 years on
  • OCP allows anyone to look at, use or modify designs of computers that businesses use to run their operations for free (affecting companies like Cisco)
  • Since it launched in 2011, OCP has saved Facebook $2 billion, created better careers for hardware designers, launched an ecosystem of products and start-ups and created a more than $1 billion business for at least one Chinese manufacturer 

#5 Snapchat adds two-factor authentication

By Gizmodo

  • Repeatedly criticised for being lax with security, Snapchat finally adds two-step authentication
  • SMS login verification is being incorporated in the latest update of the app
  • The two-factor system works by sending a text with a verification message to your mobile whenever you log in from a new device
  • The update is part of a broader drive towards building a more secure Snapping platform, which has so far seen the company introduce a bug bounty program and hire Google’s social network security guru 

#6 Instagram redesigns for the web

By The Next Web

  • Instagram’s redesign includes larger images, added white space, as well as a flatter design
  • Scrolling has also improved to make browsing through images much smoother

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Weekly social scoop

The latest news and developments on Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Periscope, Snapchat and Flipboard, just in case you missed them…

Weekly social scoop

#1 Instagram introduces ad carousel platform

By Media Week

  • Instagram has revealed its new carousel ad platform, designed to help brands become more creative and push boundaries
  • When an ad pops up, users will be encouraged to swipe left to view four more ad images from a brand, in order to see a ‘deeper story’
  • The feature will launch on June 1st in the UK with Ford, Tui and NHS Blood and Transplant

#2 Twitter is number one social network for salespeople

By IT Pro Portal

  • Twitter has overtaken LinkedIn for being the most engaging platform for salespeople, despite Twitter having 62 million less active users
  • Some analysts believe that Twitter’s laid-back design may be the reason behind the preference as it allows salespeople to be relaxed, whilst still keeping a professional manner

#3 Twitter’s new ‘Audience Insights’ tool

By Computer Business Review

  • Twitter has unveiled ‘Audience Insights’: a new tool to help advertisers understand their consumers and to tailor their ads accordingly
  • The tool analyses users’ data to understand their interests, purchasing behaviour and mobile usage
  • Audience Insights is available now to all Twitter advertisers and analytics users, to target potential customers 

#4 Twitter’s Periscope is now available on Android

By The Independent

  • Two months after the initial app launch on iOS, Periscope is now available for Android users
  • Since Periscope and Meerkat exploded onto the digital scene, they have created much debate about how live-streaming apps will change the nature of social networking

#5 IPO plan confirmed by Snapchat

By The Guardian

  • Snapchat’s chief executive is set to make the video-sharing social network public, rather than sell to a rival
  • Details of the IPO have not yet been released 

#6 Could Twitter be acquiring Flipboard?

By The Guardian

  • It has been reported that Twitter may be acquiring Flipboard for more than $1bn
  • Twitter would bring mature advertising technology to the app, while Flipboard could offer an easier, more appealing product for new users

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