Weekly Social Scoop

Latest news and developments on Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat and LinkedIn – just in case you missed it

Weekly social scoop

#1 First British bank to allow payments via Twitter

By The Guardian

  • From the 10th of March, Barclays’ customers will be able to make payments to others via Twitter, without needing the recipient’s bank details or phone number
  • The service will run on the mobile app, Pingit, meaning that the normal security functions for regular Pingit payments will apply

#2 Facebook’s advertising community grows

By Reuters

  • Facebook has announced that the number of active advertisers on the social network has grown 33% since July 2014, bringing the total number to 2 million
  • Moreover, the majority of advertisers are small and mid-sized businesses (categorised as typically spending $5-$50 per-day)
  • According to COO, Sheryl Sandberg, the fastest growing regions for small business Facebook advertising are Europe-Middle, East-Africa and Asia Pacific 

#3 The verdict is positive for LinkedIn’s new tools

By The Drum

  • LinkedIn’s new set of marketing tools which were introduced on the 19th of February have been met with a largely positive response
  • Starcom MediaVest Group’s Liam Brennan said that the updates will have a big impact on online advertising for the B2B sector
  • For more information on the new data-led product suite, check out onechocolate’s guide to what marketers need to know about LinkedIn Lead Accelerator 

#4 Music a ‘really interesting opportunity’ for Snapchat

By The Guardian

  • Hot on the heels of last week’s announcement that Snapchat users will now be able to add music to their snaps, the company’s CEO, Evan Spiegel, has said that he sees music as a “really interesting opportunity” for Snapchat
  • Hinting that the photo sharing platform may be adding more music-related features, Spiegel said “Music is really appealing to us right now because it has some of the same attributes that communication had when we were working on Snapchat in the beginning”

#5 Belgian watchdog criticises Facebook’s data protection laws

By BBC News Technology

  • A report written by Belgium’s privacy watchdog has accused Facebook of breaking European data protection laws
  • The report found that Facebook placed “too much burden” on users to navigate complex settings and that it was not transparent enough about how data gathered on users was used in adverts

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Weekly social scoop

Latest news and developments on YouTube, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Facebook and Twitter – just in case you missed it

Weekly social scoop

#1 YouTube for Kids

By BBC News Technology

  • The world’s largest online video platform, YouTube, is rolling out YouTube for Kids in a bid to make its content more child-friendly
  • The app, which will run separately from the main channel, will have strict parental controls and restrictions on who can upload videos, as well as curating content from sources such as Sesame Street
  • It launches in the US on Monday the 23rd February and will be available in the UK later in the year

#2 LinkedIn launches global ad network

By Financial Times

  • Following its acquisition of Bizo last year, LinkedIn has launched a set of advertising products that bring ads to users, not only on LinkedIn’s site, but on over 2,500 other websites
  • The move, aimed at increasing LinkedIn’s lead-generating capabilities, will allow marketers to utilise more of LinkedIn’s data to bring tailored adverts to the right people at the right time
  • The Drum has reported that Samsung and Lenovo are two of the first companies to trial the new product range following the launch last Thursday

#3 Snapchat gets musical

By The Guardian

  • Snapchat users using iOS are now able to add music to their snaps using SoundCloud, iTunes and Spotify
  • The update will enable users to record a track and use it as the soundtrack on their snap or upload it to their “Stories” profile, which may pose a threat to start ups such as the music-based communication app, Dubsmash
  • It looks like this may be the first of many steps into the music world for SnapChat as the company’s Chief Executive, Evan Spiegel, has said he “sees music as a really interesting opportunity”

#4 Facebook ads get smarter

By Mashable

  • Facebook is making its adverts even smarter by rolling out a new set of dynamically optimised tools called Product Ads
  • The updates will bring more intelligent, tailored ads by targeting users based on their activity, location and interests
  • For the first time, adverts will also have the ability to show more than one product at once, which should increase the odds of users finding something to buy

#5 YouTube prepares ad-free service

By The Guardian

  • In a bid to compete with streaming services such as Netflix, Google’s YouTube is preparing to launch a paid-for subscription service for users who don’t want to see adverts
  • The move, which the video-sharing platform has been trialling since 2013, is part of YouTube’s efforts to “fine-tune” the user experience 

#6 Twitter wooing developers

By Financial Times

  • Twitter is launching an international campaign to attract businesses and developers to build products for the social platform
  • Twitter hopes that the new products will increase its user base and drive revenue
  • The move follows the release of tools last October specifically designed to help programmers build apps

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Weekly social scoop

Weekly social scoop

Latest news and developments on Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest – just in case you missed it

#1 Sky News and Sky Sports on Snapchat Discover 

By Sky News

  • Sky News and Sky Sports have joined other news outlets such as Vice and Daily Mail on Snapchat Discover, making them the first UK and Ireland-specific feeds on the content discovery feature
  • Sky will create and curate tailored content for the feeds, which will then disappear at the close of each 24 hour window

#2 Twitter buys Niche 

By The Financial Times

  • Twitter has announced that it is buying Niche – a company used by 6,000 social media influencers to manage their networks and develop relationships with advertisers
  • It is another indicator of the growing power of influencers, who marketers are increasingly investing in to promote their products and services
  • The move could see Twitter benefiting directly from the number of social influencers on its platform; up until now it has only seen a cut of the profits if an influencer decides to promote their tweets

#3 Facebook introduces ‘Relevance Score’ 

By Mashable

  • In an effort to provide bigger value to marketers and better content for users, Facebook has introduced ‘Relevant Score’ for ads
  • The score given will be based on the number of positive and negative user interactions against the ad’s objectives, including view numbers and conversations

#4 Pinterest and Apple team up for ‘Apple Pins’ 

By Mashable

  • Pinterest has added a new feature which will allow users to discover and pin Apple apps
  • Users can also install the app onto their phone directly from Pinterest
  • To support the move, Apple has created an Apple Store page which shows a selection of apps broken down into easy-to-browse categories 

#5 Facebook adds ‘Sell’ features 

By The Independent

  • Facebook is making a bid to compete with the likes of eBay and Craigslist by introducing new features to help users sell items on the social network
  • There are already millions of groups around the world that are used for selling items, but the new features aim to make this easier by giving group admins the ability to provide sellers with a form to fill in to ensure they give the right amount of information to sell the item. They will also be able to show when items have been sold, meaning buyers will only be able to see relevant products

#6 Facebook and rivals team up for ThreatExchange

By The Guardian

  • Facebook has built a platform for the sharing of security threat information called ‘ThreatExchange’
  • Facebook has partnered with rivals such as Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr for the project
  • According to the social network, the need to share information become apparent following a “malware-based spam attack” just over a year ago; it will allow organisations to gain a bigger insight of potential threats and make their sites safer

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Weekly social scoop

Weekly social scoop

Latest news and developments on Instagram, YouTube, Google, Facebook and Twitter — just in case you missed it… 

#1 Instagram introduces infinitely looping video

By The Guardian:

  • Instagram has brought infinitely looping video to its platform
  • The new feature also removes the ability to pause video without affecting data usage
  • If video plays do not translate into higher engagement but does translate into a higher ad spend, Instagram may have found a way to earn more money from the same clients

#2 Google buys AR firm for kids, Launchpad Toys, as it plots YouTube for children

By The Independent:

  • Google has bought children’s video firm Launchpad Toys, its latest move in creating a version of its products for children
  • The company is looking to make versions of its products specifically for under-13s

#3 ‘Have you signed up to vote?’ asks Facebook

By The Telegraph:

  • Facebook users were prompted to register to vote at the general election as part of a massive drive to increase voter registration
  • The social media giant sent reminders to voters last Thursday to suggest that they sign up ahead of the vote in May
  • Research has shown that hundreds of thousands of young voters have lost the right vote by failing to add their names to the electoral register, so targeting through Facebook will encourage them to vote

#4 Twitter and Google deal will put tweets straight into search results

By The Independent:

  • A new arrangement between Twitter and Google will see tweets go straight into search results
  • It will mean that tweets will be fed into Google as and when they’re posted
  • Twitter will allow Google to plug straight into the “firehose”, as the company refers to the constant stream of 140-character updates that come out of the site

#5 Facebook signs users up to privacy policy allowing it to track you everywhere on the internet

By The Independent:

  • A new Facebook privacy policy allows the site to track your activity even after you’ve left it — and all users have automatically signed up to it
  • The change enables it to gather data from activity across the internet, allowing the site to pass on that information with its other branches, including Instagram
  • Facebook does not share data with WhatsApp or vice versa

#6 Facebook and LinkedIn to launch mentoring programs for women in tech

By Huffington Post:

  • Facebook and LinkedIn want to raise the number of women studying engineering and computer science with a collaborative initiative announced on Friday
  • Facebook’s COO, Sheryl Sandberg, and LinkedIn’s CEO, Jeffrey Weiner, said they’re launching mentoring and support programs at colleges to get more women involved in studying tech, but also as future employees for their companies
  • 15% of Facebook’s employees are working in tech jobs and 31% of all employees are women. At LinkedIn, women comprise 17% of its tech employees and 39% of employees overall

#7 Twitter earnings beat expectations as revenue grows

By BBC News Business:

  • Twitter reported a net loss of $125m (£82m) in Q4, beating analyst expectations
  • It also said revenue grew faster than expected, increasing by 95% to $479m during this period
  • Total monthly active users were 288 million, an increase of 20% from the previous year

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Why – and how – B2B brands should use video on Twitter

Mobile video

After months of speculation, Twitter has announced the rollout of video on Twitter; a tool which will enable users to record, edit and upload 30-second clips straight from Twitter. Video is certainly a powerful medium – with more of us consuming video than ever before, it’s a valuable asset to brands. Recently, Facebook has had a great amount of success with it, reporting that users are watching more than a billion clips per day.

So, what benefit does video on Twitter have? The answer is reach – particularly for B2B brands. Twitter is a key platform in the B2B arena, often taking priority over other video-led sites such as Instagram, YouTube and Facebook.

With an average of 500 million tweets sent out each day, one of the key challenges for marketers will be how to catch users’ attention. So we’ve compiled a list of top five tips to make your B2B Twitter video shine:

#1 Tailor it to the platform

Remember that Twitter is a ‘reactionary’ network. Your audience is used to consuming real-time news, so adapt your video content to this. Be quick off the mark to respond to topical events, trends and issues in real-time.

#2 Simplicity is key

The general rule of thumb for the length a marketing video on YouTube is 30 seconds. Twitter’s audience is even more fast-paced, being used to consuming information in 140 characters. So, make your video snappy; capture the attention immediately and get your brand messaging in early.

#3 Encourage interaction

Video is all about engagement, so include a call to action in your video or the accompanying Tweet. With the easy-to-use video tool available to your audience, you can encourage users to respond to your clip with their own video, or run a competition for the most creative 30-second clip about your brand or product.

#4 Make it emotional

As a B2B brand, your product may well be very techy or corporate and not necessarily lend itself to a gripping or comical video. However, the key to making a video shareable is to appeal to your audience’s emotions, so ‘humanise’ your product with some good old fashioned fun or drama. Check out Taulia’s resources page for some great examples of making cloud-based invoice, payment and discounting management solutions goofy.

#5 Sweat your assets

You don’t need to create a whole new marketing strategy or libraries of video content to succeed with video on Twitter. Maximise the video content you already have and slot it into your existing Twitter activity to seamlessly increase engagement and reach.

The development offers an exciting opportunity for B2B brands to create diverse, fresh content to reach an even wider audience and maximise engagement, and we can’t wait to see what brands will do with it. Do you have any further tips on how brands can make the most of the video on Twitter?

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