Weekly social scoop

Latest news and developments on Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, BuzzFeed and Snapchat – just in case you missed it!


#1 Reddit acquires iOS reader Alien Blue – marking the site’s first official app

By The Drum

  • Reddit has acquired Alien Blue, the most popular iOS app specifically tailored to access the site on the mobile platform, for an undisclosed sum
  • Alien Blue, previously an unofficial Reddit client, has been purchased by the firm, giving it control of the most popular point of access on Apple’s iOS platform. It also marks the site’s first foray into mobile apps  with it previously relying upon third party services

#2 Facebook still freezing accounts despite apology to drag queens over ‘real names’

By Guardian

#3 Twitter: you like seeing tweets from people you don’t follow, so get ready for more

By Yahoo

  • Twitter said Friday it would start reconfiguring users’ timelines with “relevant” messages from people they haven’t bothered to follow at the service
  • Based on a positive response from its tests, the popular one-to-many messaging service is inching toward the Facebook model of using software to “curate” what users see based on their interests or activities, Twitter said in a blog post
  • “In many cases, the best tweets come from people you already know, or know of,” the San Francisco-based company said

#4 Snapchat Plunges Into Advertisements ‘To Make Money,’ Releases First Sponsored Video

By International Business Times

  • Snapchat began hosting advertisements on its service Saturday by releasing its first sponsored video, a 20-second trailer for the upcoming horror movie, “Ouija.” The Venice Beach, California-based company announced Friday that its users in the U.S. would now start receiving ads from brands
  • The trailer appeared in the “Recent Updates” section of the app, which is usually reserved for friends’ “Stories,” Huffington Post reported, adding that it is unclear how many users of the Snapchat app received the ad. The company wrote in a blog post last week that it was going to put sponsored content in that section for the first time

#5 BuzzFeed makes its German debut

By Deutsche Welle

  • In a nod to the website’s click-generating felines, BuzzFeed has gone live in Germany by hosting their launch in – where else – a cat café located in Berlin. Editor-in-chief of BuzzFeed Germany, Juliane Leopold, explained the company’s new plans there on Thursday
  • Consider the site a social experiment, much like everything BuzzFeed does. For the first eight months, readers will be exposed to what made the hub of social content the giant it is today: cat content and quirky quizzes

#6 Libel cases prompted by social media posts rise 300% in a year

By The Independent

  • The number of defamation actions brought over derogatory posts on social media has surged by more than 300 per cent in the past year
  • The increase in libel cases brought over comments made on Twitter and other “new media” platforms – including online-only news sites and mobile texting – is being attributed to a lack of understanding among social media users that they are legally responsible for what they write

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Weekly social scoop

Latest news and developments on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, WhatsApp and Reddit – just in case you missed it!


#1 French bank, Twitter team up for money transfers via tweets 

By Reuters

  • One of France’s largest banks is teaming up with social network Twitter Inc. this week to allow its customers to transfer money via tweets
  • The move by Groupe BPCE, France’s second largest bank by customers, coincides with Twitter’s own push into the world of online payments as the social network seeks new sources of revenue beyond advertising

#2 Facebook ‘anonymity app’ set to launch

By Marketing

  • Facebook is reportedly building an app that will allow its users to log in anonymously, in a bid to counter the growing threat of new rival Ello
  • The standalone app will arrive in the coming weeks and enable users to interact using pseudonyms, according to a report in the New York Times
  • The idea is to foster open discussion without any repercussion, particularly around taboo or difficult subject areas
  • But this would represent a change in attitude for Facebook, which has historically pushed the idea of users keeping their real identities across the web. Facebook currently only allows a “real name” policy, meaning it’s easy to connect a user’s post or actions with their real-life identity

#3 Facebook is over for teens – and Instagram and Twitter are the most popular social networks among American children

By Daily Mail

  • Teens have abandoned Facebook in favour of Instagram and Twitter, researchers have found
  • A new survey by investment bank Piper Jaffray found that more than 9 out of 10 American teenagers regularly use social media
  • It reveals Facebook’s fall from grace has been sudden – from being used by 72% of teens in the spring to just 45% now
  • Pinterest and Tumblr each claimed a little over 20 percent
  • Another 20 percent of teens said they use ‘other’ social networks, not named in the survey but likely including some popular anonymous messaging services and the disappearing-message app Snapchat

#3 Snapchat will debut ads “soon”, CEO reveals

By The Drum

  • Ads will start to appear on Snapchat “soon”, co-founder and chief executive Evan Spiegel has said
  • Earlier this year, it was announced that Snapchat was set to launch new service Snapchat Discovery in November, which would allow users to read articles, watch TV show clips and see adverts
  • Revealing more information while speaking at the Vanity Fair New Establishment Summit, Spiegel said the ads will not be targeted to individual users based on their tastes

#4 Facebook’s bill for WhatsApp climbs to $21.8bn


  • Facebook’s acquisition of WhatsApp Messenger has ended up being even more expensive than it originally thought
  • The social network’s largest deal to date closed on Monday, after receiving regulatory approval in Europe last week
  • The final combination of cash, stock and management incentives that Facebook is paying for the wildly popular chat app now totals $21.8bn. That figure is above the $19bn stated when the deal was first announced, because Facebook’s share price has risen more than 13 per cent since mid-February to $77.29 on Monday

#6 Snappening update: Reddit reportedly bans Snapchat photos after The Fappening

By International Business Times

  • Reddit reportedly banned hundreds of thousands of Snapchat photos that were posted online, the Inquisitr reported Sunday. The scandal, which has become known as “The Snappening,” purportedly resulted in more than 200,000 photos being leaked to 4chan and Reddit
  • A message was posted to the Fappening Discussion page on Reddit about posting Snappening pictures, titled, “PSA: Do not post links to the Snappening megafile.” It continued, “Most of it is child pornography, and the whole subreddit could get in massive trouble. That is all”
  • Later, an edit added: “Don’t ask for PMs on the subreddit. The Snappening has nothing to do with the Fappening, anyway”

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Weekly social scoop

Latest news and developments on Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Ello and Snapchat – just in case you missed it!


#1 Twitter and Kantar Media release UK’s first official Twitter TV metric

By The Drum

  • Twitter and Kantar Media have unveiled the UK’s first official social TV metric for the social network in an effort to allow broadcasters and advertisers to more accurately calculate the social reach of TV shows
  • The tool will become available on the market in mid-October and for the first time will offer marketers and idea of the reach of TV-related tweets by providing data on the number of impressions generated by tweets

#2 Pinterest is tooling up to act a lot more like Facebook

By Business Insider

  • Pinterest has been somewhat of an outsider in the social media world compared to Facebook and Twitter in terms of media coverage and ad dollars. But news that the company has poached Google media partnerships manager Robert Macdonald into its own newly-created media partnerships role indicates that the sleeping giant might be just about to wake up
  • While Facebook and Google dominate all internet traffic, Pinterest has long claimed a significant chunk especially among women and those shopping online

#3 Facebook app to allow users to send cash

By Sky News

  • Facebook is set to allow friends to send each other money using its Messenger smartphone app, it has been revealed
  • The feature – which is yet to be activated – was discovered by Stanford computer science student Andrew Aude with the help of app exploration developer tool Cycript
  • The option lets users “attach” cash to a message in the same way they would typically attach a photo

#4 Ello – and goodbye to the new Facebook?

By the guardian

  • Since Facebook shrugged off Bebo and Myspace, it has had few direct competitors
  • The latest wannabe to break the surface is Ello, a network founded on an almost explicitly anti-Facebook ticket. “Ello is a simple, beautiful and ad-free social network,” reads its manifesto
  • The site’s design is simplistic to a fault, mainly in monochrome – it looks a bit like a posh Twitter – but it is difficult to navigate. I feel the urge to give up on Facebook, too, but it is hard to see how Ello presents the solution

#5 Snapchat: Yahoo ‘set to invest millions’

By BBC News

  • Yahoo is close to investing millions of dollars in mobile messaging service Snapchat, which may value the start-up at about $10bn (£6.2bn), reports say
  • Snapchat allows users to send images and videos that “disappear” seconds after being viewed
  • The company is said to have rejected a $3bn takeover offer from Facebook and other tech behemoths, including China’s Alibaba and Tencent groups in recent years

#6 Facebook considering move into healthcare, claims report

By Computing

  • Facebook is exploring moves into the healthcare market, according to a Reuters report
  • The social network is said to be considering the use of its platform to host support communities for sufferers of specific ailments, alongside preventative care applications
  • Facebook reportedly believes that such a move would increase engagement with its social platform, which is facing increased competition from brand-savvy rivals, such as Ello

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onechocolate loves… the view from Germany

Our colleagues in onechocolate’s Munich office selected this week’s round-up of inspiring PR and digital marketing campaigns, smart new apps and cool events…

 #1 Deutsche Telekom for 21st Century

We love the new Deutsche Telekom advert running to promote its new Magenta 1 tariff. The film shows a Mum juggling work with home life, whilst the Dad is taking time out to stay at home with the children; challenging the stereotypical family image we’ve become accustomed to seeing. It’s a great way for the brand to connect with its audience and position itself as the go-to telecom company for the modern family.

#2 Zalando’s well-heeled


This week, former start-up and German e-commerce player Zalando was listed on the Frankfurt stock exchange. The brand originally focused on selling shoes online, but rapidly expanded its product offering to become one of Germany’s biggest online retailers. So how did it manage to grow so fast in such a short period of time? Zalando differentiated itself from competitors by offering a generous shipping and return policy, as well as adopting an innovative communications strategy. It has positioned itself as young, quirky and modern – as well as easy and convenient.

#3 Simply breathtaking

This powerful ad from The Cancer Society of Finland highlights the danger of passive smoking in a very touching way. The video, about an adorable little boy who holds his breath all the time, appears comical, until you find out why he does it: to prevent himself to inhale the smoke from his mother’s cigarettes. Showing the dangers of passive smoking from the child’s perspective is a great way to grab the audience’s attention and create thought-provoking content.

#4 Kirsten Dunst joins anti-selfie brigade

The selfie trend has, of course, had its fair share of both good and bad press, from Cameron and Obama’s ill-advised selfie at Nelson Mandela’s funeral, to the no make-up selfie campaign. Now, actress Kirsten Dunst has come out against the trend in this short for fashion magazine Vs. which shows how absurd the craze can get when two teenagers forget the real world, and instead live through social media. We’re curious to see where this trend will go next and when (if ever!?) will it run out of steam…

#5 Football’s  golden for brands

This summer Germany has been caught up in the euphoria of winning the World Cup in Brazil and the buzz around the team’s success shows no sign of slowing down. Far from disappearing from our screens once the tournament was over, brands such as Audi and Opel continue to leverage the hype around the beautiful game for their communications strategies, and we’re still basking in the glory of our success!

#6 Ello – here to stay?


This week, the media has been awash with the news that there’s a new player rising in social media. What Ello offers sounds great: no advertising, anonymity and everybody is totally free to post whatever he or she wants – as long as the user flags up if the content they’ve posted is Not Safe For Work (NSFW). Right now, Ello is in its Beta-phase and you have to have a personal invitation to join, but you are able to look at existing profiles. We’ve checked a few out, and the look and feel is very clean and modern, with lots of white space and widescreen pictures. It looks good. It sounds good. The question on everyone’s lips: is it here to stay or will it vanish like App.net or Diaspora and all the other platforms which have tried and failed to challenge Facebook?

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Weekly social scoop

Latest news and developments on Instagram, Google+, Facebook and Snapchat – just in case you missed it


#1 Instagram partners with Omnicom to launch ad service in the UK

By Campaign

  • Seven brands managed by Omnicom Media Group agencies Manning Gottlieb OMD, OMD, M2M and PHD have become the first to roll out ads in users’ Instagram feeds: Starbucks, Cadbury, Channel 4, Rimmel, Estee Lauder and Waitrose
  • Sponsored photos and videos now appear in Instagram’s main feed, identified with a sponsored label – but otherwise similar to other photos and videos users see in their feed
  • Users are able to assert some control over the ads by being be able to hide the ones they do not like, and provide feedback about what they didn’t feel was right

#2 Topman to use Google+ Hangouts to personalise online shopping

By The Drum

  • Topman is to launch its first digital personal shopping service in partnership with Google+
  • The complimentary experience will offer customers the opportunity to pre-book appointments online via Google’s hangout technology
  • They will have the option to request specific styles or trends ahead of the appointment, which can then be pre-selected by the team

#3 If Not Ello, Something Else: Facebook’s ‘Real Names’ policy could turn it into Friendster

By Mashable

  • Ello doesn’t really work. That much isn’t surprising. The bare bones, ad-free, invite-only social network launched in March is still in beta, and evidently didn’t anticipate becoming this hot this fast
  • So why all the light and heat around Ello? Why is half of my Facebook feed suddenly taken up with friends announcing their Ello names, or posting stories about a service that obviously isn’t ready for prime time?
  • On one level, it’s a land grab. I don’t want anyone else to get the @futureboy name, so of course I signed up. But on a far more important level, it’s a symptom of profound discomfort with Facebook

#4 SnapMeNow is Snapchat for your computer

By BuzzFeed

  • SnapMeNow, a web app, uses your computer’s camera to take a picture that you can send to up to 100 recipients via a hyperlink. The image self-destructs Snapchat-style after an interval of up to 10 seconds. When a user receives your Snap, they see a little clock filling up next to the picture, and when the picture disappears, they receive a simple message telling them that the Snap is no more
  • Of course, a Snap on your desktop is a lot easier to capture, save, and manipulate than a Snap on your iPhone so, before the parade of ephemeral nudes, bong-rips, and occult homicides begins, remember: Snapper beware!

#5 Facebook to use its data to target advertising across web

By The FT

  • Facebook has started to use the vast trove of data it has collected about the 1.3bn people who use the social network to target advertising across the rest of the internet
  • The company on Monday re-launched Atlas, the ad serving platform it bought from Microsoft in 2013, to enable advertisers to target Facebook users across other websites and mobile apps. Until now, Facebook has only applied users’ data within its own sites, such as Instagram, and to a limited number of third-party mobile apps

#6 Rise of the #selfielapse: Instagram adds a new feature to its Hyperlapse app

By The Daily Mail

  • Instagram’s Hyperlapse is the latest app to jump on the selfie phenomenon
  • A recent update to the app, which makes it easier for people to create timelapse videos, has added support for front cameras on phones and tablets – dubbed selfielapse
  • Hyperlapse also automatically stabilises videos, and lets users choose what speed their timelapse is played back at
  • Hyperlapse is a free app available for iOS devices that officially launched in August

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