Weekly social scoop

Latest news and developments on Instagram, Google+, Facebook and Snapchat – just in case you missed it


#1 Instagram partners with Omnicom to launch ad service in the UK

By Campaign

  • Seven brands managed by Omnicom Media Group agencies Manning Gottlieb OMD, OMD, M2M and PHD have become the first to roll out ads in users’ Instagram feeds: Starbucks, Cadbury, Channel 4, Rimmel, Estee Lauder and Waitrose
  • Sponsored photos and videos now appear in Instagram’s main feed, identified with a sponsored label – but otherwise similar to other photos and videos users see in their feed
  • Users are able to assert some control over the ads by being be able to hide the ones they do not like, and provide feedback about what they didn’t feel was right

#2 Topman to use Google+ Hangouts to personalise online shopping

By The Drum

  • Topman is to launch its first digital personal shopping service in partnership with Google+
  • The complimentary experience will offer customers the opportunity to pre-book appointments online via Google’s hangout technology
  • They will have the option to request specific styles or trends ahead of the appointment, which can then be pre-selected by the team

#3 If Not Ello, Something Else: Facebook’s ‘Real Names’ policy could turn it into Friendster

By Mashable

  • Ello doesn’t really work. That much isn’t surprising. The bare bones, ad-free, invite-only social network launched in March is still in beta, and evidently didn’t anticipate becoming this hot this fast
  • So why all the light and heat around Ello? Why is half of my Facebook feed suddenly taken up with friends announcing their Ello names, or posting stories about a service that obviously isn’t ready for prime time?
  • On one level, it’s a land grab. I don’t want anyone else to get the @futureboy name, so of course I signed up. But on a far more important level, it’s a symptom of profound discomfort with Facebook

#4 SnapMeNow is Snapchat for your computer

By BuzzFeed

  • SnapMeNow, a web app, uses your computer’s camera to take a picture that you can send to up to 100 recipients via a hyperlink. The image self-destructs Snapchat-style after an interval of up to 10 seconds. When a user receives your Snap, they see a little clock filling up next to the picture, and when the picture disappears, they receive a simple message telling them that the Snap is no more
  • Of course, a Snap on your desktop is a lot easier to capture, save, and manipulate than a Snap on your iPhone so, before the parade of ephemeral nudes, bong-rips, and occult homicides begins, remember: Snapper beware!

#5 Facebook to use its data to target advertising across web

By The FT

  • Facebook has started to use the vast trove of data it has collected about the 1.3bn people who use the social network to target advertising across the rest of the internet
  • The company on Monday re-launched Atlas, the ad serving platform it bought from Microsoft in 2013, to enable advertisers to target Facebook users across other websites and mobile apps. Until now, Facebook has only applied users’ data within its own sites, such as Instagram, and to a limited number of third-party mobile apps

#6 Rise of the #selfielapse: Instagram adds a new feature to its Hyperlapse app

By The Daily Mail

  • Instagram’s Hyperlapse is the latest app to jump on the selfie phenomenon
  • A recent update to the app, which makes it easier for people to create timelapse videos, has added support for front cameras on phones and tablets – dubbed selfielapse
  • Hyperlapse also automatically stabilises videos, and lets users choose what speed their timelapse is played back at
  • Hyperlapse is a free app available for iOS devices that officially launched in August

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Weekly social scoop

Latest news and developments on Facebook, Twitter, Buzzfeed and Reddit – just in case you missed it


#1 Twitter trials ‘Buy’ button

By The Wall

  • Twitter is finally taking its first crack at e-commerce by testing a “Buy” button in the US that lets shoppers buy directly from a Tweet
  • According to Twitter’s blog, the button is just the first step in the social network’s plan to build more functionality into the site and transform the way we shop with our mobile devices
  • The blog goes on to report that users will be offered access to exclusive offers and merchandise, while sellers will have a new way to capitalise on their relationships with their followers 

#2 Facebook goes head-to-head with YouTube with video push

By The Drum

  • Facebook is set to challenge YouTube at its own game by actively courting the video platforms own multi-channel networks to distribute its videos directly on the social media platform
  • Amongst those to be approached for the new initiative are Maker Studio and Collective Digital Studio who have already uploaded some shows to Facebook in a trial programme, according to the Wall Street Journal

#3 Facebook asks users why they don’t want to see ads

By Marketing

  • Facebook has started asking users why they “hide” certain ads on the News Feed, and plan to use the feedback to determine where else to show those ads
  • Facebook has long given users the option to hide irrelevant ads on their News Feed, using that feedback to calculate what else to show them

#4 Facebook trials Snapchat-style vanishing posts

By International Business Times

  • Facebook is testing a content deletion feature that allows users to schedule posts to expire from their timeline after a set period of time
  • The tool is similar to the disappearing messages made popular by the app Snapchat, the same app Facebook reportedly tried to buy for $3bn (£1.8bn) last year
  • The automatic deletion feature is currently being trialled on Facebook’s iOS app as part of a “small pilot”

#5 Buzzfeed president Greg Coleman on how it will use its $50m investment to court brands

By Marketing Week

  • Marketers have already been given many reasons to take notice of BuzzFeed, such as the ability to write their own BuzzFeed-style listicles. In recent months there has rarely been a publisher more commented on, analysed or criticised
  • ·         But now, with its recent cash injection and newly-hired president Greg Coleman now firmly in situ, BuzzFeed is on a marketing drive of its own to ensure the world’s top brands are taking advantage of what it claims will be the new advertising medium: tone of voice

#6 Huffington Post banned from posting on Reddit section in attribution row

By The Guardian

  • The Huffington Post has been banned from posting content on a section of Reddit, after the US social media website accused the AOL-owned news aggregator of lifting content “without attribution”
  • A post on the r/UpliftingNews subreddit accused some editors of the Huffington Post’s Good News section of embracing a “parasitic business model” and said HuffPo articles would be “immediately removed”

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Weekly Social Scoop

Latest news and developments on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitpic, ChitChat and Pinterest – in case you missed it.


#1 Over 65% of video views on Facebook come from mobile, as platform introduces video view counter

By The Drum

  • There are over one billion video views a day on Facebook, the platform has revealed, with more than 65 per cent of these coming from mobile
  • Facebook released the figures as it rolled out a new feature that will allow viewers to see exactly how many times each video has been watched
  • Coming just a few months after Facebook introduced video metrics for companies, the new feature will be available for both people and company pages

#2 LinkedIn rolls out new security features to help users safeguard their accounts

By ZDNet

  • With personal data security top of mind this week, LinkedIn has introduced new security features that it says will help users of the social network for professionals keep their accounts and data secure
  • LinkedIn’s head of privacy and security Madhu Gupta described in a blog post that the network has added a new option within the settings tab that allows users to see where and on what devices they are logged into their account

#3 Pinterest’s new Chrome extension turns your new tabs into beautiful pins

By The Next Web

  • Pinterest has released a new Chrome extension, Pinterest Tab, which replaces the New Tab window of your browser with a random photo based on your interests
  • Artsy500px and National Geographic Your Shot serve as the sources for the visual inspiration. When you first load the extension, Pinterest has you choose from a range of topics, including photography, cats, fashion, design and art

#4 ChitChat is Snapchat for voice messages


  • The Snapchat formula is simple, but effective: “This message will self-destruct.” It works brilliantly for photographs, because sometimes you don’t necessarily want to be able to keep all your friends’ puppy photos clogging up your SD card
  • But would that formula work just as well for voice messages? Well, why not? ChitChat, a new app called from developer Ideo, does just that

#5 Facebook wants to make sure you know your privacy options

By Tech Radar

  • Privacy is, quite understandably, a big concern for Facebook users and the social network is rolling out a new tool to help you sort through your options
  • Facebook users will begin to see the “Privacy Checkup” pop-up appear on their News Feeds over the next few weeks. Alternately you can access it manually through the “privacy shortcuts” button near your notifications on the top of the page

#6 Twitpic is shutting down, blames Twitter

By Mashable

  • In early 2009, Janis Krums tweeted a remarkable picture of a US Airways plane partly submerged in the Hudson River off of New York City. That image quickly went viral and helped put Krums and Twitter on the map
  • At the time that image was posted, Twitter did not have a native photo-sharing feature so Krums used Twitpic – one of a couple photo tools that worked with Twitter
  • On Thursday, Twitpic announced that it will be shutting down later this month. The reason: Twitter

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Weekly Social Scoop

Latest news and developments on Vine, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter – in case you missed it.

blog PRCA 2

#1 Hands on with the new Vine: 6-second videos will never be the same

By Mashable

  • The new camera features on Vine aren’t just shiny and new, they’ve totally changed the platform.
  • It’s been nearly two years since Twitter acquired Vine and added it to the canon of notable social media platforms. Six-second looping videos simply weren’t “a thing” before Vine proved that our short attention spans were, in fact, good for something.

#2 Instagram appeals to brands with beefed-up ad analytics tools

By Marketing Magazine

  • The first tool, called account insights, will show impressions, reach and engagement across all photos posted by a brand.
  • A second ad insights dashboard will specifically show how paid campaigns are performing, displaying impressions, reach and frequency for individual ads.
  • Finally, the ad staging tool will allow brands to plan future activities by creating, previewing and collaborating on campaigns.

#3 Pinterest tests news tab on mobile

By The Drum

  • Pinterest has launched a news section for those using the app on smartphones, which will be tested over the coming weeks.
  • The tab will provide Pinners with information about what their Facebook friends are up to, as well as updates about the Pinners, brands and boards that are being followed.

#4 Twitter expands its ad program to 12 new countries

By TechCrunch

  • Twitter has added 12 new countries to its advertising network, called Twitter Ads, with most markets in Central and Eastern Europe. The new countries include: Austria, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Macedonia, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, Switzerland, Ukraine, and Portugal.
  • “There has been tremendous growth in this region over the last year, and Twitter Ads will now be available in 35 EMEA markets through direct sales support teams and reseller partnerships,” the company said in its announcement.

#5 Facebook is cracking down on clickbait in your news feed

By BBC News

  • “You will never believe what happened on the red carpet last night!!!!! Click HERE to find out.” Are you sick of the sight of these kinds of headlines, where you click through only to find out nothing much really happened at all?
  • Facebook is promising to crack down on the “clickbait” in your News Feed, with two new updates to the site.

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Weekly Social Scoop

Latest news and developments on Twitter, Reddit, Pinterest and Snapchat – in case you missed it.


#1 Twitter extends ad offering with Promoted Video trial

By Brand Republic

  • In a blog post by David Regan, senior product manager, TV and video, the social network claims that tests have shown that tweets containing “native Twitter video” generate better engagement with users.
  • Twitter will be allowing advertisers to run campaigns with a new cost-per-view buying model, meaning they will only be charged once a user starts playing the video.
  • Brands will be able to follow their campaigns using a “robust” video analytics services, offering a completion percentage and a breakdown of organic and paid video views.

#2 Twitter’s latest experiment puts Favourites in the Timeline – Users not impressed

By Mashable

  • Twitter is known for experimenting with different features in its mobile apps and on its website. Its latest experiment — which treats favourites more like retweets on the main timeline — has some users seeing red.
  • A number of users are seeing tweets that users they follow favourite — or even popular tweets from accounts others follow — posted directly to their main Twitter timeline.

#3 Twitter ‘Everyday Moments’ beta site to present regional chat-map

By The Drum

  • Social media site Twitter has released a tweet discussion mapsite called ‘Everyday Moments’ which records and presents time-stamped tweeter discourse throughout the week.
  • The conversation map will help advertisers and brands engage with consumers by informing them what is being spoken about at any given time.
  • The tool measures the use of keywords within tweets and builds a map of a region’s chatter which is available for users to view on the website.

#4 Reddit launches ‘pressiquette’ guidelines for journalists 

By The Guardian

  • Reddit, the social news site, is encouraging journalists who use it to follow new guidelines on ethical sourcing.
  • The rules, which the site is calling “pressiquette,” are a play on the “Reddiquette” guidelines which all users are expected to follow. Here, journalists are requested to “respect the community when sourcing content… remember that each subreddit belongs to its community [and] engage with transparency.”
  • “If you see an interesting story or photo on reddit, message the redactor who shared the piece to ask for their permission prior to using it in an article or list,” the site says.

#5 Pinterest expands self-serve Promoted Pins Platform to more businesses

By TechCrunch

  • Pinterest is rolling out its Promoted Pins platform to more businesses, the company has confirmed to TechCrunch, after it received reports from businesses who were newly being invited to join the pilot program. Previously announced earlier this summer, Pinterest’s “self-serve,” performance-based advertising platform is aimed at small to medium-sized businesses looking to gain more views for their Pins.
  • Though the company had previously been testing its Promoted Pins product with a number of larger brands, including ABC Family, Banana Republic, Expedia, GAP, General Mills, Kraft, Lululemon, Nestle, Old Navy, Target, Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, and Ziploc, that initial group of Promoted Pins was sold on a CPM basis.

#6 9 Snapchat tips and tricks you may not know about

By Mashable

  • Snapchat‘s latest update brings a number of impressive improvements to the popular photo-sharing app we all know and love.
  • From convenient shortcuts to new tools for creating snap masterpieces, many of the app’s best features are difficult to find. Well, you can end your search now, because Snapchat is covering the ins and outs of navigating its hidden features, which will help transform your snap into a work of art.

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