Weekly social scoop

Latest news and developments on social media including Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat – just in case you missed them…


#1 Twitter introduces ‘promoted stickers’ for brands
By TechCrunch:

  • Twitter made its stickers for photos available to everyone at the end of last month, and now the company has quickly followed that up with the launch of its first branded stickers
  • Pepsi is the first partner on board in an undisclosed deal that allows Twitter users to plaster stickers designed by the company onto their photos
  • Doing so and posting the photo triggers a hashtag to appear inside the tweet, which makes it discoverable to Pepsi — perhaps for further promotion or competitions

#2 Facebook courts teenagers with video story app Lifestage
By The Drum:

  • Facebook has launched a new app, Lifestage, designed for people aged 21 and under to turn their life story into a video profile
  • The standalone iOS app has been created by a teenager, Michael Sayman, to appeal to teenagers migrating from Facebook to more youth-friendly Snapchat
  • Lifestage’s premise hinges on the early drafts of Facebook in 2004, connecting high school students with others from their school
  • Rather than users having profile photos, users can record a series of videos and selfies depicting everything from likes, dislikes, friends, pets, dance moves and more, to turn into a video profile others can watch

#3 Facebook Messenger lifts ban on ad subscriptions
By Business Insider:

  • The chat app has updated its policy, opening up the platform for standard messaging and paving the way for brands to begin engaging with subscribed users via the Messenger channel. It’s also the first indication as to how Facebook plans to monetize the platform
  • Promotional chatbot messages can be sent only via standard messages. These are typical customer service communications in which the user initiates the conversation
  • Existing companies using the service have three months to comply with the new rules for standard messaging, and Facebook promises to review new botswithin five days. Companies need to submit an outline for how their bot will work in the next six months

#4 Twitter introduces troll-fighting filters

  • Twitter has announced two new tools that give users more ways to control what tweets they see
  • The first lets you limit who gets to buzz your phone with @-replies only to people you follow, and the second is a so-called “quality filter”, which sounds like a step toward finally curbing the mob-style harassment Twitter seems so optimised to enable
  • Twitter says flipping on the filter will “improve the quality of tweets you see by using a variety of signals, such as account origin and behaviour”, but hesitates to share more for fear bad actors will try to game the system

#5 Snapchat’s Rio 2016 coverage attracted almost 50 million viewers in the first week alone
By The Drum:

  • Data from the messaging startup published in the Financial Times has revealed that close to one in three of Snapchat’s 150 million daily users viewed Olympic clips within the Live Stories section of the app throughout week one of the Games
  • A slew of partnerships with global TV networks, and special deal between official US broadcaster NBC and media giant BuzzFeed to produce Olympic content for Snapchat’s Discover section (which used by publishers) are to thank for the mammoth viewing figures
  • Twitter has secured a throng of real-time sports deals over the past few months, acquiring the rights to the likes of NFL’s Thursday night games, looking to position itself as the go-to place for live events and news through a new ad campaign and greater Periscope integration
  • Facebook has also been attempting to compete in this arena through Facebook Live

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Weekly social scoop

Latest news and developments on social media including Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and Facebook – just in case you missed them…

Social Media

#1 Instagram rolls out business profiles complete with ‘contact’ buttons as it offers advertisers greater insights
By The Drum:

  • Instagram has launched its hotly-anticipated new set of business tools, which will help advertisers on the platform better stand out from ordinary users and equip them with greater measurement capabilities
  • Dubbed ‘Business Profiles’, the new offering is now being rolled out in Europe and will enable customers to use a ‘contact’ button to connect with brands on the image-sharing app
  • It will also provide companies with a mobile analytics suite called Insights and a final tool called ‘Promote’, which will let brands position well-performing posts at the top of users’ news feeds

#2 Snapchat has apparently upped the number of ads it’s showing between Stories already
By Ad Week:

  • Two months into its ad-tech program, Snap Partners, Snapchat is already expanding its initial pilot to include more advertisers eager to reach the app’s 150 million daily users
  • The ads appear between strings of photos and videos that users have shared with their followers. Snapchat caps the amount of ads so that each person is served three so-called Snap Ads Between Friends promos per day
  • Over the past few weeks, the number of ads has steadily increased. Based on Adweek’s own testing, each Snapchat user views the same number of daily ads, regardless of how much content they consume
  • The move to limit the number of daily ads is part of what many see as Snapchat’s steady but aggressive advertising push to reach $350 million in revenue this year and $1 billion by the end of 2017

#3 Facebook to show ads even to people who use ad blockers
By Recode:

  • The social network says it will start using software to show ads to users who visit Facebook via a desktop, even if they’re using an ad blocker
  • It’s one of many techniques publishers are using to combat ad-blocking software, and proof that ad blockers must be impacting Facebook’s business, even though the vast majority of Facebook’s users and business now come through mobile devices
  • As part of the announcement, Facebook is updating its ad controls so you can opt out of seeing ads from particular businesses

#4 Twitter set to open up Moments to all users
By Recode:

  • The company is opening its Moments product — the feature that lets publishers collect and share tweets around specific events — so that all users can create their own collections
  • Twitter has always faced the challenge of surfacing its most popular tweets from among the millions and millions people post every day
  • Now it’s asking its users to help compile these tweet collections. It’s bound to create a higher volume of Moments, and as a result, a greater number of interesting or funny Moments people might actually want to see

#5 Facebook updates 360 video tools to include guides and heatmaps
By The Drum:

  • Facebook has released more development features for users uploading 360 videos in a bid to make it easier for creators to refine their content
  • Having unrolled 360 videos to newsfeeds in September 2015, publishers can now guide viewers through videos by highlighting specific points of interest in the field of view
  • The video can automatically pan around to points of interest when it reaches the pre-selected moment, and the heat map will show developers exactly where the greater volume of users are looking, enabling them to use the above feature to activate points of interest


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Weekly social scoop

Latest news and developments on social media including Twitter, Facebook and Instagram – just in case you missed them…

social media scoop

#1 Twitter makes its platform easier to new users
By Digital Spy:

  • Twitter is launching a new campaign to explain to new users exactly what the platform does and how it works
  • The campaign will be called “See What’s Happening” and aims to include a series of marketing videos and digital ads to help everyone understand the service

#2 Facebook does better than expected
By BBC News:

  • Facebook profits were up 186% from this time last year
  • The social network reported earned $2bn in April to June 2016
  • Mobile advertising is generating the most of Facebook’s ad revenue (84%)
  • Monthly active users (MUA) increased by 15% to 1.71 billion – Twitter only grew by 3% in the same period

#3 Instagram to allow comment moderation
By The Next Web:

  • Currently only available for businesses, the feature will allow them to auto-hide comments with offensive words and phrases
  • Originally trialled by Taylor Swift, comment moderation will only be available to high-profile accounts to begin with, but it is planned to roll out to all users eventually
  • The feature will also allow users to turn off comments all together

#4 Instagram’s analytics API to be released
By VentureBeat:

  • Instagram will finally be releasing its analytics API to help social media marketers shape their campaigns
  • Existing metrics only take into account top-level measurements including: follower growth, daily engagement and best time to post
  • New capabilities will include calls to action, contact capabilities, insights and content promotion
  • Instagram had previous banned third-party apps that recreated Instagram inside their product to make sure they only worked with developed “accretive to its ecosystem”

#5 Twitter to show Sky Sports Premier League highlights
By The Guardian:

  • The broadcaster’s Twitter account will show “key moments and goals” in real time
  • The service will only be available to users in UK and Ireland

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Weekly social scoop

Latest news and developments on social media including Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Tinder Social – just in case you missed them…

social media scoop

#1 Twitter now lets anyone request a verified account
By The Verge:

  • Twitter will let users request a verified account and the all-important blue tick by filling out a form on its website
  • The form asks for a verified phone number and email address, a profile photo, and additional information regarding why verification is required or helpful
  • However Twitter still says, “an account may be verified if it is determined to be of public interest”

#2 Selena Gomez’s Instagram, Facebook and Twitter posts ‘worth up to $550,000′
By The Independent:

  • Selena Gomez is now also the most influential person across Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, with almost three million engagements per post
  • She has a combined following of 181 million followers – half of which are on Instagram
  • Her success has been attributed to her selective attitude to the brands she works with on her social channels – she posts less sponsored posts than many other celebrities, and as such is more engaging to her fans

#3 Facebook may be trying to copy Snapchat again with “quick updates”
By Mashable:

  • New screenshots of what look to be an experiment, show the company is working on a new feature that allows groups of friends to privately share photos and other updates that disappear after 24 hours
  • Quick updates lives in the main Facebook app behind the new smiley face icon in the top right corner of the app. From there, you can add friends to groups so you can see each other’s updates
  • However, a Facebook spokesperson said this was an old test and that it had no plans to roll out the feature to more people

#4 Tinder Social launches globally
By TechCrunch:

  • Tinder Social has launched to provide a new way for groups to plan big nights out
  • Users can choose to add friends to their group via Facebook, and then match with other groups that are in the area
  • If one person from each of the groups matches, then the groups gain access to a shared chat room – just like regular Tinder

#5 Twitter test redesigns how you compose new tweets
By Mashable:

  • Twitter is experimenting with a new look for the tweet composer in its iOS app
  • The test moves the app’s tweet composer to the top of users’ timelines. Previously, the app’s tweet composer was a separate part of the app
  • A Twitter spokesperson confirmed the experiment, saying it was meant to make it easier for iOS users to tweet while browsing the app

#6 Instagram lets Taylor Swift test a tool that could see celebrities block abusive comments
By The Drum:

  • Instagram is reportedly allowing Taylor Swift and other high-profile figures on Instagram test a tool that “blocks” negative comments
  • According to the Times, the new feature means that rather than having to individually delete hundreds or thousands of comments, as a regular user would have to, Swift – or whoever is controlling her account –  is able to remove them en masse immediately

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Weekly social scoop

Latest news and developments on social media including Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Facebook – just in case you missed them…

social media scoop

#1 Twitter unveils Snapchat-style stickers

  • After Facebook bought MSQRD, and added its many masks and filters to its live video; now Twitter’s adding Stickers, which is a clever mash-up of all Snapchat’s filters into a single place
  • Twitter stickers are basically emojis you can place on top of a photo
  • Twitter’s not yet charging for any of its stickers, nor is it allowing advertisers or users to make and sell them, but “yet” is very much the operative word

#2 LinkedIn rolls out programmatic ads shortly after the $26.2bn Microsoft acquisition
By The Drum:

  • LinkedIn has set about monetising its 400 million members by introducing programmatic ad buying to advertisers
  • Trialled in Q3 2015, the new method will deliver display ads on LinkedIn desktop, on supplementing the earning power of sponsored content which delivers 60 per cent of its revenue
  • The automated ad buys come after Microsoft gambled $26.2bn on the company. With a wealth of professionals indexed by industry, interests and skills on the site, brands will now be able to find a more valuable proposition

#3 Facebook abandons standalone news-reading app Paper
By TechCrunch:

  • Facebook has pulled the Paper app from the app store and will discontinue support for existing downloads of it on July 29th
  • Despite its eye-catching, progressive design, the experience proved unnecessary for most and too unfamiliar for those that tried it. Part of the app will live on, though, as design elements and features in Facebook’s Instant Articles
  • Now with no dedicated place to read news, and the main News Feed focusing on showing posts from friends and family, news publishers may find it tougher to pull referral traffic from Facebook

#4 Pinterest adds two major new features that make it easier for you to shop
By Business Insider UK:

  • Pinterest has enhanced its social commerce efforts with a shopping cart and visual search capability to both its website and mobile app, reports Adweek
  • The shopping cart lets users add items from multiple sellers in a manner similar to Amazon, letting them checkout all items at once without ever leaving the Pinterest platform
  • Pinterest is also bringing Buyable Pins, the company’s version of a buy button, to its website. Until now, these buttons only existed on the mobile app

#5 Facebook’s new Featured Events recommended by staff members rather than algorithms
By The Drum:

  • Facebook has debuted a new product in the US called Featured Events allowing dedicated staff to recommended events to users
  • Moving away from a solely algorithmic process influenced by the behaviour of the user and friends, the company is altering (and hopefully refining) suggestions by introducing a human element to help spread the word about local events
  • Users can put their public events up for consideration, where it will be shared to relevant people in the local area. It added that events that have paid for ads will not receive priority in the suggestions


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