Weekly Social Scoop

Latest news and developments on Vine, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter – in case you missed it.

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#1 Hands on with the new Vine: 6-second videos will never be the same

By Mashable

  • The new camera features on Vine aren’t just shiny and new, they’ve totally changed the platform.
  • It’s been nearly two years since Twitter acquired Vine and added it to the canon of notable social media platforms. Six-second looping videos simply weren’t “a thing” before Vine proved that our short attention spans were, in fact, good for something.

#2 Instagram appeals to brands with beefed-up ad analytics tools

By Marketing Magazine

  • The first tool, called account insights, will show impressions, reach and engagement across all photos posted by a brand.
  • A second ad insights dashboard will specifically show how paid campaigns are performing, displaying impressions, reach and frequency for individual ads.
  • Finally, the ad staging tool will allow brands to plan future activities by creating, previewing and collaborating on campaigns.

#3 Pinterest tests news tab on mobile

By The Drum

  • Pinterest has launched a news section for those using the app on smartphones, which will be tested over the coming weeks.
  • The tab will provide Pinners with information about what their Facebook friends are up to, as well as updates about the Pinners, brands and boards that are being followed.

#4 Twitter expands its ad program to 12 new countries

By TechCrunch

  • Twitter has added 12 new countries to its advertising network, called Twitter Ads, with most markets in Central and Eastern Europe. The new countries include: Austria, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Macedonia, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, Switzerland, Ukraine, and Portugal.
  • “There has been tremendous growth in this region over the last year, and Twitter Ads will now be available in 35 EMEA markets through direct sales support teams and reseller partnerships,” the company said in its announcement.

#5 Facebook is cracking down on clickbait in your news feed

By BBC News

  • “You will never believe what happened on the red carpet last night!!!!! Click HERE to find out.” Are you sick of the sight of these kinds of headlines, where you click through only to find out nothing much really happened at all?
  • Facebook is promising to crack down on the “clickbait” in your News Feed, with two new updates to the site.

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Weekly Social Scoop

Latest news and developments on Twitter, Reddit, Pinterest and Snapchat – in case you missed it.


#1 Twitter extends ad offering with Promoted Video trial

By Brand Republic

  • In a blog post by David Regan, senior product manager, TV and video, the social network claims that tests have shown that tweets containing “native Twitter video” generate better engagement with users.
  • Twitter will be allowing advertisers to run campaigns with a new cost-per-view buying model, meaning they will only be charged once a user starts playing the video.
  • Brands will be able to follow their campaigns using a “robust” video analytics services, offering a completion percentage and a breakdown of organic and paid video views.

#2 Twitter’s latest experiment puts Favourites in the Timeline – Users not impressed

By Mashable

  • Twitter is known for experimenting with different features in its mobile apps and on its website. Its latest experiment — which treats favourites more like retweets on the main timeline — has some users seeing red.
  • A number of users are seeing tweets that users they follow favourite — or even popular tweets from accounts others follow — posted directly to their main Twitter timeline.

#3 Twitter ‘Everyday Moments’ beta site to present regional chat-map

By The Drum

  • Social media site Twitter has released a tweet discussion mapsite called ‘Everyday Moments’ which records and presents time-stamped tweeter discourse throughout the week.
  • The conversation map will help advertisers and brands engage with consumers by informing them what is being spoken about at any given time.
  • The tool measures the use of keywords within tweets and builds a map of a region’s chatter which is available for users to view on the website.

#4 Reddit launches ‘pressiquette’ guidelines for journalists 

By The Guardian

  • Reddit, the social news site, is encouraging journalists who use it to follow new guidelines on ethical sourcing.
  • The rules, which the site is calling “pressiquette,” are a play on the “Reddiquette” guidelines which all users are expected to follow. Here, journalists are requested to “respect the community when sourcing content… remember that each subreddit belongs to its community [and] engage with transparency.”
  • “If you see an interesting story or photo on reddit, message the redactor who shared the piece to ask for their permission prior to using it in an article or list,” the site says.

#5 Pinterest expands self-serve Promoted Pins Platform to more businesses

By TechCrunch

  • Pinterest is rolling out its Promoted Pins platform to more businesses, the company has confirmed to TechCrunch, after it received reports from businesses who were newly being invited to join the pilot program. Previously announced earlier this summer, Pinterest’s “self-serve,” performance-based advertising platform is aimed at small to medium-sized businesses looking to gain more views for their Pins.
  • Though the company had previously been testing its Promoted Pins product with a number of larger brands, including ABC Family, Banana Republic, Expedia, GAP, General Mills, Kraft, Lululemon, Nestle, Old Navy, Target, Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, and Ziploc, that initial group of Promoted Pins was sold on a CPM basis.

#6 9 Snapchat tips and tricks you may not know about

By Mashable

  • Snapchat‘s latest update brings a number of impressive improvements to the popular photo-sharing app we all know and love.
  • From convenient shortcuts to new tools for creating snap masterpieces, many of the app’s best features are difficult to find. Well, you can end your search now, because Snapchat is covering the ins and outs of navigating its hidden features, which will help transform your snap into a work of art.

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onechocolate loves…

Our weekly round-up of the most inspiring PR and digital marketing campaigns, smart new apps, cool events, ventures and happenings that have caught our eye…

#1 Discover London with #StarCabs 

Star cabs

Fancy a Saturday night bar tour around London in your own personal taxi – gratis? Heineken is offering you the chance to do just that with its new “Star Cabs campaign,” which will run on the first Saturday of every month till the end of the year. To enter, customers must download the brand’s Star Cabs app and use it to buy a Heineken at selected bars across London. You are then able to request a Star Cab by posting on social media. The winners will be transported to another bar and provided with the tools to “choose where the night takes them and truly open up their city.” The campaign is a clever way to drive sales, and raise brand visibility on social media, whilst giving consumers a genuinely valuable experience to ‘discover’ London. We love!

#2 Epic Driftmob

What do you get if you combine five of the world’s best stunt drivers in BMW M235i Coupés, with a Hollywood director and a deserted street in Cape Town? Wheel spins, tire smoke and 90 seconds of seriously cool driving! We previously wrote about car brands such as Mini and Ford who are producing creative, eye-catching, shareable content. BMW also gets a gold star for this automotive take on the flashmob (re-named ‘Driftmob’) which has, so far, been viewed over 11.5 million times!

#3 Face to Facebook

Face to facebook

Back in 2011, a seemingly ordinary dating website called lovelyfaces.com was launched. But in fact, it was created to raise awareness of privacy issues surrounding social media. ‘Members’ featured on the site were stolen from one million Facebook profiles and filtered using face-recognition software. The site caused public uproar with eleven lawsuit threats, five death threats and letters from Facebook lawyers.

As debates around privacy issues and social media continue to divide opinion, the archive of the Face to Facebook project will be displayed for the first time at the Photographers Gallery in London until the 2nd October. You can also hear the founders, Alessandro Ludovico and Paolo Cirio, talking about their project, as well as facial recognition, data scraping and privacy on social media platforms on Sunday 28th September at the same location.  

#4 Space-age tech

Space-age tech

NASA, the US government agency responsible for the civilian program, aeronautics and aerospace research, is at the forefront of everything it seems, and we’re not just talking about space stuff. We were amazed when we read MSN’s article ‘Space tech you might use every day.’ Who would have thought sunnies, Nike trainers, memory foam and invisible braces – just some of everyday items that have changed our lives – were developed by NASA?

Technology is always evolving and the brains at NASA are continuously improving our lives with gadgets and products to enhance our ever-changing lifestyles. So whether it’s digital cameras or household tools, they’ve got us covered.

#5 Face swapping Friends

Friends face swap

Face swapping pics have been doing the rounds on Facebook for the last couple of years but it wasn’t until the Judy Dench/Daniel Craig viral sensation that we saw how magical this technology could truly be. Now BuzzFeed has collated ‘15 Face Swaps That Will Change The Way You Watch Your Favourite TV Shows’ and it truly is a thing of beauty – the Friends swap must be seen by everyone. Searching to see the weirdest face swap we can find is strangely addictive, and we’re keen to see some brands getting in on the action, too!

#6 Bonkers about Boris Bikes

Boris bikes

To celebrate the 4th birthday of London’s bike hire scheme, there is a weekend of free rides from 16th-17th August. Don’t forget to bag your free ride and, if you’re feeling in the mood, join in with the group events in Hyde Park and Regent’s Park. We love the bikes for a fun, healthy way to view London’s iconic landmarks.



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Weekly Social Scoop

Introducing our weekly round-up of the biggest social media news, views, launches and latest stats – in case you missed it…


#1 Facebook Updates Slingshot with Unlimited Reactions  – From Mashable

At a glance:

  • Facebook’s photo messaging app, Slingshot, was updated on Thursday with new features for the first time since it launched last month.
  • Users can now react to reaction messages — somewhat of a departure from Slingshot’s signature “shot-for-shot” dynamic.
  • Previously, a single reaction was the only way users could view a message without having to send one of their own first. While this still applies to regular messages (users are still required to “unlock” new slings with replies), users can now exchange an unlimited number of reaction messages.

 #2 Facebook’s worldwide outage on Friday 1st August – what happened?

Facebook Down in Second Major Outage in Two Months  – From The Guardian

At a glance:

  • Facebook’s main site was down worldwide on Friday afternoon, the second major outage in less than two months.
  • Users began reporting outages shortly after 4pm UK time, but unlike June’s collapse, the failure was spotty at first, with some users reporting continuous access well past 5:15pm.
  • Many users of the site were instead confronted with an error page reporting that “the requested URL could not be retrieved.” Coverage was largely restored by 5:40pm.
  • Facebook said “We’re working to get things back to normal as quickly as possible.”

#3 Would You Bet on Twitter? No, Says Forrester Analyst Following Earnings Report – From The Drum

At a glance:

  • Twitter must create a more diverse product offering if it is to appeal to a more diverse user, and satisfy marketers, according to Forrester analyst Anthony Mullen.
  • The social network failed to turn any profit in its latest set of financial results covering the second quarter from March to June – in fact, it reported an £86m loss, more than three times what Twitter reported over the same period last year.

#4 Learnist App Is Like Pinterest, Except It Wants To Teach You Something  - From The Huffington Post

At a glance:

#5 Pinterest Acquires Icebergs, The Pinterest For Creatives – From TechCrunch

At a glance:

  • Pinterest has acquired Icebergs, a “Pinterest for creative types,” which offers an online collaboration service that allows users to organise their projects, including not only images, but also articles, files, videos, and other content, and share that content with others. The Barcelona-based company was founded last year, and had a team of just over a half-dozen in both Barcelona and London.
  • The two co-founders, César Isern and Albert Pereta, will be joining Pinterest and relocating from Spain to San Francisco, where they will join the company’s product management and product design teams.

#6 Pinterest Isn’t Just For Women, Weddings, Food and Fashion: Here’s 5 B2B Male-Oriented Examples  – From Forbes

At a glance:

  • Numerous reports state that Pinterest users in the United States are predominantly women (at 80% or higher).  Typical uses of the platform tend to be communicating personal tastes in clothes, furnishing and all aspects of wedding planning, as well as sharing favourite recipes and baby photos.
  • What Forbes has discovered, however, is that many large corporations in technology, as well as male-oriented brands are making strategic use of Pinterest to achieve important brand-building objectives.
  • Interestingly, compete.com reported in 2012 that while in the U.S. 83% of Pinterest users were female and only 17% male, in the UK, 56% were male and 44% female, demonstrating that the platform doesn’t inherently skew to female online behaviour patterns.

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onechocolate loves…

Our weekly round-up of the most inspiring PR campaigns, smart new apps, cool events, ventures and happenings that have caught our eye…

 #1 GoDaddy

GoDaddy Head

We love this multi-channel campaign (a video, search campaign, online advertising, targeted affiliations and remarketing solutions) by GoDaddy for two reasons: 1. It is designed to inspire British small-medium sized businesses (SMEs) to build their digital identity online, and 2. The head in the bag is quite good looking – if a little creepy! Only time will tell if ‘the head’ manages to inspire creativity and innovation among the business community…

#2 #FotbolNow

As the World Cup draws ever closer we’re seeing more and more brands jump on the football hype. In last week’s onechocolate loves, we spoke about Sony’s ‘One Stadium Live’ social network which will link social media content from Twitter, Facebook and Google+ on a single platform. This week it’s Pepsi, who have launched #FotbolNow skills challenge, which puts your football skills to the test with a cool, interactive vending machine. Look out for these dotted around the world and see how your football skills compare to the likes of Robin van Persie, David Luiz, Sergio Ramos, Sergio Agüero, Jack Wilshere and Leo Messi to win a free Pepsi! Watch the video here.

#3 Social currency exchange

social media

Wondering how you can be more creative with social media to engage with customers? This week, just around the corner from us in Soho, Birds Eye opened their first pop up restaurant which offered a free meal to fans who shared photos on Instagram using #BirdsEyeInspirations. Similarly, Weight Watchers opened its first London pop-up cafe called ‘the feel good cafe,’ where food is free of charge in exchange for visitors spreading feel-good messages via social media. Free food and creative social media? Love it! Which B2B brand will get on the boat?

#4 Snap Happy


Addicted to Instagram? Well now your love for the social photo sharing site can extend even further, from your mobile right down to your shoes! As reported in Marketing Week, Adidas is launching an app in August, enabling users to get their Instagram snaps printed onto their ZX Flux trainers. With 200 million active users on Instagram, brands need to recognise the importance of this channel to connect to their customers. This one is sure to start a stampede!

#5 Full of beans


Coffee has been hit by both good and bad PR for decades. For every headline that tells us it’s bad, there’s another popping up to say caffeine is good! But as self-confessed coffee addicts, we love this story about an app designed to make sure you brew a perfect cup of the rich dark black stuff. We also love how, when delivered in a smart and accessible way, technology can make science fun. It got us thinking about the chemistry behind our coffee fix!

#6 Wise words

Richard Branson

Last but certainly not least, is this inspirational post from Richard Branson on LinkedIn speaking about what he’d do at 22 if he knew then what he knows now. In a nutshell- he’d still have a blast but remain focused.

“If I were 22 today, I would embrace the opportunities technology has given us.” He talks about the transformative power of the web and the opportunities to tackle climate change, to research to beat terrible diseases, as well as inventions to improve everyone’s lives.

“I am sure the coming years will be a period of tremendous innovation. Most 22-year-olds today think that the way to make their fortunes is through setting up tech businesses, and it is true that can be a fruitful direction. But other more conventional businesses shouldn’t be forgotten.”


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