Weekly social scoop

Latest news and developments on social media including Twitter, Facebook, Google and Snapchat – just in case you missed them…

social media

#1 Twitter rumoured to relax 140-character limit by excluding photos and links
By The Telegraph:

  • The social media company is making a major shift in how it counts characters in posts, giving users more freedom to compose longer messages
  • The change could happen in the next two weeks, although the decision isn’t yet public
  • Links currently take up 23 characters, even after Twitter automatically shortens them. The company declined to comment

#2 Facebook introduces interactive Live Video map
By The Drum:

  • Facebook has begun the roll-out of a global interactive map designed to visualise the location of live video feeds from strangers around the world, marking the latest move by Facebook to put video at the heart of its business
  • A clickable screen allows browsers to choose from a live ranking of the most highly rated feeds on a left-hand column or travel the planet by clicking on a random blue dot from others around the world
  • It is intended to improve navigation and search by enabling people to more readily source content from new broadcasters, without having to directly follow that individual person or group

#3 Twitter is introducing a Periscope live-streaming button in its mobile apps
By TechCrunch:

  • Twitter is fighting back in the streaming war with an integration between Periscope, its live-streaming platform and the Twitter mobile apps
  • As part of a gradual rollout, a small number of Twitter for Android users have a ‘Go Live’ button alongside existing media options, such as record video or attach image, when they create a tweet
  • Those with the app already installed on their phone are directed to Periscope when they click the button, all others are sent to the app store where they can download the live-streaming app
  • Beyond redirecting users to another app with this integration, it’ll be interesting to see if Twitter explores a more seamless, straight-to-broadcast, option inside the Twitter app in the future — because Facebook is already doing that

#4 Google’s latest app, Spaces, aims to simplify group sharing
By The Verge:

  • The company has announced Spaces, an app for Android, iOS, and the web that’s designed to make it easier to share in group conversations without hopping between apps to copy and paste links
  • Spaces comes with built-in Google Search, YouTube and Chrome, looking partly like an everyday messaging app, but also sees some influence from Google+
  • The app’s search feature lets you pull up previous images, videos and comments that have been sent along

#5 Facebook testing tool that lets users reply to comments using videos
By The Drum:

  • Video commenting is being tested in several countries on Facebook’s iOs and Android apps as well as in-browser
  • Select users have been served notifications highlighting the new feature and are being given the option to click the camera icon to add video comments
  • Facebook has confirmed that video comments won’t autoplay and will appear in exactly the same way on the platform, as videos published via status updates currently do
  • The move is part of Facebook’s aggressive video strategy, which it has been giving greater focus to of late with the roll out of real-time streaming service Live, tweaking its algorithm to favour live videos, pushing them to the top of newsfeeds

#6 Snapchat called out over skin-lightening selfie filters
By The Drum:

  • Snapchat has found itself at the heart of social media criticism over its use of the Coachella skin tone lightening filter, which reportedly ‘whitewashes’ facial features to give those with darker skin a lighter complexion
  • This has sparked criticism from some who believe it reinforces stereotypical notions of beauty
  • Such concerns haven’t dented the popularity of the filter, as many share their pre and post filter looks on social media



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Weekly social scoop

Latest news and developments on social media including Facebook, LinkedIn, Periscope, Snapchat and Twitter – just in case you missed them…

social media

#1 Facebook is building another camera app
By The Guardian:

  • Facebook is reported to be building a standalone camera app – its fourth attempt to do so
  • The app will make it easy for users to jump between still photography, video recording and live video streaming, all presented through a Snapchat-style camera-first view
  • The app is intended to combat a decline in personal image and video sharing on the site, as well as prompt greater use of the company’s Live Video feature

#2 LinkedIn’s revenue up 35% in Q1
By SocialTimes:

  • LinkedIn reported first-quarter 2016 revenue of $861 million, up 35 percent compared with the year-earlier period
  • Marketing Solutions, including advertising, brought in $154 million, up 29 percent compared with the first quarter of 2015

#3 Twitter adds function to report multiple abusive tweets at same time
By The Guardian:

  • Previously, users had to manually report each abusive tweet individually, filling out the required report repeatedly
  • It follows the introduction of muting, blocking and reporting tools and recently the addition of a “quality filter”, which is designed to automatically screen out abusive language from a user’s notifications

#4 Periscope launches Sketching, improved viewer stats for streams
By SocialTimes:

  • Periscope launched the latest version of its iOS application, which includes the sketching feature originally revealed earlier this month
  • The sketching feature allows users to draw pictures on their live streams, which disappear after a few seconds
  • Periscope now provides improved viewer statistics for completed streams, including a graph that displays how the live viewer count changed over the course of a broadcast that also marks the time when a stream received its peak viewership

#5 Talkshow, the latest viral app
By Mashable:

  • A new text messaging app called Talkshow became the next big social platform on Tuesday for its concept: like “texting in public”
  • The iOS-only app lets users host message-based “Talkshows” about various topics, from sports and politics to TV and music
  • People notify followers when a Talkshow is live, encouraging anyone who’s watching to send messages, post reactions and GIFs or even join in as a co-host

#6 Snapchat confirms that 10 billion videos are being watched daily
By Marketing Land:

  • Snapchat users are watching 10 billion videos a day, up from 8 billion two months ago
  • The boom in video activity is mainly due to Snapchat’s “Stories” feature, which enables content creators to share photos and videos of their lives from within the previous 24 hours
  • Note that on Snapchat, a view is counted as soon as someone starts watching a snap, which means that if the person doesn’t complete the whole video, it’s still counted

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Weekly social scoop

Latest news and developments on social media including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram – just in case you missed them…

social media

#1 Whatsapp adds end-to-end encryption
By BBC Technology

  • Whatsapp began encrypting all 1 billion of its users’ messages, file transfers and voice calls end-to-end from Tuesday last week
  • This means that messages are scrambled as they leave the sender’s device and can only be decrypted by the recipient’s device – so messages intercepted by criminals or law enforcement cannot be read
  • Amnesty International and security professionals welcomed the move

#2 Facebook Messenger Reaches 900 Million Users, Adds Business-Centric Features
By Social Times

  • Messenger now has more than 900 million monthly active users
  • More than 1 billion messages are sent each month between Messenger users and businesses or pages
  • New features include: user names for users to connect via a URL (e.g. m.me/yourusername); Messenger links for users to immediately launch conversations with pages or businesses; and Messenger Greetings, customizable notes that appear in threads before messages are exchanged

#3 Pinterest launches advertising in the UK
By Marketing Week

  • Pinterest is to offer advertising to UK brands for the first time as it looks to monetise its growing user base and prove it can help brands drive up sales
  • Known as ‘promoted pins’, the ad units look like standard pins and this is the key to their success, says Pinterest’s UK country manager Adele Cooper
  • Any brand will be able to sign up to Pinterest and start running ads, with UK businesses also able to target audiences in the US and Canada
  • Ads will be sold on a cost-per-click basis or a cost-per engagement basis and can be targeted based on demographics, interests or key words. Marketers will also get access to data including impressions, engagement, click-throughs to a website and activity

#4 Facebook Live expands features to include chats within groups, event pages
By Mashable

  • Users will have the ability to go live in Facebook Groups and Events, access interactive features (including live reactions, replaying comments and live filters) and invite friends to watch a live stream with them
  • There will be a dedicated place on Facebook’s mobile app for users to “discover live video that the world is talking about” and a Facebook Live Map on desktop, which will give people in more than 60 countries the opportunity to share live video

#5 Facebook Updates Guidelines on Branded Content, Debuts Tool
By Social Times

  • Facebook is helping publishers and companies clearly indicate branded content to users with a new tool, conforming to their new guidelines on the matter
  • Branded content will appear in newsfeeds with a “with” tag, e.g. a Lady Gaga post appeared as “Lady Gaga with Intel”
  • The new branded content tag can be added to photos, videos, links, text, Instant Articles and 360-degree videos, with Live video support coming soon

#6 Reddit launches new iOS and Android apps
By Social Times

  • Reddit has launched iOS and Android apps for U.S., U.K., Canadian and Australian users
  • Reddit plans to give Redditors a truly native experience on the two big mobile platforms, building its new apps from the ground up
  • Until now, many Redditors have been using third-party apps to engage with threads on mobile

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onechocolate loves… the view from Germany

Our German office selected this week’s round-up of inspiring PR and digital marketing campaigns, smart new tech and cool events…

#1 Happy Birthday CeBIT!


March in Germany is usually all about CeBit, the biggest IT trade show in the world. This year, the trade show celebrated its 30th anniversary! Looking back at 1986, it was all about word processors; fast-forward 10 years and it’s all about mobile. German news show, Tagesschau, shared a video which they aired exactly 20 years ago. It’s fascinating to see how technology has evolved in only two decades. Check out the video to travel back in time and witness how technology has changed over the years.

#2 Osterhasen Rasen

Germans love Easter traditions: yummy Easter food, Easter egg hunts and, of course, a reason to eat more chocolate! It would seem that we now have a new tradition: “Osterhasen Rasen” (Easter Bunny Racing) which was introduced last year by leading German consumer electronics retailer Media Markt. A bit of fun in which shoppers receive 50% off their purchase if a bunny (with the matching number on their receipt) won the daily race. This year, the bunny racing campaign went global on 15 TV stations in Germany, Austria and Switzerland during prime time – a simple stunt yet extremely effective and fun to watch.

#3 Snap me if you can

snap me if you can

Snapchat is proving to be much more than just a platform for sharing pictures and videos. A digital consultant from Germany has published an e-book called “Snap me if you can”, explaining the growing potential of Snapchat and how it will become as important as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for marketing purposes in Germany. A lot of German brands such as the tabloid, Bild, or the rental car company, Sixt, have already jumped on the bandwagon and are well-established leaders of this relatively new platform. Although it is currently written in German, the e-book will soon be available to download in English as well! We love it!

#4 Internet-TV becomes (more) social

 netflix plug in

What is better than binge-watching two or three seasons of your favorite TV show? Binge-watching with your friends of course. But what to do if your only fellow Dr. Who fan, House of Cards addict or Big Bang Theory enthusiast is not in town? Well, you can integrate the new Netflix-Party Plug-In into your Chrome browser and you and your friends can enjoy shows or movies together. The Plug-In also comes with an integrated chat, so you can discuss, rate and judge in real-time.

#5 Helping people become people again

Computer Mediated Offline Interaction

Computer Mediated Offline Interaction“ refers to a kind of therapy for smartphone users to behave and communicate like “normal” human beings. There are specific apps that use global communications infrastructure, but keep the information local. Users can do research anonymously and do not need to register for a user account. As a result of their location, they only receive messages based on where they are. The mixture of offline/online anonymity and proximity was created six years ago in the hope of making people communicate more with each other directly and encourage conversations offline.


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Weekly social scoop

Latest news and developments on social media including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram – just in case you missed them…

social media
#1 Facebook wants to combat identity theft
By Huffington Post

  • After not having an “adequate mechanism” in place to deal with identity theft on its site, Facebook is testing a new feature which will crack down on this in particular
  • This tool will be able to detect when a user is being impersonated and send out alerts

#2 Pinterest gets video advertising onboard
By Mobile Marketing Watch

  • Pinterest has started testing promoted video pins with a select group of users
  • Video has become a key trend in the social media landscape
  • The ads will complement the platform’s cinematic pins which launched last year

#3 Twitter helps make its experience better for the visually impaired
By Venture Beat

  • Twitter will launch support for users who are visually impaired by making image descriptions available to those using screen readers
  • When uploading an image, users will be able to add up to 420 characters of description
  • This will be available to users, publishers and developers – following a very strained relationship between Twitter and the developer community this appears to be an olive branch from Twitter’s CEOP, Jack Dorsey

#4 Facebook to launch in-store payments through Messenger
By TechWeek Europe

  • Users may soon be able to pay for items without ever having to leave the Facebook Messenger app
  • Facebook has made no secret of the fact it would like to expand the services it offers, especially directly from the Messenger app

#5 Google wants to launch its own competitor to Periscope
By The Drum

  • YouTube connect will allow Apple and Android users to stream directly from their YouTube account
  • YouTube currently offers a limited broadcasting feature, but this looks to expand the number of viewers who have access to the service
  • The platform will offer a chat feature to let viewers interact

#6 Periscope celebrates it’s one year anniversary and talks competition
By Re/code

  • Periscope claims its users watch 110 years worth of vide every day
  • This equates to a 2.5x rise in consumption in the last nine months
  • As the video streaming service looks in its Year Two expectations, the relationship with parent company Twitter is going to play a key role. Currently users cannot create Periscope videos from inside the Twitter app, and they are currently looking at ways to integrate the two services (without getting rid of Periscope all together)

#7 Snapchat acquires Bitmoji
By The Drum

  • In the battle against Facebook, Snapchat has reportedly bought Bitmoji Maker Bitstrips
  • The app allows users to create an avatar of themselves and send it using an app keyboard

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