Weekly social scoop

Latest news and developments on social media including Snapchat, Twitter and Pinterest– just in case you missed them…

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#1 Twitter rumoured to expand tweets’ character limit to 10,000
By The Independent:

  • New plan, being developed by a team known as ‘Beyond 140’, could be released within the first quarter of 2016
  • The company is continuing to design the feature to ensure that it can’t be used for spamming — i.e. by tagging a huge number of people in one single tweet to ensure that it is seen
  • The company has had trouble bringing new users to the service in recent months, and it has been introducing a huge range of new features in an attempt to expand its offering

#2 Snapchat shuts Lens Store to focus on Sponsored Filters
By The Drum:

  • Fans of Snapchat’s ‘puking rainbow’ and ‘heart eyes’ overlays can no longer visit the Lens Store, as the app is closing the shop less than three months after launch as it looks to encourage marketers to buy Sponsored Filters
  • Reports circulating last year indicated that Snapchat can charge marketers anything between $450,000 to $750,000 per dayto sponsor a lens, so restricting Lenses to brand-only overlays has the potential to unlock a lucrative revenue stream
  • Users will be able to purchase and re-use any saved Lenses after the closure, but from this week onwards the only other animations available will be branded

#3 Twitter launches new interactive ad format
By Campaign:

  • Conversational Ads is a new advertising format from Twitterthat enables brands to create ads that users can then personalise and share with their own followers, in essence an evolution of Promoted Tweets
  • By clicking one of the calls-to-action a user will initiate a new Tweet window that will already contain a pre-populated Tweet, with messaging crafted by the advertiser
  • With this advertising format, Twitter is giving brands the ability to empower their advocates and increase the reach of their message at no extra cost, however the option to enable users to personalise the Tweet before sending it out means that brands have to voluntarily release control

#4 Insiders say what’s going on inside $11 billion Pinterest — and it’s not all good
By Business Insider:

  • Pinterest a strong contender to go public in 2016, having already been valued at $11 billion after raising $1.3 billion in funding
  • It’s an ideal environment for advertisers, but Pinterest has taken a soft approach to advertising so far
  • Former Pinterest sales staffer said that the company hesitated to close big deals and those clients moved on to rival platforms instead

#5 Vine co-founder launches new messaging app, Peach
By The Drum:

  • A bit like a mix of Twitter and Slack, users create an account and handle before adding friends
  • On Peach users view a stream of updates from connections, tapping posts to reveal more
  • Peach is centred around ‘magic words’ such as gif, shout, draw etc. Typing ‘here’ for example, users can add their current location and ‘song’ enables the app to recognise what you’re listening to
  • At present Peach is only available as an iOS app and for US phone numbers. Although, there has been some technical issues since the launch

#6 Google, Apple, Facebook and Twitter to meet with White House officials for discussions on terrorists’ use of social media
By The Drum:

  • Top executives from major Silicon Valley players are due to meet with senior White House officials and US intelligence agencies to help form counter-terrorism measures on social media
  • Technology firms have come under mounting pressure in light of social media’s use in the recruitment and organisation of recent terrorist attacks in Paris and San Bernardino, California

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Weekly social scoop

Latest news and developments on Facebook, Pinterest and Google+ – just in case you missed them…


#1 Google+ lives on

By The Telegraph:

  • Google is refusing to give up on its social network, and has relaunched it with a new focus.
  • The overhauled site will become an interest-based network, focusing on collections and communities.
  • Despite there being more than 2.5 billion Google+ accounts, a report found only 6.7 million of these have posted over 50 times since joining – less than 1%.

#2 New Facebook tools help you manage awkward break-ups

By CIO.com:

  • Facebook now helps you avoid the social media awkwardness of a break-up with features to help you see fewer of your ex’s posts, and for them to see less of you.
  • You are asked to opt-in to these new tools once you change your relationship status to “single”.
  • The features mean you can remain “friends” on the platform without the emotional distress of seeing an ex having a great time without you – part of Facebook’s plan to ease the burden during painful life events.

#3 Facebook launches Work Chat – an enterprise version of Messenger

By Social Times:

  • Facebook begins its play for enterprise domination with the launch of Work Chat on Android.
  • The app features all that we know and love in Messenger – group chats, chat heads, free voice calling and stickers.
  • The freemium version of Facebook at Work is due in 2016.

#4 Pinterest and Facebook reach new brand perception heights, YouGov BrandIndex reveals

By Social Times:

  • Facebook and Pinterest have seen two of the most important consumer perception metrics hit new highs over the last 45 days.
  • Facebook has taken off in this time, with 43% more consumers having a positive impression of Facebook than a negative one – a huge leap from 32%.
  • These are the networks’ highest general impression levels with consumers since YouGov BrandIndex began its tracking: for Facebook in August 2007 and for Pinterest, since April 2012.

#5 Quora starts troll-free AMA (ask me anything) writing sessions

By TechCrunch:

  • Quora takes on Reddit’s “wild west” AMA sessions with sessions from thought leaders answering pre-submitted and moderated questions.
  • Users who are interested in topics around the session will be invited to take part, and submit questions before the AMA. These will be up- or down-voted by the community, and any that don’t meet the standard will be removed.
  • The aim is for Quora to attract a higher calibre of speaker. With Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg and US Senator Tim Kaine already lined up, the signs are good.

#6 Facebook’s new fundraiser tool makes it easier for nonprofits to raise money

By The Verge:

  • The experimental fundraising tool for charities has launched in the US, with plans to launch in other countries next year.
  • Nonprofits will be able to launch fundraisers on their Pages, showing users how many people have contributed, how much money they want to raise, and suggesting possible donations.
  • Users can contribute money directly from the News Feed, with a single-page form to process payments via PayPal, credit or debit card.


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Weekly social scoop

Latest news and developments on Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat – just in case you missed them…


#1 Facebook will use safety check for more human disasters

By Mashable:

  • Facebook has announced it will use its safety check feature for more human disasters and not just natural disasters, after using it for the first time after feedback from its team in France.
  • Facebook has said more than 4 million people have used the feature this weekend to let their friends and family know they were safe, and 360 million users received notifications that their friends were safe.

#2 Facebook unleashes VR-style 360 videos for ads and iOS

By TechCrunch:

  • Facebook is opening up the VR-style videos to advertisers, so they can offer first “immersive stories”. Brands including AT&T, Corona, Nescafe, Ritz Crackers, Samsung and Walt Disney World have started experimenting with the feature.
  • These videos can be watched by tapping-and-dragging around the screen, or on the Samsung Gear VR for a true virtual reality experience.

#3 Facebook launches ‘Notify’, a real-time news update

By Social Media Today:

  • Facebook has launched its new, Twitter-like news app in the US.
  • The app brings together notifications from different publishers and sends live alerts to users whenever relevant content is posted to Facebook.
  • Users can completely customise their news updates to cover not only specific publishers, but the types of updates they want from each one.

#4 Twitter introduces ‘ScratchReel’ GIFs 

By The Verge:

  • Twitter has revealed a new way to engage with video – the ability to fast forward and rewind animated GIFs shared on its platform.
  • When users move mouse cursors or fingers from left to right on the moving image, they can control the animation.
  • Twitter revealed an example of ScratchReel in action with a GIF of a surfer – you can play with it here.

#5 Facebook tests disappearing messages for Messenger

By Social Times:

  • Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery – Facebook has begun testing Snapchat-like disappearing messages for Messenger in France.
  • Users who are part of the test will see an hourglass icon that can be tapped to turn the feature on and off.
  • If enabled, the feature will make messages disappear after an hour.

#6 Snapchat now sells selfie lenses For $1

By TechCrunch:

  • Snapchat recently launched selfie lenses after acquiring Looksery.
  • A new lens is added and an old one removed from the current line-up of seven each day. However, the company has now added around 30 other lenses that you can buy for 99 cents and keep.
  • This forms part of moves to monetise the platform by working on its in-app paid options and advertising structure.

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onechocolate loves… The view from the US

Our US office selected this week’s round-up of inspiring PR and digital marketing campaigns, smart new tech and cool events…

#1 Free Wi-Fi Thanks to Lexcorp at New York Comic Con


Dubbed as the “largest pop culture event on the East Coast,” New York Comic Con took place recently in Manhattan, and brought with it one of the most interesting technology hooks we’ve seen in a while. As a result of the hugely anticipated “Batman vs. Superman” movie that will feature Superman’s future arch nemesis, Lex Luthor, visitors at the event were given free access throughout the convention center, thanks to LexCorp Industries. As it said in the FAQ’s for the event, “LexCorp unites humanity through technology. We believe in technology as a means of communication, unification and a source of inspiration.” It’s hard to argue with that!

#2 Amazon invests $10 Million toward English translations


As one of the largest publishers of translated-to-English literature in the U.S., Amazon is committing $10 million over the next five years to translate more books to English. The company has already helped translate 200 titles in 19 languages from authors in 29 countries since it launched back in 2010. While this could help get once under-the-radar authors noticed stateside, it also means that Amazon can claim exclusive access to the rights in English, both as a publisher and as a seller through Amazon.com. We’re looking forward to finding our new favorite title that we simply haven’t met yet.

#3 Social networks leading the way for marketers


AdWeek broke down the benefits and challenges for marketers when promoting brands on leading social networks such as SnapChat, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Instagram took the lead with the most ad revenue with SnapChat coming in second, followed by Facebook and Twitter. The biggest benefit for brands marketing on Instagram is the ability to create and place photos that weave into a user’s existing newsfeed as a sponsored post while also prompting a “buy now” button that was recently made available.

#4 3D printed Wheelchair for Kittens!

While typical high school students are more concerned with their clothing or what’s happening on social media, we learned that there are two breaking that pattern. Disabled feral kitten named Cassidy was taken in, and given a chance to walk thanks to a 3D printed wheelchair created by a pair of high school students. While it may not be the same as having his own legs, it certainly gives him more freedom to roam around and be a kitten once again. The rise of 3D printing technology also gives hope for better lives for lots of disabled animals, and even humans.

#5 Facebook Filtering, so you can block bad memories

on this day

While everyone was talking about the new “Reactions” emojis now available on Facebook, the company also introduced filters for its “On This Day” tool, which now lets users specify individuals and dates they don’t want to be reminded of. The “On This Day” feature — which was originally just a feed of content users posted on the same day in years past – will now allow users to specify if a certain date is off-limits. It’s especially useful if you’re trying to keep former romantic partners and personal, tragic incidents in the past.

#6 Amazon takes on handmade

Amazon is making its way into the arts and crafts marketplace, taking aim at Etsy, with its new marketplace called Handmade at Amazon. With a lineup of more than 80,000 items from some 5,000 sellers in 60 countries, the marketplace taps into a community of artists and makers, who create their own products such as jewelry, household goods and furniture. The new site will have a different feel and look to the typical Amazon pages we’ve grown accustomed to, in order to highlight each seller’s unique offering.



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Weekly social scoop

Latest news and developments on social media – just in case you missed them…

Weekly social scoop

#1 Twitter earnings disappointment

By CNBC and The Guardian

  • Quarterly earnings were reported last week with Twitter dominating all expectations
  • However, average monthly active users did not meet up to the predictions laid out by analysts
  • Shares plummeted by more than 10 percent following the reports on users
  • Snapchat and Facebook continue to soar (according to the Guardian’s Charles Arthur) 

#2 Twitter gets its own native Windows 10 app

By The Next Web

  • Users are able to see tweets from top trending topics in the app or in Live Tiles on the Start Menu, without being logged in
  • The app should also be able to run on Windows 10 Mobile when that is launched later on in the year 

#3 Facebook’s hide option might not mean what you think

By IT Pro Portal

  • New update reveals that people who hide lots from their newsfeed may see content reappear as the negative preference weighting will be downgraded
  • Introducing a new update to the way newsfeeds work, Software Engineer, Sami Tas, and Engineering Manager, Meihong Wang, reveal that a small group of people go to the trouble of hiding just about every story that appears in their newsfeed. It is these people for whom Facebook believes that hiding should not necessarily mean that similar stories should be hidden.

#4 Facebook unveils its ‘internet drone’

By The Guardian

  • The drone (codenamed Aquila) will be able to fly for three months without landing to provide internet to remote areas of the world
  • Facebook will partner with local ISPs to provide services
  • Full testing will take place later this year in the US 

#5 Leave your facebook account to your children when you die

By The Mirror

  • Facebook is letting users nominate someone to be in charge of your social media account after you die
  • The feature is called “legacy contacts” and will allow your loved ones to take control of your account, posting status updates and changing profile pictures 

#6 Katy Perry sets up a virtual pop-up shop to sell her latest fragrance

By Marketing

  • Twitter users who follow Katy have exclusive access to content
  • Katy Perry fans were recruited to bring in other fans to follow the pop-up shop account
  • Only people following the account could access the store when it went live

#7 England Rugby World Cup players slapped with a 24-point guide on social media etiquette

By The Telegraph

  • Players are already forbidden from writing newspaper columns or vlogging
  • In an effort to preserve their role model status, the RFU is urging players to remain focused and not get caught up in pointless arguments on Twitter

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