Weekly social scoop

Latest news and developments on social media including Facebook, Pinterest and Tumblr – just in case you missed them…

social media

#1 New report finds young users aren’t fans of targeted social ads
By Econsultancy:

  • New study by Harris Poll for Lithium Technologies reveal marketers that are using targeted social ads to reach members of these groups may be shooting themselves in the foot
  • Out of 2,000 consumers, 74% took issue with marketers targeting their social feeds and 56% said they were cutting back or stopping use of social platforms because of these ads
  • Facebook grew its ad sales by a whopping 57% in the first quarter of 2016

#2 Pinterest brings back affiliate links
By Business Insider:

  • Pinterest is bringing back the top way that its users make money from the site, affiliate links, which gave Pinners a cut of the sale when other users bought one of the products that they had posted
  • Pinterest says it decided to bring affiliate capabilities back because it has strengthened its spam technology enough to weed out bad behaviour and it wants to reward its users
  • Pinterest depends on its users to create all the content that it can sell ads between, so it needs people willing to put a lot of time into its platform, and the company admits that it wasn’t doing enough to support the people it relied on

#3 Facebook trialling music video product to rival YouTube
By The Drum:

  • Facebook is testing a music video product, Slideshow, that allows users to share photos and videos, now with accompanying music from Warner Music Group
  • This year has seen Facebook bolster efforts to host video and music content within its walls, as Zuckerberg announced in the company’s earnings call: “We’re at the beginning of a golden age of online video”
  • In December last year Facebook announced a partnership with music service, Deezer, in a deal that will allow the social network giant to integrate music sharing into the news feed

#4 Zuckerberg denies Facebook news bias
By The Drum:

  • Mark Zuckerberg has spoken out against allegations that Facebook suppressed right-wing news stories from its Trending Topics section, and has invited leading conservatives to discuss the matter in the near future
  • The Facebook chief took to the platform last week to say his company had found “no evidence” that claims made by former employees to Gizmodo around the social network’s censorship policies were true
  • The move to address the issue follows on from a letter sent to Facebook by senior senate republican John Thume, requesting Zuckerberg reveal the processes by which Facebook selects content for its Trending news bar by the end of this month

#5 Tumblr invites users to play around with experimental features with Labs addition
By The Drum:

  • Tumblr has invited its 110m registered users to play around with a variety of experimental features still in beta testing in a bid to iron out any kinks before the changes are enacted for real
  • Amongst the initial batch of features available for testing are graphs displaying posts’ re-blogs, advanced scheduling options for queue posts and the ability to colour coordinate posts with an individual’s Tumblr theme
  • These amount to a little more than tinkering around the edges of the existing Tumblr interface, however, those hoping for a more extensive overhaul of the micro-blogging platform have to wait a while yet

#6 Facebook, YouTube and Twitter sued for ‘failure to remove homophobic content’
By The Telegraph:

  • France’s largest anti-racism group, its Jewish students’ union and a gay rights movement are suing three social media networks for failing to remove racist, anti-Semitic and homophobic content
  • The groups found 586 examples of such content and only 4% of this hate content was removed on Twitter, 7% on YouTube and 34% on Facebook



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Weekly social scoop

Latest news and developments on social media including Facebook, LinkedIn, Periscope, Snapchat and Twitter – just in case you missed them…

social media

#1 Facebook is building another camera app
By The Guardian:

  • Facebook is reported to be building a standalone camera app – its fourth attempt to do so
  • The app will make it easy for users to jump between still photography, video recording and live video streaming, all presented through a Snapchat-style camera-first view
  • The app is intended to combat a decline in personal image and video sharing on the site, as well as prompt greater use of the company’s Live Video feature

#2 LinkedIn’s revenue up 35% in Q1
By SocialTimes:

  • LinkedIn reported first-quarter 2016 revenue of $861 million, up 35 percent compared with the year-earlier period
  • Marketing Solutions, including advertising, brought in $154 million, up 29 percent compared with the first quarter of 2015

#3 Twitter adds function to report multiple abusive tweets at same time
By The Guardian:

  • Previously, users had to manually report each abusive tweet individually, filling out the required report repeatedly
  • It follows the introduction of muting, blocking and reporting tools and recently the addition of a “quality filter”, which is designed to automatically screen out abusive language from a user’s notifications

#4 Periscope launches Sketching, improved viewer stats for streams
By SocialTimes:

  • Periscope launched the latest version of its iOS application, which includes the sketching feature originally revealed earlier this month
  • The sketching feature allows users to draw pictures on their live streams, which disappear after a few seconds
  • Periscope now provides improved viewer statistics for completed streams, including a graph that displays how the live viewer count changed over the course of a broadcast that also marks the time when a stream received its peak viewership

#5 Talkshow, the latest viral app
By Mashable:

  • A new text messaging app called Talkshow became the next big social platform on Tuesday for its concept: like “texting in public”
  • The iOS-only app lets users host message-based “Talkshows” about various topics, from sports and politics to TV and music
  • People notify followers when a Talkshow is live, encouraging anyone who’s watching to send messages, post reactions and GIFs or even join in as a co-host

#6 Snapchat confirms that 10 billion videos are being watched daily
By Marketing Land:

  • Snapchat users are watching 10 billion videos a day, up from 8 billion two months ago
  • The boom in video activity is mainly due to Snapchat’s “Stories” feature, which enables content creators to share photos and videos of their lives from within the previous 24 hours
  • Note that on Snapchat, a view is counted as soon as someone starts watching a snap, which means that if the person doesn’t complete the whole video, it’s still counted

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Weekly social scoop

Latest news and developments on social media including Facebook and Twitter – just in case you missed them…

social media

#1 Facebook’s news algorithm changing… Again
By The Guardian:

  • This time the site wants to make sure users are getting more of the content they actually spend time reading or watching
  • It is believed this change is a result of Facebook’s access to more data on user behaviour off the site, which will help to create the metrics needed
  • This change follows a series of tweaks the platform has made to ensure article consumption is experienced in a positive way in an attempt to keep users on the site

#2 Twitter’s location tagging extended to Yelp
By The Drum:

  • Previously geo-tagging was provided solely by Foursquare, however, Twitter has announced an integration with Yelp in the UK and Japan
  • Yelp gives users more detailed information in their tags and allows business owners to reach out to potential customers through Twitter following a Yelp geo-tag
  • This has already rolled out in Germany and France

#3 Facebook to become a payments mechanism
By The Independent:

  • Facebook plans to join the likes of Samsung, Apple and Android to offer a payments service to its users
  • The social network already has 1.6bn regular users so will already have a strong stake in the ground when it comes to rolling out the service
  • It is possible that Facebook would have a massive advantage in this field as it would know much more about customers than any bank would, and be able to make more informed decisions on possible credit risk
  • Facebook would have access to shopping preferences and recent locations, much more information than the average bank ever knows about its customers

#4 Twitter has its first new business chief in China
By USA Today:

  • Despite being banned in mainland China since 2009, Twitter is looking for further advertising growth in the country
  • Twitter opened a Hong Kong office in 2009 and has begun engaging with advertisers, content providers and influencers in China

#5 Facebook backdoor revealed by “friendly” hacker
By TechRadar:

  • A white hat hacker has been rewarded for finding a potential issue that allowed staff usernames and passwords to be extracted
  • The issue has since been fixed and Facebook has reiterated that it was not user’s personal data at risk

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Weekly social scoop

Latest news and developments on social media including Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram – just in case you missed them…

social media

#1 Facebook launches Messenger platform with chatbots
By TechCrunch:

  • Facebook will now allow businesses to deliver automated customer support, e-commerce guidance, content and interactive experiences through chatbots
  • At its F8 developer conference, Facebook announced its existing chatbot partnerships, such as 1-800-Flowers, so you can order flowers by just sending its Messenger bot a friend’s name, and CNN, which can send you a “daily digest” of stories based on your interests
  • Developers who are interested in the feature will be able to build their own bots or can work with Facebook’s bot-building partners

#2 Snapchat is now the most popular social network among teens
By Mashable:

  • The Piper Jaffray study “Taking Stock With Teens”polled about 6,500 U.S. teens asking what they felt was the most important social network – Snapchat took 28% of votes
  • Instagram was second with 27%, followed by Twitter and Facebook
  • Google+ came in last place with 1% of the vote, beaten by Tumblr and Pinterest which each had 2%

#3 Instagram launches ‘featured’ video channels
By Mashable:

  • Instagram has launched a new feature in its explore section that will include video channels
  • There will also be “featured” channels with videos on specific topics, e.g. an “Explore Coachella” channel which Instagram used as an example in its blog post
  • Users will also be provided with a separate “videos you might like” channel

#4 Facebook users are sharing posts more frequently but liking and commenting less
By Marketing Land:

  • A new study from Rival IQ shows that the only post engagement metric that saw year-on-year growth in 2015 was the share
  • Share rate across all page sizes saw a big jump in March and April and levelled off a bit throughout the remainder of the year
  • Likes and comments saw YoY decreases

#5 Snapchat augments reality with 3D Stickers
By TechCrunch:

  • Snapchat reveals its new 3D stickers that can be pinned to objects in a video and stick to them no matter how they or your camera move
  • The update is now available on Android and is coming soon to iOS
  • To use them, just record a video, tap the sticker button at the top of the screen, place your sticker over the object you want to stick it to, and long-press on the sticker

#6 Report: News organisations don’t get much Twitter traffic
By Marketing Land:

  • report from Parse.ly shows that the typical news organisation sees very little traffic from Twitter
  • Analysing its own clients across a two-week period in January, Parse.ly saw that news organisations get roughly 1.5 percent of all traffic from Twitter
  • The best way to perform well on Twitter, the report states, is to share content that is relevant and interesting to the demographic of a “large number of people.”

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onechocolate loves

Our weekly round-up of inspiring PR and digital marketing campaigns, smart new tech and cool events…

1# Pinterest Champions Digital Storytelling – Hooray!

pinterest image

The @IABUK cited 1.3 million people adopted ad-blocking technology in the second half of last year so it’s no wonder brands are looking for “less intrusive” forms of advertising. Like most in the content marketing, PR and digital industry, we’ve been eagerly awaiting Pinterest’s “Promoted Pins” which they’ve been testing out across the Pond. And they launched it in our lovely nation this week! We’re looking forward to testing this out to see how we can help clients drive sales through our digital campaigns which focus on the ‘awareness’/’discovery’ and ‘purchase’ phase of the buying cycle, in particular. For more info, here’s a nice article from Sarah Vizard (@scviz) at Marketing Week.

2# UK creativity gets some added support


A campaign championing creativity in the UK called Get It Right From a Genuine Site is encouraging people to download content such as music, TV, books and magazines from genuine sites and services to give the artists the recognition they deserve. ‘Creatives’ are apparently usually right-brained people, so Get it Right UK has launched a BuzzFeed article that lists the indicators that you are a “Right-brained kind of person”. BuzzFeed is a great way to reach younger audiences in a fun and informal way, and brands are able to get their message across with an approach that isn’t too brash. We can relate with a lot of the points they make in the article, which must mean we’re very creative here at onechocolate!

3# Losing its censors

'censored' image for onechoc loves

They’re there to help us enjoy our social experiences (without getting an eyeful) – but sometimes social media censors can be a right pain in the a**! We’ve been enjoying some of the cheeky announcements this week that have shown how easy it is for content providers to get their posts caught in those pesky filters. A local band were prevented from promoting their gig on Facebook this week, after censors decided the name ‘Scunthorpe’ included one profanity too many. The debacle also followed a poor lady’s plight on instagram over Easter weekend, when her photo of a simnel cake was deemed too suggestively explicit. A lesson for us all in creating socially (or even just social media) accepted content – and be careful what you leave up to Facebook’s imagination!

4# Driving Theory gets Technical

A great new initiative from ACR instructors in Romania using Google Street View sees the driving theory test updated with real life simulation. The new system allows people sitting their theory test to actually see the obstacles in a situation, with multiple choice questions to identify hazards and identify how a driver should react. Compared to the old system in the UK of clicking the screen when a hazard appeared, this uses technology to create a more realistic situation and allow the driver to put to the test and see how they would actually react. Currently being trialled in Romania, you can have a go at the test here: http://www.streetviewtest.ro/ (just remember they drive on the right!)

5# Forgot to buy a gift for your girlfriend? Look no further

Valentine's_day_MMs_in_the_shape_of_a_heart_(8418026760) (2)

Start ups are usually founded to solve a problem. Now, the techies of Silicon Valley have racked their brains to come up with a solution to a problem that plagues boyfriends worldwide… forgetfulness. BetterBoyfriend.me is a service that sends presents every month for about $70, disguised to look like they have been thoughtfully sent by the boyfriend themselves. This means that time-poor partners can rest safe in the knowledge that they have at least not forgotten to send a treat to their loved one. We love the innovation and problem-solving nature of this start-up, though we can’t help but think that maybe the boyfriends would like to be sent something too?




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