Weekly social scoop

The latest news and developments on Google, LinkedIn, Twitter, Snapchat and Facebook, just in case you missed them…

Weekly social scoop

#1 Google shakes up SEO

By The Guardian

  • Mobile friendly sites will take the top spots, due to Google’s new mobile-focused algorithm
  • Search results will be tailored for the device being used when making the search
  • The launch on Tuesday follows research from eMarketer which found that adults spend is 2 hours 26 minutes on mobile devices per day vs. 2 hours 13 minutes on a desktop 

#2 LinkedIn launches Elevate

By Ad Week

  • LinkedIn’s latest investment, Elevate, will make it easier for companies and employees to curate and share content
  • The new app will encourage employees to become brand advocates on social media, gaining bigger exposure both for their company and for their own profile
  • Elevate is currently on a closed pilot and is available on a trial basis to a handful of companies

#3 Twitter opens up content to non-subscribers

By The Drum

  • Through a categorised feed on the Twitter homepage, those who do not have an account will be able to access a homepage feed and see tweets
  • To start with, the feature will be only available on desktop devices in America

#4 Snapchat stops ‘Brand Stories’

By The Drum

  • The ad service from Snapchat, ‘Brand Stories’, has been discontinued whilst the company redevelops the platform
  • It is thought that the cancellation has happened not because of the lack of interest, but to allow for the aesthetics of the service to be updated
  • There are still other advertising options available, including ‘Discovery’ 

#5 Companies back out of internet.org over the principle of “net neutrality”

By The Telegraph

  • A group of technology and internet companies from India have dropped out of Facebook’s internet.org, saying that “all websites should be equally accessible”
  • org’s mission is to bring free internet to those who currently have none
  • Mark Zuckerberg has defended his project by saying: “It is always better to have some access than none at all”

#6 Facebook tests an ‘away’ status

By Mashable

  • Facebook is testing an ‘away’ message with users in Taiwan and Australia
  • The social network is calling the away message the ‘sidebar status’ and it will disappear after 12 hours, or whenever the user updates their status
  • It is currently unclear whether the update will be released to the rest of the 1.4 billion users globally

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onechocolate loves… the view from Germany

Our German office selected this week’s round-up of inspiring PR and digital marketing campaigns, smart new tech and cool events…

#1 Find ‘The One’

Triumph, the global lingerie brand, knows the struggle of many women go through to find a bra that fits properly – it’s almost as difficult as finding Prince Charming! Fittingly, Triumph’s latest advert sees three animated heroines stumble into a small lingerie shop and perform a heartfelt song about finding ‘The One’ – the right bra. Not only is the song catchy and worthy of being in a Disney movie, it also puts the fun back into bra shopping.

#2 When Emails come to life

Just over a year ago, comedy duo Tripp and Tyler released a hilarious video (sponsored by Leadercast), which demonstrated how a conference call would play out in real life. Now they have published a new, equally amusing video showing us how it would look if emails happened in real life. Familiar scenarios in the latest clip include someone forgetting to remove their automatic out of office response, a message written in accidental Caps Lock and spam mail from strangers offering large sums of money. A must-watch for poking fun at office life!

#3 The perfect meal, every time

Burnt your dinner again? Not everybody is a natural born cook, so thankfully for those of us that are more culinary challenged, Meld is a product which promises “the perfect meal, every time”. The technology consists of: a knob, which replaces the existing stove button; a clip, which hooks onto the side of the users cook wear; and an app, which stores recipes and transmits the information to the knob and clip. Clearly a foolproof solution to cooking is something that many of us want to see: with 21 days still to go on Kickstarter, the product has already almost tripled its fundraising goal!

#4 Jürgen Klopp

This week, the hugely popular Borussia Dortmund football coach, Jürgen Klopp, announced he is leaving his beloved club at the end of the season. His nonchalant air, down-to-earth attitude and pithy quirkiness has kept him as a firm favourite by the German public and regularly features in German adverts. As a tribute, horizont.net has counted down his best adverts of all time and we noticed that he seems to be a fan of cars…

#5 Kuku Kube

Kuku Kube

Meet your new time filler: Kuku Kube, a very simple browser/app game taking the internet by storm. The rules are simple: Find the square which is a different colour from the rest and TAP – you have one minute to find as many different coloured squares as you can. Sounds easy, right? Trust us, as as the amount of squares multiply and the colours get less distinct, it becomes seriously challenging. We can’t put our finger on what makes it so compulsive, but we guarantee you’ll be addicted from the first try. NB: Worldwide, only 10% get a score over 30.

#6 Cultural insights

House shoes

This month the onechocolate Germany team moved office – a feat which is a real hassle and needs proper planning. In light of our move, a list we found called “How to be German” made us laugh and definitely resonated with the team. Even just the first three points describe us down to a T:

  • #1 Houseshoes: Houseshoes are the German equivalent of slippers, except they are sturdier and less cozy. We have a colleague who even wears hers in the office!
  • #2 Long breakfasts: In our office every Monday starts with a team meeting including breakfast. It’s the perfect start to the week!
  • #3 Planning, preparation and process: The ‘three Ps’ are the central tenets of Germanism and we were certainly prepared for every scenario in our office move.

If you are dealing with Germans while doing business, it might be worth checking out the list for yourself!


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Periscope – the view so far


Periscope has been available for less than a month and only those living on a submarine could possibly have failed to hear the noise. Rather like one of those thingies you look through on a submarine, you can view scenes in real-time, but of course it’s cooler than that. Twitter users can share and watch live video streams and interact from anywhere, anytime through mobile magic and watch the content again!

It’s the latest in a long line of ‘big things’ that could change social media. Periscope is gaining a huge amount of attention, not least because it’s owned by Twitter and, therefore, offers better integration than its rival, Meerkat. So does that mean RIP Meerkat? Quite possibly, especially if recent reports about heavy-handed tactics are to be believed, but we’re definitely excited about the possibilities that decent live Twitter streaming and commenting brings.

Early reports are promising – the Telegraph’s Harry Wallop took Periscope for a spin, Stuff’s Will Findlater has written an extensive review, and it has already been dubbed ‘the Meerkat killer’.

Yes, it’s still early days and the launch of Periscope on Android is yet to happen – what a shame that it wasn’t around for last week’s Samsung G6 Treasure Hunt – but it’s already being used for some seriously cool stuff including ITV’s sneak peek ‘behind-the-scenes’ at the recent Leadership Debate. It’s also, as reported by Mashable, been used for some not so cool stuff which has sunk into breach of copyright hot water.

In addition to giving a new toy to the generation of over-sharers and voyeurs, Periscope has opened the streaming market for brands and mobile users. The Guardian has put together a nice list of who might use it and for what – drunk ‘scopers’ feature. Check out Harry Wallop’s nifty video for a great overview of just what Periscope can do.

Is Periscope a game changer? We very much hope so, but only time will tell… we’ll be watching closely.

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Weekly Social Scoop

The latest news and developments on LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook, just in case you missed them… 

Weekly social scoop

#1 LinkedIn buys Lynda

By BBC News

  • Lynda has been brought by LinkedIn for $1.5bn. The online education company is LinkedIn’s largest value acquisition to date
  • Jeff Weiner, CEO of LinkedIn, said: “The mission of LinkedIn and the mission of lynda.com are highly aligned. Both companies seek to help professionals be better at what they do”

#2 Twitter wants to champion apps

By The Drum

  • Twitter is testing a new feature which could aid app discovery by allowing brands to pin their respective apps to their profiles
  • The potential new feature offers many benefits for brands and app developers, including participating in more promotions and engagements on the platform

#3 Google could be buying Twitter

By The Telegraph

  • The shares in Twitter increased this week after reports of Google expressing an interest in buying the company
  • If the deal goes ahead, it would fire up Google’s social networking plans after Google+ struggled against competitors such as Twitter and Facebook

#4 YouTube launching paid subscription service

By The Independent

  • YouTube is getting ready to launch its paid-for service
  • Premium users will be able to view videos without any ads and whilst they are offline
  • This service will run along Music Key which is a monthly subscription package for music videos and tracks

#5 Facebook testing WhatsApp integration

By The International Business Times

  • Reports have emerged that Facebook is testing an integrated service with WhatsApp, whereby users can share information on WhatsApp via Facebook
  • It is widely rumoured that Facebook is interested in driving more ad revenue by getting users to talk between the apps

#6 Facebook Messenger for internet browsers launches

By BBC News

  • Facebook is making it easier for users to keep in touch with a desktop version of the Messenger app
  • The new version acts exactly the same as the mobile app, but on a bigger scale
  • There is speculation that the development is the start of Facebook separating its services

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onechocolate loves

Our weekly round-up of the most inspiring PR and digital marketing campaigns, smart new tech, cool events, ventures and happenings that have caught our eye…

#1 The best poster in the world…?


Roughly speaking, onechocolate’s team can be divided into prosecco lovers and beer lovers; the overlap is minimal. So you can imagine how excited one half of the building was this week when the latest ‘If Carlsberg did…’ campaign launched. As the weather turned warmer, the beer brand tapped into the nation’s desire to visit a beer garden by constructing a giant, free beer-dispensing billboard. Yes, for six wonderful hours the giant advert in Shoreditch could be visited and used to self-serve an ice-cold pint. It caused such an internet storm, the other half of the office is now praying for a prosecco equivalent next week!

#2 Humans of New York unite!


This week we saw once again the power that social media has in uniting people from all over the world. Humans of New York (the hugely popular blog that delves into the lives of ordinary people on the streets of NYC) posted about a girl named Beyonce who complained that she hates her name because of the amount of attention she receives as a result of it. Messages of support soon flooded in: from celeb ‘name twins’ such as Tina Turner and Bridget Jones, to those who just happened to have an unfortunate sounding name such as Abeer Khan (a beer can) and Jim Socks (gym socks).  The post has so far had almost 300k likes and 22k shares on Facebook alone, not to mention possibly the best comment section we have ever seen.

#3 Drinks Tube

Drinks Tube

If you’ve never visited Jamie Oliver’s Drinks Tube page then you must take a peek. It’s a master class in mouth-watering video content marketing filled with scrumptious concoctions such as a salted caramel mocha, a pavlova daiquiri cocktail and the ultimate gin & tonic. With its step-by-step guides and handy tips, it’s no wonder the channel has amassed almost 150k followers in the past year. And now, the Drum has reported that Drinks Tube is setting its sights beyond YouTube and on other platforms such as Facebook in order to reach an even wider audience. This, combined with its partnership with Bacardi and the celebrity and vlogger appearances in the videos, means Drinks Tube can surely only from strength to strength. Cheers!

#4 #ChooseBeauty

Following its critically-lauded ‘Real Beauty’ campaign, Dove has launched #ChooseBeauty with a video featuring women from all around the world. The film was shot in London, Delhi, San Francisco, Shanghai and Sao Paolo and presents the women with a choice: to either walk through the ‘beauty’ door or the ‘average’ door. Having already gained over 700k views on YouTube since it was uploaded on the 7th April, the empowering film further cements the Unilever brand’s reputation for ads that champion the bodies of average women.

#5 You’ve got a (robo) friend in me


You may have seen Joaquin Phoenix get up close and personal with Siri in the film ‘Her’ and soon we’ll be able to download our very own robo-buddies. Google has just been awarded a patent that suggests we could soon be downloading different personality types from the cloud, to create personalised robotic friends. But what if we don’t know who our ideal future pal should be? Well apparently Google will tell us that too! The tech will learn about us by accessing our devices and configuring a tailored personality based on information about the kind of people we enjoy interacting with. It will even be able to use speech and facial recognition to personalise interactions. Now that’s a match made in… ahem… the cloud.

#6 Amazon Dash

IoT is one of the biggest trends of 2015 and is set to be one of the most exciting lines of technology in decades to come. So, it’s no surprise that existing giants are investing heavily in this technology. This week, Amazon announced that it has produced a device called the Dash Button, which can automatically place orders for household goods – pretty genius we think! Next time you run out of washing tablets and you don’t have time to pop out to the shops, simply press the button and wait for the delivery. This is a relatively small step in bringing IoT into our homes, so we are excited to see what else appears.

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