onechocolate loves… the view from Germany

Our German office selected this week’s round-up of inspiring PR and digital marketing campaigns, smart new tech and cool events…


#1 We request your full attention for the Benfica scarf instructions

Safety instructions on airplanes can be quite boring at the most of times. However football fans in Lisbon were caught off-guard when Emirates’ flight attendants demonstrated a live safety routine on the pitch. This was to show the audience how to behave appropriately during a football match. We love this cheeky campaign and ‘safety video’ that actually got people to listen!

#2 So small and yet so big


Fashion campaigns for kids tend to use up-and-coming young models that are only just able to stand upright, let alone walk, wearing the latest fashion trends. However, the current Brandkids campaign is refreshingly different: they work with kids with Down’s syndrome and the posters feature inspiring statements from each of the kids such as “I am perfect” to “When I grow up I want to be an actress” etc. We think it’s adorable and a well-executed campaign!

#3 Print is very much alive


This month’s most discussed addition to the German print market is simply called “Barbara” and is of course addressing women. The publishing house, Gruner & Jahr, states that it isn’t your typical women’s magazine – and right they are. “Barbara” is named after Barbara Schöneberger, a popular presenter who is seen on a regular basis on multiple German TV stations, and some might say it is an attempt to copy Oprah’s “O”. “Oh!” you might think that’s quite a challenge and indeed we’re very curious to see how the 350,000 copies of the monthly magazine will do. We think there’s a lot of potential and have already created our own tribute to the cover.

#4 Legs loose on German news

One evening, a random pair of legs (without an upper body) opened the “tagesthemen”, our daily news programme. The camera shot of a pair of legs created quite a buzz on social media as audiences assumed it was a weird glitch. It was in fact a little stunt to announce the start of many changes surrounding the presentation of the news. From now on we will see much more of our news presenters than before, as camera angles will now capture their full body. It’s only a small change but it stands for a bigger transformation of the news making it more about the people and human interaction. It’s a very simple and a clever way of making a statement.

#5 Back to the Future

A popular news programme in Germany posted a video on Facebook where one of its news readers talked about the prices of seaweed going up and how the Chicago Cubs won the American Baseball Championships for the first time in over a 100 years. Sound strange? Yes! Because these are actually the top news stories featured in the movie Back to the Future Part II. A great stunt from a usually rather serious news channel.

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Weekly social scoop

Latest news and developments on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat – just in case you missed them…


#1 Twitter plateaus in the US

By The Guardian:

  • Twitter again fails to grow in the US for a second quarter
  • Stocks fell by 10 per cent following the news
  • Jack Dorsey promised that Twitter is focusing on becoming more efficient and simplifying its services

#2 Facebook makes all public posts searchable

By The Guardian:

  • A new update to the social networking site means that users can seek out of a specific post from any public profile, regardless of whether the two are connected on the site
  • Any public posts that previously published are now available for anyone to see – and users are advised to check their privacy settings moving forward
  • The change is a move from Facebook to compete with Twitter on live events

#3 RBS leads the Facebook at Work movement

By The Register:

  • The business-friendly version of the social network has been rolled out to RBS’s 100,000 bank employees
  • The accounts are completely separate from personal accounts so they only work within RBS’s firewall
  • This is the first big step for Facebook in the enterprise space, and RBS hopes all of its workforce will be using the site by the end of next year

#4 Emoji treasure hunt for Little Mix fans

By The Drum:

  • Fans of the girl band Little Mix are utilising Instagram for exclusive content
  • Searching for emojis on Instagram unlocks secret accounts for fans to hear sneak peeks of new tracks from the upcoming album

#5 Facebook alters its ‘real name’ policy

By The Telegraph:

  • Following a backlash from advocacy groups, Facebook is rethinking its real name policy on the site
  • Facebook will improve the way users confirm their name and the way accounts are reported
  • The move hopes to make Facebook safer for users from trolls and bullies

#6 Snapchat makes users happy

By Yahoo News:

  • According to a recent study Snapchat, interactions were deemed more enjoyable than any other social media platform
  • The research also found that Snapchat users were less likely to care about how they looked on the messaging platform – possibly because the content isn’t publicly stored online forever

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Weekly social scoop

Latest news and developments on Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and Facebook – just in case you missed them…


#1 Facebook named the most effective social media platform for advertising

By The Drum:

  • eMarketer report grades the “Big Three” social platforms [Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter] and the “Emerging Three” [Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat] by their creative capabilities, ad targeting, measurement and ROI
  • Principle analyst says: “Marketers consider Facebook an extremely sophisticated targeted advertising platform, while Pinterest benefits from its strong connections with ecommerce and purchase intent.”
  • Facebook’s entry into video advertising looks likely to increase its targeting and ROI effectiveness but it is yet to overtake YouTube, with both platforms scoring a B+ for video advertising effectiveness

#2 Instagram and Pinterest dominate mobile traffic 

By Social Times:

  • While Facebook remains the overall most popular social site with 72% of adults using the platform, the number of new users has plateaued
  • The proportion of online adults who use Pinterest and Instagram has doubled since 2012
  • While Facebook is trailing behind in the mobile experience, Instagram and Pinterest are both predominantly mobile experiences (e.g. Instagram doesn’t even let you upload photos via desktop)

#3 Only a third of UK’s top 10 most influential YouTuber’s traffic originates in UK

By The Drum:

  • Research found that UK creators in particular have an international advantage over non-English speakers with the ‘One Direction’ effect, whereupon international audiences even prefer vloggers from this region
  • Only 34% of the entire list’s audience comes from the UK, with over a quarter originating in the US
  • Top UK vloggers on the list are KSI, ComedyShortsGamer, Zoella, Joe Sugg and Caspar Lee

#4 Facebook launches Search FYI – could it rival Google?

By Econsultancy:

  • Facebook has updated its search function so that search results include posts from the entire Facebook universe of over two trillion posts
  • When users tap Facebook’s search function on iPhone, Android and desktop to find connections and content, Facebook now generates personalised search suggestions that may include timely topics and current events
  • Facebook’s VP of Search says: “With one tap, you can find public posts about a link, see popular quotes and phrases mentioned in these posts, and check out an aggregate overview of sentiment.”

#5 YouTube to launch subscription service in the US

By The Drum:

  • YouTube is rolling out a subscription service called YouTube Red that will allow subscribers to watch ad-free videos, for $9.99 per month
  • To be launched as early as next year, it will also let users save videos to watch offline and will let them play videos in the background while they’re doing other things on their phone or tablet
  • The announcement marks a definitive shift for YouTube as it attempts to create its own content to compete with the likes of Hulu and Netflix

#6 Facebook will warn if governments are spying on users

By The Guardian:

  • Facebook will explicitly notify users it believes have been targeted by an attacker suspected of working on behalf of a nation state
  • Compromised accounts will now receive a notification to turn on Facebook’s “login approvals” to receive a code for access via mobile devices
  • Facebook’s move is welcomed by digital rights organisations

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onechocolate loves… the view from France

Our French office selected this week’s round-up of inspiring PR and digital marketing campaigns, smart new tech and cool events…

#1 Back to the present


Two days ago, the heros of the movie Back to the Future 2 landed in our time. An event that every brand wanted to celebrate on their social networks. The community managers showed ingenuity and humour and the hashtag #BackToTheFuture was the top trend of the day. Among the best posts, we would like to mention those of Air France, the French airline company, which showed the illustration of the famous hoverboard and car manufacturers Renault Australia and Nissan, who lept on the development of model cars. In a nutshell, a day as we like, rich in innovation.

#2 Homelive, an app that means you well

Orange unveiled its latest ad exclusively on social media this week. The spot promotes Homelive, Orange’s latest home automation service, with caustic humor. Conceived as a remote management tool for connected devices around the house, the mobile app can be a powerful weapon in the wrong hands. The video shows a couple who find an unusual pleasure in ruining their daily routine. In a series of low blows, the vacuum cleaner, the watering system and the blender are turned on by remote control to undermine sleep or watching a football match. We love this quirky video.

#3 When Westin generates your OOO messages

It’s been widely reported that Americans can be vacation-phobes. Thus, to encourage them to actually go on holiday every once in a while—and ideally stay at Westin Hotels & Resorts, the hospitality chain created the Westin OOO Generator.  The website spits out quirky out-of-office responses by request. When the generator produces your OOO message, it also provides an abridged, video-based version for you to share on social media. We love this fun campaign!

#4 For Halloween, fall asleep at the catacombs


Airbnb did it again. After offering competition winners a night at Galeries Lafayette during the sales, the company proposed spending the night shivering in the catacombs of Paris, the world’s largest graveyard. The programme selected two candidates to face a night of horror: a culinary experience out of the ordinary, a private concert… Boo!

#5 The Kooples launches the world’s smallest social media app

The Kooples, the high-end French fashion brand founded in 2008 by three brothers, launches its application for Fall/Winter 2015. Called “Blackout”, the app is the world’s smallest social network as you find only your other half on it. The idea is to insulate couples in a real-time virtual moment of complete togetherness. Indeed, the mini social media campaign allows users to chat in real time and share images, including encrypted images that can be unlocked with a swipe. The “Blackout” mode prevents users’ devices from receiving calls and texts and other notifications to enable them to focus entirely on the communication in hand. The ‘Glitch’ mode enables users to send only partial images to encourage the recipient to guess the rest. The free application is available on the Apple Store and Google Play Store. So, are you ready for 3.0 love stories?

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Weekly social scoop

Latest news and developments on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook – just in case you missed them…


#1 Twitter launches new Conversion Lift feature to help advertisers better target their audience
By The Drum:

  • Twitter has unveiled the new advertising analytic feature to measure the success of Promoted Tweets in terms of conversions, through click analysis, app installs or sign-up services
  • The feature will recommend ways for advertisers to accurately target their audience
  • Conversion Lift follows on from the roll out of Twitter’s ‘Buy’ button to retailers, aiming to prove the platform is a good place to advertise

#2 Facebook unveils new shopping features
By The Independent:

  • Facebook has launched a number of new shopping features ahead of the Christmas spending rush to establish itself as a credible e-commerce platform, after research showed nearly half of its users visit the site to actively look for products
  • The site is adding a special buying section to allow people to do their shopping with companies’ Facebook pages (without leaving the app) allowingretailers to pull together different products under one tab in the recently launched ‘Shop’ feature on Pages
  • New Canvas feature aims to combat slow load times on sites not optimised for mobile web

#3 Google tells brands to spend 24% of TV ad budgets on YouTube
By Campaign:

  • Google’s UK MD says brands targeting 16- to 34-year-olds should spend 24 per cent of their TV advertising budget on YouTube
  • Google analysed hundreds of campaigns globally and found that 96 per cent of ads measured resulted in an average lift in recall of 71 per cent
  • Buzzfeed’s CMO said he believed the industry is now at a stage where branded content could be “awesome” enough to compete with non-branded content, and meaningful enough to “add value to people’s lives”

#4 Facebook helps blind users ‘see’ images
By Tech Crunch:

  • Facebook is developing a tool which will help blind and visually impaired users ‘see’ images shared on the platform
  • The company is currently working on an artificial intelligence-based object recognition tool to help blind users get an idea of what’s in all of the photos people share on Facebook
  • The team hopes to release this product by the end of the year to one platform — either web or iOS — and allow people to opt in to experience it

#5 LinkedIn unveils new ‘Referrals’ feature
By Forbes:

  • LinkedIn has unveiled Referrals, an extension of the site aimed at making it easier for employees to recommend their first-degree LinkedIn connections for open positions at their companies, to roll out on 1st November
  • Each firm using the product will have its own “LinkedIn Referrals” site, automatically telling employees which of their first-degree connections are matches for a job and sends a summary of matches to employees via email
  • LinkedIn also previewed a revamped version of its “Recruiter” product, aimed at making it faster and simpler for recruiters to find interested, qualified candidates, with the update to roll out before the end of Q1 2016

#6 Social media survey shows teens still prefer Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter
By The Drum:

  • One third of American teens named Instagram as their primary social network; followed by Twitter (20%) and Snapchat in third-place
  • Facebook managed to claim the primary affection of just 15% of teens, highlighting the social media juggernaut’s fall from grace amongst younger users from highs of 42% in 2012

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