The Art of The Spin at the V&A

The Art fo Spin - V&A

Even though we all think that PR is an art form, it’s a rare treat to discover that one of London’s most prestigious cultural venues is showcasing some of our industry’s leading lights. OK, so maybe it’s more of a delve into the dark side, but that just makes it all the more compelling!

V&A Talks: The Art of The Spin, is a series of talks (21st April – 9th May), hosted by some of the Western world’s most legendary PR aficionados, from New Labour’s illustrious spin doctor, Alistair Campbell, to the absolutely fabulous queen of PR, Lynn Franks.

An exciting roster of speakers from all facets of the PR world will be talking about everything from art to politics, advertising to photography. As a flavour of what to expect, here are a few inspirational (and sometimes outrageous) sound bites from the some of the star guests …

Lynne Franks, Founder of Lynne Franks PR:

“It is not how many people the message gets to, it’s the reaction or how they feel when they get that information.”

PR Week, 2011

“There was a time I went to the supermarket and loaded up on champagne and then just stood there waiting for an assistant to process everything for me, not realising you had to do it yourself.”

The Telegraph, 2011

Alan Edwards, former PR for David Bowie, The Rolling Stones, Michael Jackson and The Spice Girls:

“The key is proactive rather than reactive PR. A good PR sees trouble coming, he is ahead of the story. If all you’re telling a client is what’s in the papers that morning, then they might as well ask the newsagent.”

The Guardian, 2006

Alastair Campbell, Political Aide:

“Don’t accept that you are in crisis just because everyone says you are.”

The Guardian, 2009

On being asked by a teenager: “What is the difference between PR and spin?”
“Well, I don’t really know.”

The Guardian, 2009

Sir John Hegarty, ‘Advertising Giant’:

“One of the most important lessons to be learned by any communicator (and one of the most easily forgotten) is that you don’t instruct people to do something – you inspire them.”

IPA, 2012

Lord Tim Bell, Advertising & PR Executive:

“I’m very flash and I’m not proud of that, but at least I’m honest about it. The only talent I have is charm.”

Campaign, 2014

Ken Sunshine, ‘American PR Giant’:

“When things are crazy, it makes me calm and when things are calm, it makes me crazy. People my age talk about doctors and ailments and how depressed they are. While they’re slowing down I’m speeding up.”

The City Herald, 2011

For further information on the V&A Talks, check out the event website.

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