onechocolate loves… the view from France

Our French office selected this week’s round-up of inspiring PR and digital marketing campaigns, smart new tech and cool events…

#1 Help Leonardo DiCaprio win an Oscar

The 88th Academy Awards will take place on Sunday, and everybody is focusing on one particular aspect of the event — will Leonardo DiCaprio get his first Oscar? If you’re like us, and you want to see Leo finally take home that coveted award, there is something you can do about it —well, sort of. The Line Animation has just released a new video game that urges you to help the famed actor. Aptly titled Leo’s Red Carpet Rampage, the delivery is an arcade-style game that allows you to race down the red carpet on a quest for the ultimate award, all the while racking up as many Emmy’s and Golden Globes as you can. You’ll have to be wary of over-aggressive photographers, unruly celebrities and other obstructions though. Good luck Leo!

#2 This is the face of…

In a campaign that started at the beginning of February across print, out of home, digital and in-store, United Colors of Benetton is exploring the faces and racial mix of major cities around the world. The campaign sees the brand create a ‘face’ for different cities based on the racially diverse people who live there. For the ad, United Colors of Benetton investigated the ethnic make-up of Milan, London, Tokyo, New York, Paris and Berlin and used statistical, demographic analysis as well as city-specific census reports, to accurately reflect the proportion of each city’s specific racial mix, it looked at features such as skin tone, eye and nose shape, hair type and colour, as well as overall face shape. The team then visited each city to collect portraits of the people that call it their home. United Colors of Benetton presents through its “Face of the City” campaign a world in which the melting pot seems to have become the norm. It is a push from Benetton to remind the world that “diversity is indeed beautiful.” We love it!

#3 Book a private island for your holidays with Airbnb


Do you dream of going to a deserted island or visiting an isolated cabin in the woods? These unusual units are part of the 500,000 vacancies listed on Airbnb. In its new campaign “Love this? Live there,” the private rental site invites subscribers to combine fantasy and holiday. Airbnb immerses the viewer in the shoes of an adventurer in the footsteps of the program Man vs. Wild hero, Bear Grylls, or in the universe of Mowgli from The Jungle Book (of which a new version will be released in April). Three more subjective camera spots complement the campaign and show the extent of ads referenced on the community platform, from a cottage on the ski slopes to a villa with sea views. We bet that after reading this, we will want to go on holiday (again)!

#4 Paris reveals the official logo for its 2024 Olympic Games


On February 9th at precisely 8:24pm on the Arc de Triomphe, the logo of the Paris bid for the 2024 Olympics Games was unveiled; a minimalist and multifaceted logo. Unsurprisingly, it represents the Eiffel Tower, the iconic and unifying element of the capital city. You can also see the numbers 2 and 4 in reference to Paris 2024, but also in honor of the centenary of the last Olympic Games in Paris that took place in 1924. The colours are those of Olympism.  For a logo like this, the stakes are multiple: to mobilize the population, be internationally recognised and transmit Olympic values. This logo manages to keep it simple while simultaneously conveying meaning. The visual identity is intended to promote ownership by the public, integrated through a customisation tool on Facebook.

#5 Mobile World Congress: Samsung enters into the virtual world


The exhibition began spectacularly this year as Samsung presented its new Galaxy S phone, together with a surprise performance from Mark Zuckerberg! The traditional media conference is evolving to a 2.0 state. Furthermore, each journalist present at the press conference wore a VR Samsung Gear headset to watch a video of Gear 360. Vive le VR!


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onechocolate loves… the view from Germany

Our German office selected this week’s round-up of inspiring PR and digital marketing campaigns, smart new tech and cool events…

#1 May the trash be with you


As millions of Star Wars fans around the world eagerly awaited the release of the latest episode, many companies joined in the hype for their own campaigns. One in particular caught our eye: the campaign for Berlin’s Waste Management, which is a play on Star Wars slogans, encouraging people (e.g. in the style of Yoda) to put rubbish into the bin: “Put it inside, you have!”

#2 Smart socks for snooze TV

Winter is the season when we can enjoy relaxing on our sofas and binge-watching TV shows. But it can be annoying if you fall asleep in the middle of an episode – and lose the plot! So, Netflix has decided to help with this problem and posted a DIY tutorial to make your own smart socks that can sense when you fall asleep and automatically pause the programme accordingly. We think this is a great idea because it will also keep your feet toasty while you’re watching!

#3 Please refer to your partner for risks and side effects…

Runny nose, sore throat, headache? While most people recognise that these are symptoms of the common cold, there are those who claim they are far more seriously afflicted… they are, of course, Man-Flu victims. Fortunately, Swiss pharmaceutical company, Klosterfrau, has found a way to ease the pain – making headline national news and garnering mass support on social. However, the remedy is not for the men suffering from this illness but rather for their partners and family members who struggle to cope with the ‘patient.’ Finally, there’s a solution for such a nasty bug!

#4 A head full of street gigs


British band, Coldplay, recently announced their 2016 tour, which will start this spring, but this isn’t the only reason why they have made it into German media. Telecoms company, Deutsche Telekom, decided to take advantage of the hype by organising a street gig. During the Coldplay concert in the Kapitol in Offenbach, they broadcast the event live on eight wide-coverage channels – and then uploaded the whole concert online.

#5 Infographics – crib sheets 2.0



Did you know that infographics have been around since 1786?! In fact, the first infographics were created around 7500 BC (according to this infographic). The format may have changed somewhat, but basically today’s infographics have the same purpose as they did many centuries ago: to process information in a consumable way. The question is, why are infographics so popular? We like to use infographics to showcase the expertise of our clients, because it is a great way to share information in an easy-to-distribute way. Of course, we love infographics for our own benefit too – sometimes they are almost like a crib sheet 2.0 for PR and marketing pros. There are some great resources for social media infographics, which include SOCIAL MEowDIA and BEST TIME TO POST.

#6 #CES2016


CES 2016 is almost coming to an end, but boy have we seen some great innovations. The big trend for 2016 is definitely towards virtual reality (VR) but we have also seen revolutionary concepts in the space of connected cars and human-carrying drones, to advancements in smart homes, wearables and television. Our co-founder and director of onechocolate communications, Jill Coomber, has been at CES all week and will, no doubt, come back with some refreshing insights and highlights. Watch this space.

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onechocolate loves… the view from Germany

Our colleagues in onechocolate’s Munich office selected this week’s round-up of inspiring PR and digital marketing campaigns, smart new apps and cool events…

#1 Karasek reviews IKEA 

Hardly a month goes by without IKEA’s marketing efforts catching our eye, and this month, it’s the launch of the Swedish furniture giant’s new catalogue. In a tongue-in-cheek promo video, IKEA has let famous German literary critic, Hellmuth Karasek, review it. As it is not the most highbrow piece of literature, he does not beat around the bush and is very critical – and very funny! A nice simple piece of marketing from IKEA, showing it’s not afraid to make fun of itself.

#2 McDonald’s takes a stance against xenophobia

With details of the atrocities of the migrant crisis hitting the headlines worldwide in recent weeks, McDonald’s has taken a stance against people who haven’t been welcoming to those displaced by violence. Highlighting its role as one of Germany’s most multicultural employers, it released a video message from CEO, Holger Beeck, with the accompanying title “Welcome to Germany” displayed on the company Facebook, Twitter and YouTube pages. Besides Holger Beeck’s message, the video also includes employees of the fast food chain saying “Welcome to McDonald’s” in their mother tongue.

#3 One hundred years of German beauty

As the esteemed Karl Lagerfeld already knows, fashion is a reflector of the current zeitgeist. So when we stumbled upon a YouTube video which showed a one hundred year recap of German beauty looks, we were impressed how much it reflected on Germany’s history. The clip attracted the media’s attention, with high volumes of coverage, including many of the online national newspapers. The clip is part of a series from video brand, Cut, called 100 Years of Beauty. Check out the website to find your country’s 100 Years of Beauty.

#4 Never compromise on quality

Us Germans love to see quality in our purchases, so it’s no surprise that VW’s campaign to communicate its key message, “never compromise on quality”, has caught our eye. The humorous clip, designed to promote its new Tiguan model, shows a man almost getting eaten by a bear after he skimps on a bear of binoculars. A simple, effective ad that plays on one of the nation’s famous qualities.

#5 Comical commuters

The local traffic carrier in North-Western Germany has created a comical PR campaign, comprised of a series of videos broadcasted exclusively on YouTube. Directed by Peter Thorwarth, the series shows the daily madness in public transportation in a very funny way. In the episode above, a group of chanting football fans enter a train wagon, where a student is talking on the phone. Of course she is not so excited and a funny conversation follows.

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onechocolate loves

Our weekly round-up of inspiring PR and digital marketing campaigns, smart new tech and cool events…

#1 Share the Force

September 4th 2015 is Force Friday, aka the highly-anticipated release of merchandise for Star Wars: The Force Awakens (a whole two and a half months before the film release!) Countless brands are jumping on the occasion, but our favourite is Target, which has created Share the Force – an interactive experience that invites fans around the world to take part in the first-ever collection of Star Wars memories. Users are able to upload and browse the pictures, videos and comments, which are stored in vast 3D virtual environments or “galaxies”. The contents will then be handed to Lucasfilm for permanent archiving. Supporting this, 207 Target stores will open at midnight on September 4th, with all the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens merchandise available to buy.

A great campaign from Target which taps into Star Wars’ huge fan base and celebrates the individual fan stories behind one of the biggest franchises of all time.

#2 Fashion to go

Wifi fashion

Contactless is very much on trend at the moment. From Apple Pay to bPay announcements, the world is going contactless. And now so can your fashion. Lyle & Scott and Barclaycard have launched the world’s first contactless jacket and is the first product from Lyle & Scott’s innovation team. There’s a cleverly concealed contactless card tucked into the sleeve that keeps you connected and flying through payment terminals. With the first autumn days beginning, this seems like as good a time as any to invest in a technologically advanced jacket. But what we’d really like to know is… does this come in pink?

#3 AI Wars

We’re loving Star Wars fever this week, especially where Artificial Intelligence (AI) news is concerned. A robotics company, in partnership with Disney, has announced that anyone can buy the “BB-8” – a droid the size a tennis ball. Who doesn’t love pet-sized, cute robots that hark back to the legend that is, R2-D2? Competition is certainly hotting up in the AI market!

#4 The Great British #CuteOffCuteOff

Nothing gets people’s attention quite like animals. Especially cute ones. This is a golden rule known by PRs and marketers worldwide, but when the hashtag #cuteoff went viral this week, it wasn’t powered by the flacks – biologists worldwide have been tweeting and Instagramming pictures of the cutest (and often relatively unknown) animals they have come across. Apparently the hashtag was born out of some friendly rivalry between baby bat-eared foxes and baby bears and then escalated to a worldwide campaign to find unsung animal heroes that make you go “awwwww”. The hashtag has already helped raise the social profile of countless hard-working biologists and the animals they work to conserve, as well as promoting research groups and animal centres across the globe. And, not wanting to be left out, some brands have already started jumping on the trend.

#5 XYZ scanner

3D printing

Exciting new technology to advance 3D printing has been unveiled by XYZ Printing at IFA 2015 this week. The handheld scanner captures your surroundings as you slowly wave it around and you’re then able to print the results on an XYZ printer. Mashable’s Lance Ulanoff tried out the technology and was impressed with the results. The scanner is expected to ship sometime later this year for the holiday season – we know what’ll be on our Christmas wish lists now!

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onechocolate loves… the view from France

Our French office selected this week’s round-up of inspiring PR and digital marketing campaigns, smart new tech and cool events…

#1 Move my city


As part of their #MoveMyCity tour – running until October 10th – Coca-Cola and Ubisoft are touring the roads of France to encourage thousands of young people to dance. The aim is to find the most dynamic and festive town in the country. Six French cities will battle for the title. Professional dancers and local troupes will perform at each event and will compete by playing Just Dance Now. Participants will see their performance and score in real-time on a giant screen. Each city will have its own unique hashtag and the one with the largest amount of engagement will win the title of “Most Dynamic City”. The prize for the triumphant city is a special award for a project around movement and dance.

# 2 #WSJScoops


This summer, the Wall Street Journal has jumped on the food truck trend to revitalise its image. With its own branded van, the magazine toured the streets of New York for five days offering a free scoop to readers. Visitors could also follow the campaign using the hashtag #WSJScoops, which attracted 8,900 followers on the Twitter page dedicated to the event. A great campaign from the Wall Street Journal to talk to the new digital generation.

#3 Big Data gets delicious

Big Data has infiltrated into many areas of business life, but one surprising sector getting on board the Big Data bandwagon is the restaurant industry. This is certainly the approach of Chef Damien Duquesne aka “Chef Damien”, well-known to food lovers for his French recipe website, 750g. Why Big Data? “Because we know what they like, what recipes they consult and this mass of data will help us to open a restaurant.” With the help of Big Data, Chef Damien is going to launch a new concept: a fully-connected restaurant. Guests will be served starters, main courses and desserts every week, created through interactions between the Chef and users on Facebook. In addition, they will receive recipe sheets with flash codes they can scan to discover videos created by the chef.

#4 #RentréeCanal 

TV channel Canal+ has created a lot buzz on the internet this week when it announced its programme schedule for the rest of the year. Instead of revealing the line-up in the usual preview format, they created mini trailers in retro 8-bit video game format. The accompanying hashtag, #RentréeCanal, has also proved to be very popular on Twitter. A simple yet effective campaign, using nostalgia to take its audience back to their youth.

#5 Super-charged denim

Joes Jeans

Jeans that can charge your iPhone? We must be dreaming. While finding that perfect pair of denim trouser can be difficult, nothing is worse than searching for a charging outlet when you’re powering down. In an attempt to solve this problem, Joe’s Jeans – a Los Angeles-based apparel company – has developed a new denim line it calls #Hello-Charged, which will let you charge your phone on the go. With a hidden iPhone pocket tucked into the waistline, the trousers provide an extra compartment to hold a slim battery, designed exclusively for the brand. Just be sure to remove the phone and battery before throwing the jeans in the wash!

#6 Triber


New app, Triber, has found the solution to losing your friends in crowds: geolocation. During this summer period of festivals, picnics and tanning sessions on the beach or Paris Plage, the app is ever more useful. Offered as a free download on iPhone and soon on Android (end of 2015), Triber operates like a compass and tells you exactly how many meters away you are from the person you seek. It might sound slightly creepy, but in order for it to work, both parties must have the app on their phones and users are able to switch to invisible mode when they don’t want to be found. Triber’s geolocation also allows users to select a specific meeting point to share with an entire group of friends – especially useful if you decide to join your friends last minute or are running late.

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