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Our weekly round-up of the most inspiring PR and digital marketing campaigns, smart new tech, cool events, ventures and happenings that have caught our eye…

#1 The best poster in the world…?


Roughly speaking, onechocolate’s team can be divided into prosecco lovers and beer lovers; the overlap is minimal. So you can imagine how excited one half of the building was this week when the latest ‘If Carlsberg did…’ campaign launched. As the weather turned warmer, the beer brand tapped into the nation’s desire to visit a beer garden by constructing a giant, free beer-dispensing billboard. Yes, for six wonderful hours the giant advert in Shoreditch could be visited and used to self-serve an ice-cold pint. It caused such an internet storm, the other half of the office is now praying for a prosecco equivalent next week!

#2 Humans of New York unite!


This week we saw once again the power that social media has in uniting people from all over the world. Humans of New York (the hugely popular blog that delves into the lives of ordinary people on the streets of NYC) posted about a girl named Beyonce who complained that she hates her name because of the amount of attention she receives as a result of it. Messages of support soon flooded in: from celeb ‘name twins’ such as Tina Turner and Bridget Jones, to those who just happened to have an unfortunate sounding name such as Abeer Khan (a beer can) and Jim Socks (gym socks).  The post has so far had almost 300k likes and 22k shares on Facebook alone, not to mention possibly the best comment section we have ever seen.

#3 Drinks Tube

Drinks Tube

If you’ve never visited Jamie Oliver’s Drinks Tube page then you must take a peek. It’s a master class in mouth-watering video content marketing filled with scrumptious concoctions such as a salted caramel mocha, a pavlova daiquiri cocktail and the ultimate gin & tonic. With its step-by-step guides and handy tips, it’s no wonder the channel has amassed almost 150k followers in the past year. And now, the Drum has reported that Drinks Tube is setting its sights beyond YouTube and on other platforms such as Facebook in order to reach an even wider audience. This, combined with its partnership with Bacardi and the celebrity and vlogger appearances in the videos, means Drinks Tube can surely only from strength to strength. Cheers!

#4 #ChooseBeauty

Following its critically-lauded ‘Real Beauty’ campaign, Dove has launched #ChooseBeauty with a video featuring women from all around the world. The film was shot in London, Delhi, San Francisco, Shanghai and Sao Paolo and presents the women with a choice: to either walk through the ‘beauty’ door or the ‘average’ door. Having already gained over 700k views on YouTube since it was uploaded on the 7th April, the empowering film further cements the Unilever brand’s reputation for ads that champion the bodies of average women.

#5 You’ve got a (robo) friend in me


You may have seen Joaquin Phoenix get up close and personal with Siri in the film ‘Her’ and soon we’ll be able to download our very own robo-buddies. Google has just been awarded a patent that suggests we could soon be downloading different personality types from the cloud, to create personalised robotic friends. But what if we don’t know who our ideal future pal should be? Well apparently Google will tell us that too! The tech will learn about us by accessing our devices and configuring a tailored personality based on information about the kind of people we enjoy interacting with. It will even be able to use speech and facial recognition to personalise interactions. Now that’s a match made in… ahem… the cloud.

#6 Amazon Dash

IoT is one of the biggest trends of 2015 and is set to be one of the most exciting lines of technology in decades to come. So, it’s no surprise that existing giants are investing heavily in this technology. This week, Amazon announced that it has produced a device called the Dash Button, which can automatically place orders for household goods – pretty genius we think! Next time you run out of washing tablets and you don’t have time to pop out to the shops, simply press the button and wait for the delivery. This is a relatively small step in bringing IoT into our homes, so we are excited to see what else appears.

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The SABRE EMEA Awards 2015: We have been shortlisted!


We are pleased to announce that we have been shortlisted in the SABRE EMEA Awards 2015 for ‘Product Media Relations’!

The SABRE Awards, which recognize Superior Achievement in Branding Reputation & Engagement, attracts more than 2,000 entries from across the EMEA region each year, and provides the premier showcase for the best that public relations has to offer.

Our Indie Beer Can Festival campaign, which ignited a canned craft beer trend in the UK, has been recognised for its top class media relations performance.

SABRE Awards judges are drawn from the most senior ranks of the PR industry — both from agencies and from the client side of the business. As such, the third-party endorsement that results from this peer review judging process has real credibility and speaks volumes about the standard of winning work.

Well done to our UK team and good luck to all finalists. We are looking forward to the awards ceremony, which will be held on Tuesday 19th May, 2015.

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onechocolate loves

Our weekly round-up of the most inspiring PR and digital marketing campaigns, smart new tech, cool events, ventures and happenings that have caught our eye…

#1 #SeeTheRealMe

Clean and Clear has released its latest ad campaign featuring a range of famous youngsters such as Demi Lovato and Jazz Jennings. If you’ve never heard of Jazz Jennings before, she is one of the cool, up-and-coming vloggers taking over the social media scene. Named one as one of Time magazine’s ‘25 Most Influential Teens of 2014’, she also happens to be one of the very few transgender individuals in the public eye. Jazz’s appointment as a Clean and Clear ambassador is indicative of the gradual increase in the LGBT community being included in high-profile brand campaigns. Through the stories of its inspirational yet relatable young ambassadors, Clean and Clear is encouraging its audience to embrace their ‘real selves’ and be confident in their own skin. Definitely a message we second!

#2 Artificial romance

AI love

This week at SXSW in Texas, a clever and – for some – heartbreaking stunt involving a ‘Catfish’ Tinder account had everyone fooled. Those who swiped right for 25-year-old Ava’s profile were then met with several odd questions, such as “What makes you human?” and “What attracts you to me?”Ava then redirected the user to an Instagram page where it is revealed that their ‘match’ is actually a promotional stunt for Ex Machina, a Sci-Fi film which premiered in Austin over the weekend. The stunt ties in with the theme of the movie and there is a familiarity between the questions asked on Tinder and those asked by characters in the film. The campaign is smart and relevant as it leverages the high profile of SXSW and reaches out to a social media-savvy audience.

#3 Power to the user


We really loved @Keithdyer’s tweet from The Mobile Network, commenting on the modern trading space and the growth of the user-generated economy. Looking back five years, would any of us have considered that some of the biggest brands and companies wouldn’t offer their own assets, but instead be entirely dependent on user submissions and uploads to populate their services? Yes they may have their own innovative technologies, but the real force behind these giants is the users. If we really think about it, what would happen to Facebook if everyone suddenly stopped posting content? Power to the user!

#4 Drawing with my eyes

Artist Graham Fink’s latest exhibition ‘drawing with my eyes’ is an incredible fusion of art and technology. Graham’s pieces of live art are created through innovative eye-tracking tech from Tobii Technology, which uses infrared beams to intricately trace the movement of the eye, to create portraits that are better than what most of us could do by hand! It’s a great exploration of the relationship between modern technology and creativity and the exhibition is running till the 21st March. If you haven’t managed to get a ticket, check out the video above to see the talented Mr. Fink in action.

#5 Show me the money!

payments tech

Mobile payments and financial services digital offerings are really picking up pace across the globe as tech companies try to keep up with consumer demand for convenience. From Apple Pay, to Square and Snapchat’s partnership, to the anticipated launches of Samsung and Google Pay, it’s a competitive marketplace. And now, Facebook is jumping on the bandwagon. It announced this week it is going to launch a ‘friend-to-friend’ payment system via Facebook Messenger; soon to be introduced across the Pond. This means big things for the B2B market as advancements in payments technologies usually means one thing… more vendor partnerships!

#6 Bad budget jokes


The UK is renowned for its, ahem, interesting sense of humour, and unsurprisingly this manages to filter down into its politics. Luckily for those of you who missed the annual Budget announcement on Tuesday, the Telegraph has lovingly compiled a video of the best and worst jokes from the speech. As we’re a techie bunch here at onechocolate, we were very pleased to hear the loudest laugh coming from the joke about the Internet of Things!

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onechocolate loves… the view from France

Our colleagues in onechocolate’s French office selected this week’s round-up of inspiring PR and digital marketing campaigns, smart new tech and cool events…

#1 IKEA brings wireless home

IKEA wireless

Wireless charging is a modern technology that, despite its convenience, hasn’t been widely adopted. You can find it in a handful of Android devices, but that’s only one side of the equation – until now. This week at MWC, IKEA announced it is ready to take us into the future with a new range of furniture equipped with wireless charging. Starting this April, you’ll be able to find floor lamps, table lamps, bedside tables, and desks with Qi wireless charging stations built-in. Prices start at £30 and the range will be launched first in the US and Europe, before a wider global rollout later in the year. We’re sure one day we will wonder how we charged electrical with cables for such a long time…

#2 Jog on couch potatoes

In 2014, the average French person spent 4.5 hours-per-day on their couch, which is far too much time for Vittel, the French bottled water brand. To combat this, Vittel is offering a revolutionary service that transforms your couch into tailor-made sneakers! The new campaign sees Vittel re-enforcing its market position as a leader in healthy living whilst offering a cool, valuable product to its customers.

#3 The Milka Biscuit Saga Challenge

With such a saturated market, one of the key challenges for a brand releasing an app is driving its audience to actually download it. The leading European chocolate brand, Milka, has come up with a clever way to maximise downloads of its new game, Milka Biscuit Saga. The app allows several people to compete at once when their smartphones are near each other. There are nine games for users to unlock and accessibility depends on the number of people playing. Thus, to be able to play all nine games, users must get their friends and family to also download the game. Milka’s strategy is clearly working because the app is ranking first on iOS and Android since its launch at the end of February with one million downloads in France alone and 16.5 million games played!

#4 Fun with words

Strategies, the famous French magazine devoted to media and communications, has created a funny video on life at home for a Dad who works in the advertising industry. He is seen talking to his children using the vocabulary he would usually use when talking to colleagues or clients; words such as ‘brainstorming’ and ‘wahoo effect’. At the end of the clip, the children have already adopted some of the vocabulary. A great comical clip that is sure to resonate with the readers of Strategies.

#5 Mermaids making a splash


Der Spiegel, the German newspaper, recently reported an original example of a career change. After experiencing a burnout, Sabine Schönborn – a former nurse – decided to become swimming teacher. But instead of teaching her pupils to do the crawl or swim breaststroke, she decided to teach them to move in the water in a mermaid tail costume! With only 1,500 Euros starting capital which she used to buy twenty costumes and fins, Sabine established her mermaid school nine months ago. She now trains more than 200 girls every week, helping them to live out their childhood dreams by slipping into the tail of Ariel or of Daryl Hannah from Splash. Although it may seem laughable, mermaid swimming is a real trend; other mermaid schools can be found in Stuttgart, Quebec, Florida and the Philippines.


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SXSW Mentor Session: Turning a Winning Start in Europe into Long Term Success

With international sales coming in from day one, thanks to the wonders of the global internet, many new consumer brands face challenges and opportunities traditionally faced by far larger companies. So how can young start ups leverage the first bloom of international success and implement a winning strategy to achieve longer term sales goals?

Europe is an exciting opportunity with over 740m people, two thirds of whom are online and 300 million who are active social media users. However, these people are spread across more than 50 countries, 28 of those in the EC, 18 in the Eurozone and with 24 official EC languages, so you mostly can’t afford to get too granular.

Distribution, languages and currencies supported, plus size and profile of local populations start to focus the mind.  Beyond this, where can a UK/European PR and digital marketing agency help?

Some likely scenarios:

  • You’ve a great product/service, off to a flying start, and you want to take things to the next level
  • You’ve got some great early news and reviews coverage but want to reach into particular target markets, e.g. young mums, sports enthusiasts, foodies, young professionals
  • You need to reach beyond your core audience to deliver the next phase of growth

Some potential solutions:

  • Hubbing – creating content and pre-packing for local implementation
  • Single point implementation – delivering a campaign, fine-tuned for each locality, across key markets
  • Deeper campaigns in 2-3 key countries tapping into local expertise, local knowledge and local networks

What can a good local agency do:

  • Help you risk assess and prioritise
  • Highlight campaign directions
  • Add local knowledge and their network of contacts
  • Create campaigns and deliver quantifiable results

If you are heading to SXSW and you’d like to talk more, please meet me, Jill Coomber, at my mentor session on Sunday, March 15 from 11:00AM – 12:00PM. You can book a slot here:


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