onechocolate loves… the view from France

Our colleagues in onechocolate’s Paris office have selected this week’s round-up of inspiring PR & digital marketing campaigns, smart new apps and cool events…

#1 Movember


As November comes to an end, we had to take our hats off to the men who have been participating in Movember. In case you’re not familiar with the phrase, each year during November men are encouraged to grow their moustache to raise funds for medical research to fight prostate and testicular cancer. And it’s working; with 4 million participants having raised 409 million Euros so far to support 800 programs in 21 countries, the initiative is a huge success. Even French cats are getting in on the act! 

#2 Monoprix over the rainbow

Monoprix, a leading French retail chain, is promising to brighten up your day through the world’s first rainbow-generating billboard. The smart billboard waited for the sun’s rays to shine and then sprayed recycled water to generate the rainbow. The billboard was actually installed over three days in April 2014 on la Villette esplanade, in Paris North-East, but Monoprix waited for the grey November days to unveil the video.

#3 Paris from a bird’s-eye-view

Ever wondered what Paris looks like from a bird’s-eye-view? Well, now you can find out! Victor, a white-tailed eagle, was released from the Eiffel Town with a mini-cam strapped to his back. Check out the video to see him glide over the Trocadero and then plunge at 180 km/h to the ground. The film, shot by French falconer Jacques-Olivier Travers, is one of a series of eagle-eye views. There are also spectacular videos of Victor’s journeys in London from City Hall, St Paul’s cathedral and the Olympic park’s Orbit ‘sculpture’.

#4 #StopFryTheft

If, like us, you hate people stealing food off your plate, then you need to download McDonalds’ new app, Fry Defender. The app addresses the issue of fry theft or ‘frime’ by turning your phone into a frime fighting machine. The app takes the thief’s photo and publishes it on social networks using the hashtag #StopFryTheft. Ingenious! 

#5 Challenge VVF

The holiday resort brand, VVF, has launched an original social campaign, running until the 12th December, which allows its Facebook fans to challenge the VVF teams. Each time a Facebook fan sends a challenge to the VVF employees the flashing lights installed in the premises will light up and the first of the employees to push the buzzer wins. We love this fun campaign as its objective is not to just boost its number of Facebook fans, but also to strengthen internal cohesion.

#6 Midpic


This week, we spotted a cool new dating app, Midpic, which allows users to share half a selfie with others nearby. Once the half selfies have been exchanged, you can decide whether to accept or decline the picture. If accepted, you will then be able to see the other half of the photo. The app is available to download now in English and French for both iOs and Android.

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onechocolate loves… the view from France

Our colleagues in onechocolate’s Paris office have selected this week’s round-up of inspiring PR & digital marketing campaigns, smart new apps and cool events…

#1 IKEA getting spooky in Singapore

A month after releasing an incredibly popular commercial spoofing Apple, IKEA is back with a new ad – and this one takes a rather different approach. Its latest offering sees IKEA Singapore paying homage to Stanley Kubrick’s classic 1980 film The Shining by recreating its iconic (and super creepy) hallway scene. The Hallowe’en campaign is being used to promote IKEA’s daily late night shopping to its Singapore customers. In addition to the YouTube clip, an interactive social media video hunt will run parallel to the campaign where consumers will be invited to spot and win products that appear in the film.

#2 Track your phone habit

track your phone

Do you have your Smartphone glued to your hand? Or do you have friends who annoy you by constantly checking their phones whilst you’re at dinner with them? Then you need to know about Checky – Phone Habit Tracker. The app, available since September both on Android and iOS, counts the number of times you check your handset each day. We’ve been trying to psyche ourselves up to tryout the new gizmo, but we’re afraid the truth will be too ugly. Sometimes ignorance is bliss.

#3 IDTGV and Google Glass

Google Glass

IDTGV, the subsidiary of SNCF – the French national train company – did a big media coup last week by equipping its employees with Google Glass in order to improve customer service and staff efficiency. For example, when purchasing a ticket, the customer’s ticket is scanned and the glasses display information on the traveler, including identity and seat numbers. In harnessing this innovative technology IDTGV managed to gain wide media attention whilst positioning itself as a leader in customer service.

#4 Twitter in Paris

Twitter in Paris

This summer, Paris’ twitter page rapidly overtook New York’s, with Paris accumulating more than 224 000 followers vs. New York’s 209 000. In aid of our city’s success on social media, we thought we’d enlighten you to a few facts about Paris’ twitter feed. Did you know that the least popular post in the history of the Paris page had no less than 5 likes? And the most popular tweet so far, with 960 retweets, was a post about the Eiffel Tower illuminated for screening breast cancer? 

#5 Be crazy, be yourself

We love this campaign from Maisons Du Monde, a French furniture and home decor company. The brand is encouraging its audience to ‘Be crazy, be yourself’ through a quirky video, which shows, amongst other things, a baby with a fake moustache and a man dressed as a giant fish – glorious!

#6 Digital Week France

Digital week

From 15th-26th October we welcomed, for the first time, Digital Week France to Paris. The event offered a number of courses and events around digital creation and digital contemporary art to a large number of collectors, gallery owners and enthusiasts. Over 11 days and in 14 different locations, many conferences, exhibitions and round tables took place to discuss the digital evolution of society and how artists offer new perspectives and contemporary readings on the topic.


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How brands can get creative with Snapchat Stories

Since its launch three years ago, Snapchat has managed to rack up more than 100 million monthly active users and, in the UK, 25% of smartphone users use Snapchat. But did you know that Snapchat’s most popular feature is Snapchat ‘Stories’?

According to Snapchat, more stories are now viewed per day than Snaps. The stories feature lets users create compilations of snaps that last 24 hours. So how can brands use this popular feature and rapidly growing platform to their advantage?

If a brand is looking to target students or young professionals, Snapchat is the way forward as 77% of students use the messaging platform daily. There have been many examples of brands using Snapchat to send coupons to their fans as the percentage of users that would purchase from a brand if given a Snapchat coupon is 58%. So what about taking it to the next level?

Snapchat Stories is an opportunity for brands to create a compelling story that takes their audience on a journey. But this requires lateral thinking to create a longer story that truly resonates with their connections. As we live in a world where consumers feel like they are bombarded with ads on social media 24/7, a brand that can provide more than just a special offer will encourage positive sentiment towards their brand and raise awareness to their values and key messaging.

Engaging brand stories is obviously the best type of content to share on Snapchat. If you are just getting started with Snapchat, The Ultimate Guide to Snapchat can help get you going. Here are 5 tips from us to get you started on creating captivating content through storytelling:

#1 Brainstorm your story – what key messages do you want to convey in your story? What does your audience want to see? What is the point of your story? Focus on using visuals to tell your story and most of all – get creative with your narrative!

#2 Create your story board – map out how you would like your story to look and how many images you require to tell your story – this will help you to visualise the end result and ensure you have a beginning, middle and end with a clear message.

#3 Practice your drawing and editing skills on Snapchat – see what filters work best for your story – you can save your images as you go along to see your progress (using a fine tip stylus will also improve the quality of your artwork).

#4 Share on other social platforms – if you don’t want to limit your story to only your Snapchat connections, once you have compiled your story, use other tools (such as PicCollage) to add extra pizzazz to your story, creating a photo album to share on other social channels to raise awareness of your campaign.

#5 Take inspiration from your surroundings –  here’s an example of a story created using Snapchat, taking snaps of everyday objects, in everyday locations and using it as inspiration to create a narrative. The snaps were saved and then further edited on PicCollage to turn the story into a graphic novel… Fact: It took the SnapArtist approximately 10 minutes to edit each snap…


There is great potential for brands to communicate with their audiences in a compelling way and offer their fans more than just a sales pitch. Snapchat Stories is a great example of how an image can tell a thousand words, so why not get your creative juices flowing and get snapping…

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onechocolate loves… the view from France

Our colleagues in onechocolate’s Paris office have selected this week’s round-up of inspiring PR & digital marketing campaigns, smart new apps and cool events…

#1 E-Commerce Paris


This week, we welcomed E-Commerce Paris to town – the theme for 2014 was international cross-channel activities. With 350 informative sessions, from best practice strategy for brands, solution workshops and the visitor’s “tool boxes,” which provide practical solutions for business issues, E-Commerce Paris is the perfect mix between an exhibition and a conference. What we particularly loved about this year’s show was the highlights section dedicated to start-ups, which featured for the first time. The show concluded with its annual E-Commerce Awards ceremony, recognising the best in eCommerce and cross-channel innovations. We’re now excited for London’s eCommerce Expo, taking place next week!

#2 Tagawine


Those of us in the office with an iPhone are already obsessed with Tagawine, but now Android lovers are also able to download the nifty app. Created by four French entrepreneurs, the user simply takes a picture of the sticker on the bottle of wine and, using image recognition technology, the app will then give detailed information with the characteristics of the cuvée, the vintage and consumer reviews. Tagawine also enables the user to share their comments and rating of the wine maturity with other users. Wine lovers, this app is a must!

#3 Netflix expands


The arrival of Netflix in France and the rest of central Europe has completely revolutionised the audiovisual and streaming markets in France. The move to launch in wider Europe sees the company’s biggest ever expansion by number of potential new subscribers. Chief Executive, Reed Hastings, said of the move :

“We’ve received a very warm welcome throughout Europe. We are delighted people are embracing Netflix in our newest territories and, particularly, the incredible viewer enthusiasm for our original series.”

Now that Netflix has well and truly landed, all eyes are on it to see if the number of subscription will live up to market expectations. We can’t wait to see what happens!

#4 Paris Fat Burger

Fat Burger

Gourmet US food has become a huge hit in France and, picking up on the trend, FraisFraisFast and Food and Thrillist have teamed up to create a brilliant burger subway map. The map is a handy way for US diner lovers to find the best burger joints near them. The story has spread like wildfire in the media and we love this original way to get the public talking about the brands.

#5 Tie Break


Last year, Hermès taught women the most stylish ways to tie their Carré Hermès knot with its app, Silk Knots. Now, the luxury brand is targeting men with Tie Break, which teaches users the best way to tie their tie. The app aims to entertain and educate the ‘Hermès man’ in less than one minute, whether it’s between meetings, in the cab, or at the airport. The app also judges how well your tie compliments your shirt – simply position your Smartphone over your outfit et voila! Gentlemen, welcome to the magical world of Hermès!

#6 Deezer


The French streaming music brand, Deezer, is trying to conquer the US market with its streaming music platform. To differentiate itself from Spotify – its main rival in the US – Deezer has adopted a premium positioning by focusing on superior sound quality. We’ll be keeping an eye on how the brand will fair in its new market.

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onechocolate loves

Our weekly round-up of the most inspiring PR and digital marketing campaigns, smart new apps, cool events, ventures and happenings that have caught our eye… 

#1 #VaginaDialogues


This week we spotted a great example of raising awareness for a worthy cause, with an attention-grabbing headline and shocking stats.  If you missed it, the main headline grabber was that a staggering number of women aged 26-35 couldn’t pinpoint where (on a diagram) their vagina is (yes, we said it). The shocking statement got wide coverage and, although there has been some backlash about the way the media portrayed the research, we take our hats off to The Eve Appeal for being straight talking about a taboo issue. The research is part of Gynaecological Cancer Awareness Month to raise awareness of the lack of knowledge of gynaecological cancer symptoms among UK women, accompanied by the hashtag #VaginaDialogues.

#2 Into The Storm

Some of you may have already seen the thrilling blockbuster ‘Into The Storm’ but for the folks in Australia, where the film has been released this week, the movie promoters came up with a unique way to promote it. They cleverly used augmented reality on a bus stop advert by giving passersby the chance to see what it would be like if a storm swept through the street. Check out the video to see the reactions of the unknowing public when slowly, lightning bolts and tornadoes start forming right in front of their eyes! We love this creative, interactive way to engage an audience, which gives them an experience to remember.

#3 Dress normal

We love Gap’s new series of four shorts, all shot in black and white, to support its celebrity-filled ‘dress normal’ campaign, featuring the likes of Anjelica Huston, Elisabeth Moss and Luke Grimes, amongst others, all clad in black denim. Gap enlisted David Fincher – famous for The Social Network, Fight Club and, most recently, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo – to direct the adverts. Gap’s CMO tells Mashable that the campaign was designed to “sort of jump into the middle of the story, skipping the beginning and leaving out the end.” Fincher’s uniquely dark style translates into these ads and adds a chic edginess to the campaign.

#4 SS15 Designer Catwalk Shows


Everyone who is anyone in fashion knows this is ‘the’ time of year for finding out what is new and hot in the world of fashion. Not only do trends get defined, but they influence so many parts of our consumer marketplace; whether it’s product design, trending colours or styles. This is just one of the reasons why we’re excited to see what the September SS15 fashion shows have to offer us this season. Kicking off this week is New York Fashion Week (4th–11th Sept), London Fashion Week (12th–16th Sept), Milan (17th–23rd Sept) and of course, the home of haute-couture, Paris Fashion Week (23rd Sept–1st Oct).

#5 Ansa


Most of us can safely say we’ve sent a text we’ve regretted. Whether it’s an inappropriate text accidentally sent to your boss, or discovering toe-curling messages after a heavy night out. So we’re rejoicing at the launch of the nifty messaging app, Ansa, which lets you delete your sent messages off other people’s devices! Created by 23-year-old Natalie Bryla, the app also has an ‘off the record’ feature, where messages are automatically deleted after 60 seconds. The app bills itself as ‘the safest place to let go and be yourself with friends’ and is available now on iOS and Android. Could this finally be the ‘Ansa’ (sorry) to those awkward text worries!?

#6 HippopoThames!


Did you know that hippos used to inhabit the Thames in prehistoric times? Neither did we! To celebrate our beloved city’s history, artist, Florentijn Hofman, has built a wooden sculpture of a friendly-looking, 21 metre-long hippo, named HippopoThames. The sculpture arrived at Riverside Gardens near Vauxhall this week, with the full fanfare of food, drinks and activities for the public. The arrival of HippopoThames will begin the Totally Thames festival, a 30-day programme of events that celebrates the arts, music and community festivals across the capital.

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