onechocolate loves… the view from Germany

Our German office selected this week’s round-up of inspiring PR and digital marketing campaigns, smart new tech and cool events…

#1 Prince – unforgettable

The news of Prince’s death is deeply saddening. In memory of one of music’s greatest talents, a group of musicians sang and played his song “Kiss” in a Frankfurt city train, this was caught on camera and commuters were more than happy to join in. The impromptu session went viral with more than one million views and counting. A great tribute which we love!

#2 Meet Franz


As the number of messenger apps continue to grow, it can be quite complicated to keep track. Luckily, there is a solution which combines all the different messengers in one. Franz is a desktop app which is able to integrate up to 14 Messengers: WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Skype, Slack, WeChat, Telegram, Google Hangout, Hipchat, Grape, ChatWork, GroupMe, Gitter, Discord and Steam Chat. Of course Franz is not the only messenger aggregator out there, but it’s free, unlike others! The next version is going to integrate further requests from the community – so if you have any suggestion feel free to contact them… Meet Franz:

#3 Intelligent assisted living

BAALL (Bremen Ambient Assisted Living Lab) opens doors and offers support to users in their everyday life. The flat is a 60 square meter fully-connected build designed to be accessible to all. On a big screen in the living room, the residents have access to every single connected device in the building. Microphones in the ceiling allow control via voice command. Also, all the inhabitant’s clothes equipped with RFID transponders and images saved in a database. Thus, the system will know what kind of clothes are available and can even suggest suitable items according to the weather forecast. Thermal cameras register emergencies, for example in case the resident has a fall. Very cool!

#4 Instagram city


As the number of Instagram users increases, many marketers work hard to turn pictures into valuable content and reach a high number of followers. The city of Frankfurt is a great example of this. The account already has 3.5 million followers, which is incredible. Although Frankfurt is primarily known as a financial and economic hub, its presence on Instagram is helping to reposition it as a city of culture.

#5 Translate your wedding vows…

Elan offers online translations but competition is often tough with Google Translate dominating the market. So Elan took a bold step and created a video ad comparing the two in an unlikely situation: translating the vows at a wedding. The result is lots of fun. We think Elan did a great job showing their USPs in an entertaining and interesting way!

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onechocolate loves… the view from the U.S.

Our U.S. office selected this week’s round-up of inspiring PR and digital marketing campaigns, smart new tech and cool events…

#1 Millennial optimism from Forbes


In its highly anticipated 30 under 30 list, Forbes polled some 500 Millennials for their thoughts on several current events and the niche demo’s beliefs, habits and communication preferences. While Millennials have plenty of stereotypes, there were several interesting stats to come out of the data. A few include: 43% say Facebook is the social site they check out the most; 53% still pay for TV Cable service; 80% use Apple phones over any other; and 80% still believe in the American dream.

#2 Apple TV and Father Time

Apple has come out with another fun ad, this time touting its Apple TV along with Siri (which we last discussed in this past onechocolate loves featuring the Sesame Street’s Cookie Monster). This time, it’s actor Michael B. Jordan discussing his upcoming role playing a soon-to-be retired Kobe Bryant. Bryant uses Siri’s voice activation feature to bring up footage of himself playing basketball in his prime. From there, however, the commercial goes on a clever and hilarious comedic detour.

#3 Spoiler alert – we’ve got them all

Spoil me

Spoilers are everywhere, and one website called Spoil Me wants to help make it easy to find them all in one place, should you decide to ruin a movie for yourself or someone else. Anyone can contribute a spoiler though, so you may come across a fair amount of questionably accurate synopses, but it’s still worth exploring a few (and contributing one or two of your own!). Check out one we did for The Last Unicorn, that is, if you want to spoil the movie for yourself:

#4 Google Introduces New Calendar Feature Called Goals


Now when you look at your Google Calendar, it can help you schedule time to achieve those hard-to-reach goals that often get ignored or forgotten. After asking a few questions on the type of goal you’re trying to achieve and how often you want to attempt them, Google will find the best time to do the activity. Whether it’s hitting the gym regularly or learning a new language, the new feature uses machine learning algorithms so that the tool changes as you complete your goals. The new tool can also reschedule if there’s a conflict and promises to get better over time and use.

#5 Connected Canines

Saatchi & Saatchi Madrid has created a new camera vest that will turn your dog into a social media star. The “Posting Tail” is a high-tech vest that incorporates a camera, a sensor attached to the dog’s tail, a 3G Wi-Fi dongle, a GPS device, and a Raspberry Pi computer. When your dog sees something delightful and begins to wag its tail, an algorithm processes the sensor’s data to work out whether it’s a “regular” tail wag or a “happy” one. If it’s happy, the front-facing camera on the dog’s back will snap a picture and immediately upload it to Facebook. With data gathered from GPS, you’ll also be able to learn where your dog is happiest.

#6 Try On Your Next Tattoo Before Getting Inked With This App

Eliminate any ink-related regrets with a new app that lets you “try on” your tattoo before you dive right in. InkHunter employs augmented reality to let users test-run their tattoos in real time. Users also have the ability to browse through a suite of sketches or potential tattoos to help them find the perfect one. Users activate the in-app camera by tapping on their favorite sketch. Then, the user is prompted to draw a face on the area of skin they’d like their ink. Once the camera detects the smile, the user can see the tattoo in place and take/save/share photos to see how it looks. InkHunter is available to download for free for iOS, with Android and Windows Phone versions expected for release in the future.

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Mobilising B2B content marketing to drive sales

Mobile apps Blog Image

While most B2C marketers now have well-established ‘mobile-first’ strategies to connect with customers throughout the customer journey, the process has had a longer seeding process in the world of B2B content marketing.  However, developments are now taking off at a cracking pace, with a wave of B2B marketers now expanding to provide mobile-optimised experiences across all touch points – including apps, websites, landing pages, email and social media. And there’s a good reason why.

The B2B marketer is already famed for understanding complex purchasing decisions, sales cycles and triggers, and when this skill is combined with a mobile CRM strategy they are able to provide businesses with valuable, easy-to-access content to aid the decision-making process. Having upgraded their websites with mobile-friendly, responsive designs, many B2B brands are now making serious investments in mobile apps as the next giant leap forward. A staggering 70% of marketers now see mobile marketing as a critical enabler of their business – and we’d agree!

Why apps?

The power of apps lies in the ability to engage and provide added value, be it the ability to make in-app purchases, access premium content, or connect directly to the sales force. Integrating apps with your CRM can deliver on the promise of a personalised customer journey that so many business partners seek these days. According to Salesforce, 52% of marketers now say that mobile app technology is one of the technologies most critical to creating a cohesive customer journey.

In 2016, we’re due to see even more B2B firms incorporate apps as part of their marketing strategy. As more employees use their own portable devices for work, mobile apps are becoming an essential component. It’s no secret by now that professionals often wish to work directly from their smartphones. For example, field sales reps are frequently working miles away from their desks and closing deals in person. These professionals need flexible tools at their disposal – tools that they’re comfortable using.

So, what key benefits can apps bring to the B2B marketing sector?

  • On the move capabilities

Field service represents a relatively untapped but growing opportunity for marketers to differentiate brand experiences and improve customer satisfaction, while also driving more revenue. Here, mobile apps can enable organisations to extend customer service capabilities to the field – and help field agents complete complex purchasing deals on the move.

Through these tools, field agents can access useful data and processes across the front and back office through their smartphone. This offers them a complete view of the customer and shows them what the next best action might be to close the sale, based on a complete assessment of that situation in real time.

  • Simplicity

Mobile apps are perfect for easily presenting detailed information and making orders simple. As a general rule, those apps which are designed to be as user friendly as possible are always the most popular, so why make things more complicated? For example, by adding a barcode scanner where you can scan an existing product to instantly place another order, you’re speeding up the process even further for field agents. Including functions which make placing an order or finding out product and shipping details as simple as possible are sure to go down well with your target businesses.

  • Multi-channel marketing

Apps can be one of the most cost-effective ways for businesses to bolster their multi-channel marketing strategy, connecting both the offline and online worlds. B2B marketers are already using apps for webinars, managing their databases, running online communities and finding out what people are saying about their brand in social media – but the true benefit comes from integrating all these functions as one.

Social media, webinars and events are the three most popular parts of the marketing app ecosystem and there are already marketing applications out there to support these areas– such as plug-ins for Facebook or Twitter, or even webinar programmes, such as WebEx.

  • Generating leads

Another benefit from this type of integrated marketing app is also the more detailed and holistic view of prospects and customers it offers. In the long term, this means more leads are generated as you can see at a glance which prospect may have already attended your event or taken part in your webinar, to determine how far along they are on the buyer journey.

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onechocolate loves… the view from the U.S.

Our U.S. office selected this week’s round-up of inspiring PR and digital marketing campaigns, smart new tech and cool events…

#1 Nike introduces shoes from the future


Fitness and tech lovers rejoice, Nike has announced it will be selling its newest line of shoes, called the HyperAdapt 1.0, this coming holiday season. Like something straight out of Back to the Future, the shoes are self-lacing so that when a person steps in, it senses a person’s weight and the position of the foot. After a few wears, the shoe can automatically adjust to the setting you prefer. Nike says it has plans to expand the capabilities even further so that adjustments can be automated and reactive to biometric data. Until then, stepping out for a work out just got a lot easier.

#2 Uber shifts business to food-delivery


Uber has expanded into the ever-growing food delivery market with its new on-demand meal app, UberEats. Up against competitors such as GrubHub, Sprig, and Munchery, to name a few, UberEats is already available in San Francisco and lets users order meals to their door from over 100 local restaurants. Uber has already established itself as being the leading ride sharing service, and with its expansion to UberEats, it will be interesting to see if it can survive this foray into the food delivery industry.

#3 Hamilton back to the White House

Hamilton musical star Lin-Manuel Miranda and some of the cast of the smash Broadway musical visited the White House for a day of performances, student workshops, and a lightning round freestyling in the Rose Garden with flashcards supplied by President Obama about government, the president holding up cue cards with words like “constitution” and “opportunity” to prompt Miranda’s rap. The result was a fantastic rhyme and about as close as many of us will get to seeing the Broadway stars up-close. “You think that’s going viral?” asks President Obama. We think it certainly has already.

#4 Wearables have gone to the birds

Pigeon Air

Humans have wearables – what with the Fitbits and Apple Watches out there – and even some dogs have their own, but it looks like wearables are finally going to the birds. Two companies out of London have teamed up to arm pigeons with tiny backpacks in the hopes of measuring air pollution levels during peak hours. You can live tweet the “pigeons” (@PigeonAir) for an update on pollution levels in your area following feedback from their little IoT backpacks. The Pigeon Air Patrol has custom-made backpacks that can monitor ozone, volatile compounds and nitrogen dioxide, as well as the location of the pigeons. An interesting experiment and the companies hope to create an app to measure pollution all over the city – similar to what Waze does for traffic.

#5 Apple’s Siri and Cookie Monster

Apple released a new commercial appealing to parents everywhere with the magic of Sesame Street and a favorite of many, Cookie Monster. In the new spot, Cookie Monster is using Siri to help him bake some cookies, and helps him pass the time doing his least-favorite thing: waiting for the cookies to finish. It’s a sweet commercial that any busy parent (or kid) can appreciate.

#6 SeaWorld (finally) closes its orka breeding program

After years of heated arguments, and one seemingly damning documentary called Blackfish, SeaWorld theme parks will stop breeding killer whales in captivity. Animal rights activists the world over are applauding the announcement, and hoping that the parks will also allow those left in captivity access to the ocean. While the remaining whales will live out the rest of their lives under the watchful eye of their veterinary staff, it’s certainly a step in the right direction to allow these beautiful animals the freedom they deserve.

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onechocolate loves

Our weekly round-up of inspiring PR and digital marketing campaigns, smart new tech and cool events…

#1 Can you name these three famous women?

This month is Women’s History Month and to leverage this, English Heritage have produced a neat piece of RTM content. It asked people on the street if they could name both three men and three women from history. All passed the initial test but the latter question resulted in few responses. The public was also shown three images of famous women, and sadly still failed to correctly name any. This idea helped to raise a very serious point, showing a lack of awareness that currently exists.

#2 SXSW returns

sxsw 16

SXSW is in its 30th year and to kick-off this year’s event with a bang, President Obama will give a keynote speech today (11th March) and First Lady, Michelle Obama will also address the conference. There are, of course, many trends to spot in terms of tech and gaming and we can’t wait to hear all the gossip!

#3 Invent your own toys with Tio 

We love our tech and we love our toys, especially when it comes to encouraging creativity in play. A new collection of buildable tech toys has taken to Kickstarter with the aim of allowing kids to create app-controlled toys and inventions with everyday objects. The kit features motorised building blocks with in-built LEDs, magnetic mounts, wheels and accessories to inspire kids to build, animate and programme their own creations. Tio are almost half-way to reaching their goal and there is still 24 days left to go. For more info, head to their kickstarter page here:

#4 MakeWhatsNext

It was International Woman’s Day on Tuesday, which saw Microsoft launch their commercial and social campaign #MakeWhatsNext. Timely activated, the campaign kicked off with an inspiring video featuring young girls speaking about science, with school girls reeling off names of male inventors such as Einstein and Alexander Graham-Bell. However the girls are completely stumped when asked to name female inventors. The video demonstrates a clear gap in the education of women in science. Microsoft finishes the video by filling the gap, naming a whole list of women scientists. Microsoft has used the video to draw people to, their website that provides scientific resources for girls to reach their ambitions. The campaign is an evolution of the tech-giants 2015 Girls Do Science initiative. Microsoft will also be launching another year-long initiative later this week connecting young women with tech influencers.

#5 The hunt is on…

Chocolate brand Cadbury has launched its £6m Easter campaign called Bunny’s Been Busy. Replicating the iconic humps of the Loch Ness monster, three giant eggs were placed in Scotland’s famous lake, and in the lead up to Easter, Cadbury eggs will be popping up all over the country unexpectedly with 300 hundred egg hunts organised. There’ll be clues to help find the chocolatey treats. #EggsEverywhere.

#6 Missguided takes inspiration from Tinder for new shopping app


You know an app has truly entered the cultural zeitgeist when other markets are using its concepts and ideas for themselves – this time its Tinder colliding with the fashion world. Online retailer, Missguided, has adopted Tinder’s famous swiping feature for its first shopping app: ‘Swipe to Hype’. The app invites users to ‘swipe right’ to show their approval of a product and save it for later viewing. This is a good lesson when it comes to developing apps, products, services and campaigns – don’t be afraid to look from a broader perspective at how your target market like to receive their information, as you may be surprised where it leads you.

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