onechocolate loves… the view from the US

Our US office selected this week’s round-up of inspiring PR and digital marketing campaigns, smart new tech and cool events…

#1 YouTube introduces standalone music app

The video-sharing service is tapping into its strong music fan base with the launch of its new music app called YouTube Music, available on iPhone and Android. The app is free, but also offers a paid subscription service without advertisements. What makes YouTube Music differ from Pandora, Amazon Music or Spotify? Like most music streaming services, it plays songs from artists and individual songs or albums, but YouTube’s app will also include a deeper collection of music choices, from live concert footage and covers, to karaoke tracks.

#2 Wearable leggings to help match body proportions in online shopping

LikeAGlove aims to be your personal tailor with its wearable leggings that solve online shopping issues when it comes to buying the perfect pair of jeans. The smart leggings work by syncing up with LikeAGlove’s supporting app, which then selects jeans from multiple retailers that fit the proportions for the buyer to choose from and order directly. LikeAGlove is ensuring its recommended fits and styles measure up by deploying people to manually measure and test thousands of pairs of jeans every month to double check that sizing information is accurate and aligned with updated sizing charts.

#3 Ford is launching a smartphone app to give drivers remote access

Ford Sync Connect

Premiering at the L.A. Auto Show this week, the Ford Motor Company just introduced a new LTE-based service allowing drivers to control some car functions, such as unlocking and locking doors and remotely starting the engine, via a smartphone app. The Sync Connect technology, which connects to a built-in modem inside the vehicle, will make its global debut as part of the new 2017 Ford Escape this spring, with more vehicles to follow soon. While we can’t command our vehicles like James Bond just yet, it looks like car manufacturers are determined to make our cars smarter and smarter.

#4 Emoji room service is here

While the announcement was made last month, emoji room service has officially launched recently at the Aloft Hotels in New York. Called Text it, Get it – TiGi, for short – every room will include a menu of six packages that you can order. After texting the string of emoji (along with your last name and room number) to the hotel, guests receive a confirmation and whatever package was ordered will show up at their door. One example package, The Hangover, includes two bottles of vitamin water, Advil and bananas – by texting the emojis for water droplet, pill and banana. The hotel even plans on expanding to Europe soon. Sounds like a fun service, would you use it?

#5 Hasbro announces affordable, robotic cats

Just in time for the holidays, toy maker Hasbro has announced Joy for All companion pets. The new line of robotic cats can meow, purr and respond to touch. They’re just like actual cats, except you never have to feed them or clean their litterbox. While the robotic cats are marketed toward seniors at $99 each, they could be a gift for almost anyone. If you ask us, they’re actually kind of cute.

#6 Remembering Paris, and so many others

After the horrifying events over the past week in Paris, Nigeria, Beirut and so many more, one video of a father explaining the tragedy to his young son has caught the attention of many. The video shows an interview conducted by France’s Le Petit Journal, where people are laying flowers and lighting candles to honour the victims killed in the attacks. When the boy explains to the reporter that his family will have to move away because of the “bad guys” who were “not very nice,” his father quickly reassures him. “We don’t need to move out. France is our home,” says the father, and tells his son the meaning of the flowers and candles that people brought to the square to honour the victims of the attack. The video has already been seen more than 15 million times, and is giving hope to many.


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onechocolate loves… the view from France

Our French office selected this week’s round-up of inspiring PR and digital marketing campaigns, smart new tech and cool events…

#1 Back to the present


Two days ago, the heros of the movie Back to the Future 2 landed in our time. An event that every brand wanted to celebrate on their social networks. The community managers showed ingenuity and humour and the hashtag #BackToTheFuture was the top trend of the day. Among the best posts, we would like to mention those of Air France, the French airline company, which showed the illustration of the famous hoverboard and car manufacturers Renault Australia and Nissan, who lept on the development of model cars. In a nutshell, a day as we like, rich in innovation.

#2 Homelive, an app that means you well

Orange unveiled its latest ad exclusively on social media this week. The spot promotes Homelive, Orange’s latest home automation service, with caustic humor. Conceived as a remote management tool for connected devices around the house, the mobile app can be a powerful weapon in the wrong hands. The video shows a couple who find an unusual pleasure in ruining their daily routine. In a series of low blows, the vacuum cleaner, the watering system and the blender are turned on by remote control to undermine sleep or watching a football match. We love this quirky video.

#3 When Westin generates your OOO messages

It’s been widely reported that Americans can be vacation-phobes. Thus, to encourage them to actually go on holiday every once in a while—and ideally stay at Westin Hotels & Resorts, the hospitality chain created the Westin OOO Generator.  The website spits out quirky out-of-office responses by request. When the generator produces your OOO message, it also provides an abridged, video-based version for you to share on social media. We love this fun campaign!

#4 For Halloween, fall asleep at the catacombs


Airbnb did it again. After offering competition winners a night at Galeries Lafayette during the sales, the company proposed spending the night shivering in the catacombs of Paris, the world’s largest graveyard. The programme selected two candidates to face a night of horror: a culinary experience out of the ordinary, a private concert… Boo!

#5 The Kooples launches the world’s smallest social media app

The Kooples, the high-end French fashion brand founded in 2008 by three brothers, launches its application for Fall/Winter 2015. Called “Blackout”, the app is the world’s smallest social network as you find only your other half on it. The idea is to insulate couples in a real-time virtual moment of complete togetherness. Indeed, the mini social media campaign allows users to chat in real time and share images, including encrypted images that can be unlocked with a swipe. The “Blackout” mode prevents users’ devices from receiving calls and texts and other notifications to enable them to focus entirely on the communication in hand. The ‘Glitch’ mode enables users to send only partial images to encourage the recipient to guess the rest. The free application is available on the Apple Store and Google Play Store. So, are you ready for 3.0 love stories?

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onechocolate loves…

Our weekly round-up of inspiring PR and digital marketing campaigns, smart new tech and cool events…

#1 Happy Birthday Instagram!

Since its launch, Instagram has attracted more than 400 million monthly users, who collectively post an average of more than 80 million photos a day that amounts to a grand total of 40 billion photos to date! To celebrate its 5th birthday, Instagram celebrated with a massive staff ‘groufie’ video!

#2 Vlog Star Live

As the popularity of vlogging snowballs, the value of understanding what makes a good vlogger increases. For all aspiring young vloggers, a fab new app, Vlog Star has been released, offering training tips on how to become a vlogger and best practices. Vlog Star Live, a vlogging and digital content festival will offer workshops in November.

#3 “You’ll never go back in the water”… in the Future

To celebrate Back to the Future’s 30th anniversary DVD and Blu-Ray edition, Universal has released a spoof trailer for Jaws 19. The trailer is a nod to the scene in Back to the Future Part II, when Marty McFly arrives in Hill Valley in the year 2015 and is ‘eaten’ by a holographic billboard for the sequel. Pretty cool!

#4 Disney’s tech-ni-colour dreambooks

The Disney team in Zurich has identified colouring books as one of the first platforms for children to develop their creative skills. Disney Research is looking to take the platform one step further and modernise old colouring books, bringing them to life using Augmented Reality and creating 3D animated models. Although this is just a research project for now, it could be an exciting development in educational play.

#5 Life in the safe and fast lane


We love the new Tesla Model X, described as “the safest, fastest and most capable sport utility vehicle in history”. Not only does is it have a slick design but it has been built with safety as a priority. We also can’t help but swoon at the flamboyant falcon wing doors and the automatic keyless entry, which are insanely cool features!

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onechocolate loves… The view from Germany

Our German office selected this week’s round-up of inspiring PR and digital marketing campaigns, smart new tech and cool events…

#1 The power of a smile

When we came across this campaign it really touched our hearts. Listerine asked several blind people what a smile meant to them and showed them an app which vibrates if it detects a smiling face. This way the blind or visually-impaired could tell if someone was smiling at them. We think this is a great idea and we’re sure this video will make you smile as well.

#2 Yes we can!


Content is king – and if we take a look at movies and TV series people are talking about in Germany, it’s often the “House of Cards” or “The Good Wife” coming over from the Atlantic or “Sherlock” from the UK, leading the discussions. There is a kind of common sentiment: We can’t do it. We can’t tell captivating stories with a local angle. We’re greenhorns, never able to reach such standards. Well, last week proved all this wrong. ARD aired the third season of “Weissensee”. It is a fascinating story about a family in former GDR and their experiences of life at that time – including the fall of the Berlin wall. The first two seasons have been simply brilliant and moving. So if you’re into great stories and you happen to come across this show – we highly recommend giving it a watch!

#3 Surfing in the sky


Good news from Lufthansa: Already in 2016 it will be possible to use WiFi in the first planes of the big German airline on short and medium-haul flights. Quality and speed of the surfing experience should be like home, according to the airline. We are really looking forward to the end of boring flights and overflowing inboxes at the end of business trips!

#4 Sheep happens


Who hasn’t been there? Trying to book a great trip online but spend endless hours looking through confusing websites until you’re exhausted and end up wanting to just stay at home. It’s like chasing sheep! In their new campaign,, an online portal for finding and booking travels, this sentiment was illustrated quite perfectly – with a funny but very unsuccessful sheep chase starring headstrong sheep and disgruntled humans. We really liked this funny and unconventional clip!

#5 Welcome to Wies‘n!

Wiesn App

The biggest beer festival in the world will have its pitfalls and challenges. Thank goodness there are apps that might help to avoid and overcome these. The list ranges from a tutorial on how to do a Schuhplattler (a traditional Bavarian dance) to how to order beer or pretzels in Bavarian. As far as we’re concerned, we think that an app that shows you which beer tents still have empty tables is a real pot of beer … pardon, gold!

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onechocolate loves… the view from France

Our French office selected this week’s round-up of inspiring PR and digital marketing campaigns, smart new tech and cool events…

#1 Move my city


As part of their #MoveMyCity tour – running until October 10th – Coca-Cola and Ubisoft are touring the roads of France to encourage thousands of young people to dance. The aim is to find the most dynamic and festive town in the country. Six French cities will battle for the title. Professional dancers and local troupes will perform at each event and will compete by playing Just Dance Now. Participants will see their performance and score in real-time on a giant screen. Each city will have its own unique hashtag and the one with the largest amount of engagement will win the title of “Most Dynamic City”. The prize for the triumphant city is a special award for a project around movement and dance.

# 2 #WSJScoops


This summer, the Wall Street Journal has jumped on the food truck trend to revitalise its image. With its own branded van, the magazine toured the streets of New York for five days offering a free scoop to readers. Visitors could also follow the campaign using the hashtag #WSJScoops, which attracted 8,900 followers on the Twitter page dedicated to the event. A great campaign from the Wall Street Journal to talk to the new digital generation.

#3 Big Data gets delicious

Big Data has infiltrated into many areas of business life, but one surprising sector getting on board the Big Data bandwagon is the restaurant industry. This is certainly the approach of Chef Damien Duquesne aka “Chef Damien”, well-known to food lovers for his French recipe website, 750g. Why Big Data? “Because we know what they like, what recipes they consult and this mass of data will help us to open a restaurant.” With the help of Big Data, Chef Damien is going to launch a new concept: a fully-connected restaurant. Guests will be served starters, main courses and desserts every week, created through interactions between the Chef and users on Facebook. In addition, they will receive recipe sheets with flash codes they can scan to discover videos created by the chef.

#4 #RentréeCanal 

TV channel Canal+ has created a lot buzz on the internet this week when it announced its programme schedule for the rest of the year. Instead of revealing the line-up in the usual preview format, they created mini trailers in retro 8-bit video game format. The accompanying hashtag, #RentréeCanal, has also proved to be very popular on Twitter. A simple yet effective campaign, using nostalgia to take its audience back to their youth.

#5 Super-charged denim

Joes Jeans

Jeans that can charge your iPhone? We must be dreaming. While finding that perfect pair of denim trouser can be difficult, nothing is worse than searching for a charging outlet when you’re powering down. In an attempt to solve this problem, Joe’s Jeans – a Los Angeles-based apparel company – has developed a new denim line it calls #Hello-Charged, which will let you charge your phone on the go. With a hidden iPhone pocket tucked into the waistline, the trousers provide an extra compartment to hold a slim battery, designed exclusively for the brand. Just be sure to remove the phone and battery before throwing the jeans in the wash!

#6 Triber


New app, Triber, has found the solution to losing your friends in crowds: geolocation. During this summer period of festivals, picnics and tanning sessions on the beach or Paris Plage, the app is ever more useful. Offered as a free download on iPhone and soon on Android (end of 2015), Triber operates like a compass and tells you exactly how many meters away you are from the person you seek. It might sound slightly creepy, but in order for it to work, both parties must have the app on their phones and users are able to switch to invisible mode when they don’t want to be found. Triber’s geolocation also allows users to select a specific meeting point to share with an entire group of friends – especially useful if you decide to join your friends last minute or are running late.

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