smart home security
24 November 2017

What is happening in the world of Smart Home security?

2017 is drawing to a close and 2018 promises to bring us Smart Home security products that push new boundaries. These exciting products will allow people to do more with these gadgets than ever before. But do these innovations come with privacy risks?

For many consumers, their home can never be secure enough. With Home Security Month ending only a few weeks ago, the safety of people in their homes is a major talking point in the Smart Home industry. 60% of burglars avoid going into homes with smart home security. These are enabling users to monitor their home when they are out and about, whether at work or abroad. These innovations include CCTV and cameras that can take high-resolution images in low-light.

Despite these new innovative products, not everyone is sold on Smart Home Security. Consulting firm Deloitte found that almost 40% of participants were concerned about Smart Home Security products tracking their usage. Over 40% of people who took part in that survey also said that they were worried these gadgets would expose too much about their daily lives. These fears may not be unjustified, as a Wired article published in August found that the Amazon Echo could be hacked in a matter of minutes (with physical access) and turned into a listening device without leaving any trace of it being tampered with.

IoT devices such as smart watches are becoming a big hit with consumers. In 2018 it is expected that there will be a huge rise in integrating wearable tech with Smart Home products. This coming year should show us new settings on Smart Watches and other devices that can monitor our body temperatures and align these with the smart products in our home, such as thermostats or light settings, to make sure they are at the ideal temperature. However, Smart Home Security is less popular than other IoT devices, possibly due to the existing consumer fears.

A way in which companies have tried to tackle this concern is by attempting to fix the flaws in the updated versions of their products. Amazon have removed the connection that allowed the Amazon Echo to be hacked in their 2017 version of the device and have recommended that customers do not buy their devices second-hand so that it is not tampered with. It is expected that 2018 should give us upgraded and more secure devices, so perhaps consumers will feel more at ease with Smart Home Security Products in the future.

With CES coming up (9th-12th January 2018), we can expect to see the best and most innovative Smart Home Security products for the new year very soon, and with them, an answer to these consumer concerns.