OneChocolate loves
16 December 2016

OneChocolate Loves.. December

Our German office has provided this month’s roundup of inspiring PR and digital marketing campaigns, smart new tech and cool events…

#1 Penny makes Christmas miracles come true


Supermarkets lead the way for the most emotional Christmas TV spots each year, and this year is no different. Discounted retailer, Penny, has more than just an ad up its sleeve. The company hopes to make Christmas wishes come true. If you want to see your beloved ones for the holidays but can’t, Penny can arrange for you to visit them as a surprise. Apply on their website, where you can also see some of the emotional family reunions.

#2 What is Christmas… without pastry

If you grew up in Germany, you’ll know Bahlsen. With its cookies, cakes and pastries, it’s an integral feature on coffee tables throughout Germany. Naturally the peak of the company’s year is Christmas. Biscuits are everywhere. You can’t turn around without stumbling over a pile of gingerbread. It. Is. Awesome. Bahlsen is extremely busy around this time of the year and with that comes the Bahlsen advertisement, with delicious cakes and pastry everywhere. But this year, they decided to release a video that brilliantly answers the question: what is Christmas? It’s in German, but you don’t need to understand the words to get the message.

#3 Can you roast a goose?

If you’re not a master in the kitchen, you’ll understand the dread this woman feels when she learns that her husband has invited her mother-in-law to Christmas dinner. But the heroine won’t succumb to her fears and embarks on an epic cooking marathon (with a little help from the supermarket of her choice of course). We love how this cook shows us how to bring a great feast to the table and do it with hard work, passion and pride. Also, the catchy song has been stuck in our heads for weeks!

#4 Life gives us more if we share

Christmas is a time for sharing and reconciliation. Deutsche Telekom wants to remind us of many virtues with this year’s Christmas ad. Vanity and greed will not get people very far. What counts is benevolence and altruism, and people with these attitudes will be rewarded for it. It’s a wonderful message that should apply all year, but at Christmas it’s even more important.

#5 A poem at Christmas

German Retailer EDEKA already hit the ground running with #Heimkommen last year, a Christmas spot about forgetting parents and elderly people around Christmas time. This year, #Zeitschenken is triggering a guilty conscience again, making clear that people can get so caught up in activities that they forget to take time for their children. The movie is accompanied by a poem which translates the pictures in very clear words: we’re too busy with something which can actually wait.