Influencer Intelligence
30 January 2017

OneChocolate launches Influencer Intelligence division

As research shows consumers trust recommendations from influencers over brands, 92% to be precise (AdWeek), finding the right approach to working with them has never been more important. OneChocolate has been helping clients create award winning influencer programmes for over a decade, and is excited to announce a new team within the London PR and digital communications agency, fully dedicated to influencer relations – Influencer Intelligence.

The new division combines digital expertise with the wealth of experience the agency has in running bespoke programmes for a wide range of clients across the consumer spectrum, from unpaid support, to unboxing programmes, to bespoke partnerships, ensuring brands are working with the wide range of influencers available in authentic and engaging ways. As an agency, OneChocolate has been ahead of the curve when it comes to influencer relations, winning awards as early as 2007 for their work in the area.

The Influencer Intelligence team will work with clients to identify the approach that best suits their PR and marketing needs to build out and lead the programme, using the uniquely created Social Media Matrix to identify the most suitable influencers. The team will also provide regular and thorough analysis that demonstrates a clear link back to business objectives.

The new division will be overseen by Jill Coomber, Co-founder and Director at OneChocolate, who commented, “We’re really excited to announce the launch of our Influencer Intelligence division. As consumers become increasing media-savvy, working with influencers should form an essential part of all consumer PR and marketing programmes. Here at OneChocolate, we’re passionate about ensuring the right kind of influencer programmes are implemented for our clients, and have a proven track record of helping brands successfully achieve meaningful influencer engagement.”