Measuring tape
16 February 2017

Meaningful Measurement for PR

Measurement has long been a challenge for the industry, and as the role of B2B and consumer PR continues to evolve and adapt it is essential that the way we measure our valuable work evolves as well. However, a recent survey by PR Week and the PRCA found that over 35 per cent of UK PR agencies, and just over 23 per cent of in-house teams, are still using AVE.

AVE figures alone do not accurately reflect the impact our activity makes, and its important PR professionals, both agency side and in house, pause to consider how they are measuring the work they are doing. Whether the activity is focused on driving sales, building credibility, increasing brand awareness or changing behaviour, PR professionals today need to demonstrate the results have had an impact beyond AVE.

The two golden questions are: Is this measurement meaningful? Does it link directly back to the objectives set at the beginning? If you can answer ‘yes’, well done. If however you answered ‘no’, it may be time to go back to the drawing board…

Here at OneChocolate we’re passionate believers in meaningful measurement, and this lies at the heart of all our campaigns. We work with our clients from the outset to match back how we are measuring success to the objectives set. This way our clients can present figures and reports that don’t just show AVE and coverage numbers, but demonstrates the value our activity is adding to the business or organisation.