Be brave be Fresh be Real
08 February 2018

What Makes Us Tick? Be Brave, Be Fresh, Be Real

At OneChocolate, we don’t aim to be one of the biggest agencies around, but we do aim to be one of the best. Our work is based on our core brand values and they genuinely inspire us every day:

Be Brave – Get out of your comfort zone and embrace it, push boundaries and lead a change, be fearless in doing things differently

Be Fresh – Find the edge, think outside the box, bring creativity (big and small), be agile and quick to act

Be Real – Be genuine, offer real advice with real business benefits, deliver on our promises – on time and in budget, focus on the results that matter

These values form the cornerstone of our client partnerships and feed the way we are – from brainstorms and proposals to the way we deliver our services and work with each other.

We offer our team BraveFreshReal days where they can head off to do something that will inspire them. We’ve had people do everything from ziplining over London, sliding down the London Orbit, to raising money for charity.

If you’d like to find out what being more BraveFreshReal can do to your campaigns, please do get in touch with our team for a chat.