iPad – a Social Media Dream?

Love it or loath it, news of the new iPad on social media, in the news, and all over the internet has been pretty unavoidable. Apple invitations were sent out as Google chairman Eric Schmidt was taking centre stage for his Mobile World Congress announcement, causing a bit of a sensation. The invites attracted so much speculation and furore it’s possible those in the UK that don’t go on social media sites or the internet, don’t read newspapers, live in a cave and don’t have friends might not have known about it.

Admittedly, I got caught up in all the hype, religiously following all of the consumer tech sites that I could think of for some extra little snippet. Some interesting pieces came out including one from the Guardian which crowd sourced predictions and Stuff, which had a nice rundown of the rumours from haptic technology to 4G. With no one from Apple letting anything slip and everyone guessing, it certainly built some buzz, especially on Twitter.  At a Gorkana breakfast briefing last year one well-known journalist mentioned that Apple’s PR model was not an example to be followed – they are very secretive, they give information when they want, rarely provide additional information, rarely give access to key spokespeople and do everything on their terms. To copy them is a very good way to annoy lots of journalists but, Apple carry it off and leave us gagging for more.

I can admit to staying at work a bit late to ensure an uninterrupted internet connection if the rumours of a super-duper-whizz-bang-never-seen-before “must have” were true. Sadly, not all the predictions were right and I’m not sure it could have lived up to the hype unless it turned invisible, looked totally different and travelled through time. There were some interesting reviews in the news from the likes of Murad Ahmed from the Times and Hayden Smith from the Metro, and hands on videos from CNET and T3. The general consensus seems to be that it was a bit of a letdown after all the fizz and that Tim Cook is no Steve Jobs. The iPad is a little bigger and a weeny bit heavier than iPad 2, but it doesn’t look very different and the name is a bit boring. Yes, there are some pretty cool features, but I’m not sure I’ll rush out to buy o ne just yet and Twitter seems to be a lot quieter today.

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