influencer relations
23 February 2017

How to get influencers to notice you

Getting influencers on board to work with your brand can be a challenge. With the plethora of companies out their fighting for the spotlight alongside you, it takes a solid strategy to get your voice heard. Well, no problem – we’re on hand to share with you some techniques on how to really engage your influencer.

Fully dedicated to influencer relations, our Influencer Intelligence team in London works with clients to identify the best approach that suits their PR and marketing needs. Here are our top tips to get you started:

  1. Keep your communication snappy

Influencers are busy people, so keep your pitch simple and to the point! Grab their attention by presenting your ideas in a concise way and including a call to action that encourages them to get back to you straight away.

  1. Be specific on what activities you want the influencer to be involved with

Set their expectations by giving them an initial picture of how you wish them to get involved. Do you require them to create and share branded content? Would you like them to post a series of tweets in the run-up to your event? Developing a rough plan and timeline enables you to work out whether you and your influencer can achieve your goals together.

  1. Be authentic

One thing that will set you apart from your competitors is demonstrating a genuine appreciation of the influencer’s content. Showing that you really enjoyed one of their recent vlogs, blogs or other content is a great tactic for encouraging them to warm to your brand and make yourselves stand out.

  1. Offer value – think of how you can help them

Getting your influencer to take notice of your brand is all about giving them incentive. Remember that this is a mutually beneficial relationship. So, it’s best to frame your proposal as an opportunity for them to gain something valuable and unique to them. Can you offer them exclusive access to an event? Or a game-changing product? Use these to draw your influencer in.

  1. Engage with them on their preferred channel

Get on their radar by liking and sharing their content on social. Chip in to discussions they start, which is always a great way of interacting with your target audience, and show an active involvement in their interests. It makes your brand more relatable. Social platforms are also a useful tool to find out what your influencer really cares about – and enables you to engage with them on a human level.


So there you have it. Try out a combination of these tactics to maximise your impact when reaching out to your target influencer – you may just find that making your brand more personable encourages them to sit up and take notice.