02 June 2011

Connected Devices take over the World!

Future-gazing usually ends up with visions of everyone doing the shopping in flying cars or taking a holiday on the Moon with their robo-dog. Never turns out that way but a vision of a world dominated by tiny intelligent machines that know everything about you and are constantly talking with one another is coming true or so Cisco would have us believe.

Their  recent survey caught my eye because it seems that by 2015 there will be more Internet connected devices on the planet than people. In fact, 15 billion devices or twice the world’s human population. We’re going to be outnumbered by devices in a way that the car or the TV never achieved (though there are some techy obstacles like a looming shortage of IP addresses that we need to fix)

And this forecast of being surrounded by connected devices  seems rooted in reality. Mobiles are almost an additional body part, never leaving our grasp and more likely to be in our hand than our pocket. We constantly want to touch them and check our connectivity more often than we actually ever check our pulse rate.

From a communications perspective, the opportunities to engage with people seem limitless because we are so connected.

But then again the fact that we’re living with so much readily available connectivity intensifies the need for communications that are highly personal and stand out from the crowd.