Christmas Marketing Campaigns
14 December 2016

Clever Christmas marketing campaigns; engaging with emotion

If there’s anything that goes down exceptionally well in the marketing world at this time of year, it’s the things that make you feel all warm and fuzzy, and in love with the world. The more a company can show itself to be a brand of the people, the more trust they can build with consumers and ultimately increasing sales. Of course, this isn’t news to us, but we have noticed a rise in the amount of brands aligning with good causes this year, and also using “surprise and delight”-style social media campaigns to engage their audiences.

One of our recent favourites is this gesture by baby bottle brand, Tommee Tippee, who responded to the pleas of Marc Carter, a father to a 14 year-old boy with autism. Marc was searching for one of their discontinued “sippy cups” as it was the only cup Ben would drink from, and had done so since the age of two. Marc’s tweet notched up 17,000 retweets in less than 48 hours and attracted global interest. Tommee Tippee saved the day by agreeing to produce 500 of the cups, making Ben and his family very happy indeed, and scoring valuable brand points in the lead up to Christmas.

It’s no secret that the social media team for smoothie brand, Innocent, are exceptional at engaging their audiences on their channels. They’ve done a cute Twitter campaign where they’ve created handmade tweets instead of typed ones, inviting followers to request what they’d like to see. From a hot cross bun and a mince pie fighting over who loves you more, to a bee, cat, panda, otter, dog and unicorn riding a rollercoaster together, they gave followers a “feel-good” reason to engage. They’ve also been jumping on the major #PlanetEarth2 bandwagon with hand-drawn diagrams of “Emotion Over Time”, tapping into the main talking points and adorable animals for each episode of the phenomenally popular BBC show.

Finally, a great example of a nice brand partnership comes from Uber, who have teamed up with Age UK for a Christmas campaign that allows users to have charity donations picked up and delivered to Age UK for free. The donations are to help lonely older people at a difficult time of a year. Users of the app were able to select an UberGIVING car to come to a chosen destination and collect items they wanted to donate; once the car was full, the items were delivered to an Age UK store.

These are just a handful of our favourites from the last few weeks, and are all inspiring for brands for different reasons. Whether it’s keeping your eyes peeled for opportunities to help others through your products, or monitoring thought-provoking social topics, the key to many of these is their simplicity.

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