How brands can stand out at CES
09 January 2017

How can brands stand out at CES

So, it’s the start of the year and before you know it, the greatest tech show on earth, CES, has been and gone. CES 2017 was a special one though, as the trade show celebrated its 50th anniversary, and it certainly didn’t disappoint. Some brands pulled out all the stops to up the “wow” factor and stand out from competitors. There’s certainly something all marketers can learn from when planning for next year’s event, regardless of how big or small the size of your stand is. So, here are our top three tips from this year’s show to help you stand out at CES next year.

  1. Get hands on with experiential activity

Experiential seemed to be one of the pulling factors for some of these brands, with the likes of Samsung offering demos of its boat racing and air show, and Hyundai presenting VR demos for people to experience what it’s like to ride in an autonomous car. LG created the world’s largest OLED 4K display tunnel, showcasing 15 metres of stunning immersive OLED experience, with 450m brilliant pixels – a smashing effort!

Also drawing in the crowds were the flashy concept cars like the Toyota Concept-i, with doors that flip up and a 3D display inside. The brand boasts that it’s “more than a machine. It will become our friend” – thanks to A.I.

These brands succeeded in using the experiential side of technology to drive curiosity and footfall to their stands.

  1. Embrace emotion to win the crowd

A lot of the brands developed the idea that people want to have a relationship with their electronic devices. As well as Toyota unveiling their new “emotional” car, Honda revealed its NeuV car which they said will “enable machines to artificially generate their own emotions”. Other car brands came out to state that the race to develop emotional vehicles is important because in the future, all cars will drive themselves. Therefore, they believe what customers will want is a car they can have the best relationship with.

There is a strong link between experience and emotion which creates a memorable experience for the customer. What makes an experience a memorable one is all down to the narrative, how are you going to tell your story to wow the crowds?

  1. Creativity on show

Showcasing something special and executing it in a way which will be different from your competitors is something that should be taken on board – consider what will astonish people. For example, drones are, without question, a hot trend. So how do you make a drone fly higher than its many competitors? Get it to make Thanksgiving dinner of course! Here’s how Autel Robotics got their drone to cook a turkey! No doubt, this worked as a quirky, fun and creative idea that got people talking!

So, how can you make your booth go against the grain compared to other exhibitors to inspire, entertain and engage customers? This is a question you should acknowledge when drawing up plans for CES 2018. Moving away from the traditional is what makes brands and products popular and memorable. You do not need to be a tech giant with deep pockets to engage your audience. Putting your customers’ experiences first, putting people first, will drive conversations, loyalty and, ultimately, sales. Merging experiential with innovative technology has absolutely worked this year, so it’s certainly worth reflecting upon.