onechocolate loves… The view from Germany

Our German office selected this week’s round-up of inspiring PR and digital marketing campaigns, smart new tech and cool events…

#1 The power of a smile

When we came across this campaign it really touched our hearts. Listerine asked several blind people what a smile meant to them and showed them an app which vibrates if it detects a smiling face. This way the blind or visually-impaired could tell if someone was smiling at them. We think this is a great idea and we’re sure this video will make you smile as well.

#2 Yes we can!


Content is king – and if we take a look at movies and TV series people are talking about in Germany, it’s often the “House of Cards” or “The Good Wife” coming over from the Atlantic or “Sherlock” from the UK, leading the discussions. There is a kind of common sentiment: We can’t do it. We can’t tell captivating stories with a local angle. We’re greenhorns, never able to reach such standards. Well, last week proved all this wrong. ARD aired the third season of “Weissensee”. It is a fascinating story about a family in former GDR and their experiences of life at that time – including the fall of the Berlin wall. The first two seasons have been simply brilliant and moving. So if you’re into great stories and you happen to come across this show – we highly recommend giving it a watch!

#3 Surfing in the sky


Good news from Lufthansa: Already in 2016 it will be possible to use WiFi in the first planes of the big German airline on short and medium-haul flights. Quality and speed of the surfing experience should be like home, according to the airline. We are really looking forward to the end of boring flights and overflowing inboxes at the end of business trips!

#4 Sheep happens


Who hasn’t been there? Trying to book a great trip online but spend endless hours looking through confusing websites until you’re exhausted and end up wanting to just stay at home. It’s like chasing sheep! In their new campaign,, an online portal for finding and booking travels, this sentiment was illustrated quite perfectly – with a funny but very unsuccessful sheep chase starring headstrong sheep and disgruntled humans. We really liked this funny and unconventional clip!

#5 Welcome to Wies‘n!

Wiesn App

The biggest beer festival in the world will have its pitfalls and challenges. Thank goodness there are apps that might help to avoid and overcome these. The list ranges from a tutorial on how to do a Schuhplattler (a traditional Bavarian dance) to how to order beer or pretzels in Bavarian. As far as we’re concerned, we think that an app that shows you which beer tents still have empty tables is a real pot of beer … pardon, gold!

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5 Top Tips for your Instagram Influencer Marketing


When Instagram announced the opening of its ad platform to all advertisers and increased video format to 30 seconds by the end of September, the race was on for brands to rally their A-game. Latest news that the platform has passed a milestone 400m users – with 14m users in the UK, and growing – and the message couldn’t be clearer: Instagram is a platform ripe for investment.

So how can brands make the most of the large-scale reach that will be available to them? Creative thinking is paramount – Instagram users seek visual inspiration, which means that brands need to ensure their ads are not just fit for purpose but befitting the platform’s discerning audiences.

And despite this deeper move into advertising and monetisation, influencer marketing should not be ignored as it not only increases reach, but drives awareness, revenue and, most importantly, builds brand credibility.

There are thousands of influencers on Instagram covering all verticals. Establishing relationships with the right influencers for your brand can leverage a wealth of benefits. Working with influencers instantly humanises your brand and brings a greater degree of authenticity to your campaigns – all of which enables you to achieve richer levels of engagement with your followers.

There’s an influencer for everyone, as long as you have a product they would love and can offer a transparent and mutually beneficial working relationship. Here are our top tips for choosing the right influencers for your brand:

  • Partner with influencers whose content resonates most with your creative direction and can easily align with your brand values and messaging. It’s also smart to indentify instagrammers who already love your brand.
  • Brand fit is crucial – and more important than the size of an influencer’s following. It’s far better to partner with an influencer with a smaller fan base, if said fan base is a highly engaged audience who will readily embrace what you have to bring to the party. Look at engagement rather than fixating on their audience size.
  • Show some love and respect – get to know your target influencers’ work before you make an approach, which will also help you define the proposal to include solid reasons why they would benefit from working with you.
  • There are lots of tools that can help you find top influencers on Instagram – Use them! Instagram’s built-in search function is also useful for relevant keywords and hashtags. Search through the results to find popular accounts in your niche.
  • Dedicated influencer networks give both brands and agencies an easier “in” because the influencers know they are receiving vetted opportunities. A good example is revfluence – a platform for collaborating with the best-fit ‘creators’ for your brand.

Influencers help boost engagement, bridging the relationship and sentiment between consumers and brands. Peer recommendations are more credible than other forms of advertising. Partnering with an influencer should result in greater user engagement and high-quality content than many other, more expensive forms of advertising.

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Weekly social scoop

Latest news and developments on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook – just in case you missed them…

Weekly social scoop

#1 Facebook wants to attract TV advertisers

By Reuters

  • Facebook is using its presence on mobile devices to show advertisers that they are better off spending budgets on mobile platforms than on TV ad-space
  • Advertisers who use video can make use of Instagram to reach millennial audiences who use phones more than watching TV
  • Digital video advertising is expected to grow 13% by 2019 and reach $15b in revenue
  • Facebook is offering highly targeted audience filtering, something TV cannot offer yet

 #2 Facebook has boosted its Virtual Reality investment

By Forbes and WIRED UK

  • Since the acquisition of Oculus the company plans to spend even more on the technology
  • Facebook recently launched its immersive 360-videos where users can explore videos with a 360-degree view
  • The service was launched with a completely immersive Star Wars clip, allowing users to pilot around the Star Wars Universe
  • Currently only available on the web and on Android devices

 #3 Instagram beats Twitter to 400 million active users

By The Guardian

  • Instagram has been named one of the fastest-growing networks in the UK with 14m users
  • Instagram – and SnapChat – both photo-sharing platforms, are proving extremely popular with younger audiences
  • Accounts with over 100,000 followers have the ability to reach more people directly with photographs than any traditional ad campaign

 #4 Coca Cola gets its own dedicated Twitter emoji

By The Drum

  • Coca Cola is the first brand to get its own Twitter emoji
  • Sports games have already benefited from Twitter’s dedicated emojis, which attach themselves to a tweet containing a specific hashtag
  • Vine stars, Ethan Dolan and Hayes Grier, have been recruited to spread the hashtag #ShareACoke

#5 Twitter polls rolled out to certain users

By The Guardian

  • Only a few users are currently allowed to create the Twitter polls and it is not clear if it will become a function available to everyone
  • The polls have proved to be a useful tool for brand engagement
  • Lack of third-party support has so far drawn the most complaints

 #6 Interest rates determined by Facebook likes

By The Drum

  • A new German bank, Fidor, which determines its interest on savings accounts has launched in the UK
  • The banks interest rate will increase the more popular it becomes on Facebook
  • For every 2,000 likes on Facebook the interest rate will increase by 0.05%
  • The online bank has created a community which further encourages engagement by rewarding customers for asking questions

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The Grocer MAP Awards 2015: Our Award-Winning Campaign!

We are delighted to announce that we have won Best Trade PR Campaign of the Year in the Grocer Marketing, Advertising and PR Awards 2015!

Our campaign for The Can Makers, Igniting a Canned Craft Beer Trend in the UK, has been recognised for its outstanding success in promoting the can’s unique benefits, which has sparked consumer demand and fresh opportunities for craft brewers.

We were tasked with attracting new, lower-volume production companies to market, to change perceptions of the drinks can from ‘mass’ to ‘modern’ and to generate new demand for the drinks can.

Razor-sharp campaign strategy and creativity ensured we delivered maximum bang for our budget – and smashed all targets.

This campaign is also a finalist in the Grocer’s ‘Best Trade Media Campaign of the Year’ category.

The Grocer MAP Awards identifies campaigns that demonstrate the highest level of strategic thinking, innovation and creativity – resulting in big, quantifiable business impact. With the number and standard of entries being extremely high this year, it’s fantastic that our work has been recognised as industry leading.

Last week, we were also shortlisted for ‘Best B2B Campaign’ in the PRCA Awards 2015.

Congratulations to all the PR teams involved in the other shortlisted entries. We’re looking forward to attending the Grocer MAP Awards ceremony on 23rd October – and the PRCA awards ceremony to be held on the 10th November 2015!

awards prca and grocer

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onechocolate loves… the view from France

Our French office selected this week’s round-up of inspiring PR and digital marketing campaigns, smart new tech and cool events…

#1 Rock-paper-scissors!

Rock-Paper-Scissors is a simple game in which the outcome depends largely on luck and partly on psyching out fellow players. However, University of Tokyo’s Janken (Rock-Paper-Scissors) robot is on one heck of a winning streak. Ever since its inception in 2013, the robot has maintained a 100 per cent winning rate. The robot is based on studies about how the human body works. Using sensors, the Janken is able to detect your initial movements to predict the sign that you will present. Now on version 3.0, the robot is even better at playing the game, showing its hands are as fast as human hands, winning every single time. The latest version of the robot shows potential for future co-operation between humans and robots. Quite amazing and a bit frightening, we have to admit!

#2 Fatal selfies


“A cool selfie could cost you your life” warns Russia’s Interior Ministry and they were right, according to Mashable, “more people have died from selfies than shark attacks” in 2015. Indeed, this year, the “selfie” was the cause of twelve fatal accidents. Over the same period, shark attacks have killed eight people. Four of the selfie deaths this year were caused by falling. The next leading cause of death was by being hit or injured by trains, either because the individual was taking trying to get a photo with a train or because they wanted to be seen trying to get on dangerous equipment. We should always remember that, as said by Yelena Alexeyeva, an aide to Russia’s interior minister, “Before taking a selfie, everyone should think about the fact that racing after a high number of ‘likes’ could lead them on a journey to death and their last extreme photo could turn out to be posthumous.” We love this campaign because of its great design and the message is easy to grasp.

#3 Have you ever wondered what your future will bring?


With all the data collected on its users, Google might have acquired the capacity to reveal what the future holds on, a new service called “Fortunetelling”, which invites internet users to ask a question about their future. Very quickly, the auto completion suggests a series of questions that are actually quite chilling. “Where can I find a safe place?”, “Will I be reunited with my family?”, “Is there a place where they will accept me?” Obviously, Google cannot predict your future. But every day, there are 60 million refugees who are wondering if they will have a future. Once on the “results” page, it is possible to access images and videos of Syrian refugees, but also to make a donation to UNHCR. Moreover, a counter shows the growing number of refugees the more time spent on the site.

#4 Happy 10th anniversary Sarenza!


For its 10th anniversary, Sarenza, the French e-Commerce company specialising in shoes and accessories, organised a totally quirky race where participants have to race on a minimum of 8cm heel. The objective is to reach the finish line as quickly as possible without spreading like a pancake on the track. The event will be held on 15th October in a disused warehouse in Paris. The prize: 10 years worth of shoes on A dream for every high-heeled shoe addict!

#5 Samsung, a launch with great fanfare… but maybe too much


Last week, Samsung launched its new phone Galaxy S6 Edge+ in France by deploying considerable resources: a mythical Parisian place which became very select, a line-up with the sounds of Mika and the Avener, a large commercial spot and, obviously, invitations to journalists and influential bloggers. All the ingredients were in place to turn this event into an unforgettable evening. But, it was the celebrity endorsements on social media that has been criticised by the Twitterati. Indeed, many famous guests have tweeted about the launch party, but all images and content were identical. The secret sponsored ads quickly escalated into a social media fail.

#6 Advertise for a horror film festival via classified ads

evil baby

The Swedish horror film festival, Elmsta 3000 Horror Fest recently published a classified ad of a baby’s photo in a local magazine to announce the birth and baptism of ‘Lucy’ – a female version of Satan or ‘Lucifer’. The ad notified readers to RSVP to an email address, (satan’s mother backwards). Within 24 hours, 81% of the audience replied to the invitation. Through this, the festival has managed to hit its target paying only €60! We love this ingenious and innovative guerrilla marketing ploy, very cheeky and very simple!

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