Weekly social scoop

The latest news and developments on Facebook, Twitter, Buzzfeed, Amazon and Snapchat – just in case you missed it!

Weekly social scoop

#1 Snapcash

By Reuters

  • Last week, it was announced that Snapchat will team up with Square to allow users aged 18 or over to send money to their friends’ bank accounts
  • Snapchat, which has previously experienced security issues, stated that security is a top priority and that Square will store the debit card information and transfer the money between accounts

#2 Facebook at Work criticised

By The Independent

  • Last week, we wrote about Facebook’s attempt to rival LinkedIn through Facebook at Work, which is thought to launch in the new year
  • But some have argued that it could lead to distracted employees and breaches of confidentiality, if Facebook does not properly understand the requirements of businesses

#3 Amazon’s disappearing deals


  • In a bid to appeal to mobile shoppers, the internet retail giant, Amazon, has announced it will use Snapchat to send out exclusive deals to customers
  • As well as deals, users will receive gift ideas and recommendations, which will disappear seconds after the message has been opened

#4 Buzzfeed’s website traffic

By The Drum

  • A new report from Buzzfeed on how technology is changing media has revealed that social traffic, mobile usage and video views are the highest drivers to its website
  • The insight has led to Buzzfeed adopting a mobile-first approach, resulting in more mobile traffic and a higher share rates

#5 Facebook Groups app

By The Telegraph

  • Following the launch of its controversial Messenger app earlier this year, Facebook has revealed its second standalone mobile app – Facebook Groups
  • In an attempt to improve user experience, Facebook Groups will allow users to start new groups as well as track and control notifications

#6 Twitter exec Anthony Noto’s direct message fail

By BBC News

  • A senior Twitter exec, Anthony Noto, has made a Twitter faux paux by accidentally sending a public tweet which was supposed to be a private direct message
  • The message, which was deleted shortly after, read: “I think we should buy them. He is on your schedule for Dec 15 or 16 — we will need to sell him. i have a plan.”

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Seeking: Digital Intern for our Soho office


Digital Intern Role.

This is a paid internship.  Initial contract length is three calendar months with possibility to extend a further three months.

Are you a super bright and ambitious graduate with a proven passion for all things digital? Are you a voracious consumer of digital tech and active across multiple social platforms? Have you decided that digital marketing is the career path you’re determined to pursue? Do you love crunching data?


If you’ve answered YES to ALL of these questions, we’d love to hear from you.

The Position

The Digital Intern will be responsible for assisting our Digital Marketing Consultant across two key areas of work– Research and Social media measurement & reporting. There will also be the opportunity to work on some content marketing campaigns.
Monitoring & Reporting

  • Assist with monthly social media reporting (clients’ social media operations and our agency platforms)
  • Help identify influencers/ superfans for blogger and analyst outreach campaigns
  • Assist with Google Analytics reporting
  • Assist with live social media reporting at events



  • Support with research (social media performance analysis, market & trends research and competitor analysis) for new business pitches
  • Research data for our e-newsletter and mailers

Knowledge and Skills

The successful candidate will have:

  • Previous digital experience – preferably within an agency
  • Passion for analytics – and the ability to translate complex data into meaningful information
  • A firm grasp of at least the basic principles of SEO and social media influencer measurement
  • Extensive knowledge and passion for youth market platforms such as Snapchat and WhatsApp – and an interest in how brands are using them for digital marketing
  • Excellent verbal and communication skills
  • Good organisational skills
  • Be a multi-tasker
  • Be self motivated and have the ability to work on own initiative
  • Be passionate and enthusiastic
  • Be honest and down to earth

In return we can offer:

  • Hands-on experience at an award-winning agency
  • Personal training and development programme via The oneAcademy
  • Great location in Soho



  • £1,041.67 pcm (gross)
  • 28 days holiday including public holidays (pro rata)


Start date – ASAP. Please note: This position is for UK residents only.

How to apply: Send your CV to jobs@onechocolatecomms.co.uk, along with a covering letter. Tell us in 300 words max why you want this job and what you have to offer.

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onechocolate loves… the view from the US

Our colleagues in onechocolate’s San Francisco office selected this week’s round-up of inspiring PR and digital marketing campaigns, smart new apps and cool events… 


#1 Death of the phone booth?


Do people still use phone booths? Not in New York! The city is revamping all of the old, dingy kiosks to bring free public Wi-Fi hotspots for everyone. In addition to the free Wi-Fi, the “Links” – as the kiosks are called – will carry digital advertising on large displays on the sides of the monolith-style installations. Can we get this in S.F. please?


#2 Say goodbye to promotional posts on Facebook

Facebook ads

Starting next January, Facebook will significantly cut the number of promotional posts seen by users who “Like” a company’s page. What does this mean for users? Arguably,a better experience on Facebook. And for brands? The reality of having to increase budget for paid ads to achieve the same results.


#3 Connected Cars for all


In conjunction with the L.A. Auto Show this year, the Connected Car Expo took place this week with companies focusing on the big market for IoT in the future. In addition to experts discussing issues like smartphone integration, vehicle connectivity and automotive apps, one of the highlights of the show included the focus on the autonomous driving vehicle. One contributor to this space, Audi, is already exploring driverless cars equipped with steering, brakes, throttle and transmission that have all been connected to GPS, high-frequency radio signals and 3D imaging camera to drive the vehicle. Cheers to the future!


#4. Interstellar

 Interstellar 2


Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson has educated all of us on the science behind the futuristic tech wonder that is Interstellar. Directed by Christopher Nolan (of Dark Knight fame), the movie has already made important REAL scientific discoveries in the study of black holes. While everyone will surely enjoy the movie, it’s nice to know that there’s some serious math and physics behind it. At least Tyson seemed to like this movie much more than he did the last space movie, Gravity.



#5 Movie locations with Google Maps

Google maps movie

Ever wondered what those famous movie locations look like in real life? Well now is your chance to find out, thanks to a new initiative from Google maps. As long as you have a general address or landmark in mind, it’s easy to find a few choice locations. Here are a few of our favorites: The Ghostbusters headquarters, Katz Deli from When Harry Met Sally and the house from Mrs. Doubtfire


#6 Thanksgiving is upon us

Are you gearing up for the Thanksgiving holiday? Maybe you’re not at all ready to face the onslaught of family, food and chaos that generally ensues. Thankfully, NPR has a solution to make your festive season even happier. With full meal services from grocers like Kroger and Safeway, as well as food delivery service Instacart, for when you forget a couple of ingredients, there are several companies hoping to take some of the headache out of planning the meal.

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PR & Social Media – Account Executive Role – Technology


onechocolate is looking for a talented individual to join our busy technology team as an account executive to work on a range of existing technology brands.

The successful candidate will have:

  • Held a number of PR and social media intern roles in the past 1.5 years
  • Strong media and industry knowledge in technology
  • A passion for technology
  • First-class writing skills with proven examples of written work
  • Excellent verbal communication skills
  • Ability to deliver outstanding PR and social media campaigns

Other skills we’re looking for:

  • Languages
  • Multi-tasker – ability to juggle
  • Excellent process and organisational skills
  • Team player with a ‘fun’ approach to work

In return onechocolate can offer:

  • Award-winning agency with a proven track record of success and ambitions to grow and develop
  • Great client experience – on big brands and technology innovators
  • Integrated PR and social media campaigns to work on
  • International campaigns
  • Longstanding supportive team and fun environment
  • oneAcademy in-depth training and personal development programme
  • Great location in Soho


  • Salary dependent on experience
  • Non-contributory healthcare scheme (after 3 months)
  • 21.5 days holidays plus 3.5 days Christmas break
  • Birthday off

If you’re interested in applying please email us: careers@onechocolatecomms.co.uk

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Top tips for being the “newbie”…

new job success

Being a new starter at any job is always bit frightening and daunting! Will I get on with my new colleagues? How will I adapt to the new office culture? How will I find the work? Will the team like me? All these thoughts run through your head as you want to make the best impression possible. A step into the new office is a step out of your comfort zone, but a good step to make. Here are five of my top tips to consider when making that leap into the unknown.

#1 Make a good impression

I think first and foremost, you want to make that great first impression. You want to be respected within your new team and the workplace. Going that extra mile to help a colleague with a task or showing enthusiasm to complete a job to the highest standard possible will demonstrate your eagerness to make a good impression.

#2 Be thoughtful to others

Remember, you’ve walked into an established working environment. Certain people have roles and there is a successful cycle in place already. Be respectful and thoughtful of your new colleagues. Your new team will work in certain way which you may not be used to, so it’s about adapting to this way. Don’t look to disrupt the established regime, but enhance it.

#3 Be confident in yourself

It’s easy to forget that you yourself have a lot of expertise, and will bring a lot to the new workplace. Essentially, that’s one of the reasons why you have a new job. You’ve been recruited partly to take the company to new places with the experience you have. Look to make a positive impact and be confident in the knowledge you possess. Use this to assert your decision-making process and justify your reasoning.

#4 Create a rapport with your team

Look to integrate quickly with your new work friends. You’ll see them more often than loved ones in most cases. Create that strong rapport with them where an element of trust between each other is created and a powerful bond exists. It’s with a great working rapport that you can be honest with your new team about tasks at hand, meeting deadlines or concerns you may have.

#5 Seek to learn

Ultimately, a new job and role means you’re tackling fresh tasks and coming across new challenges. Embrace this! Seek to learn at every opportunity because this was part of the reason for taking on a new job. Look to learn from others around you but also, at the same time, share your wisdom to help your colleagues. You are now a significant member of your new company and will be instrumental in the team’s future success.

And finally, remember that everything you do is a small step on your climb up the career ladder. Who knows, one day you might make it into PR Week’s Power List!

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