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Our weekly round-up of inspiring PR and digital marketing campaigns, smart new tech and cool events…

#1 Share the Force

September 4th 2015 is Force Friday, aka the highly-anticipated release of merchandise for Star Wars: The Force Awakens (a whole two and a half months before the film release!) Countless brands are jumping on the occasion, but our favourite is Target, which has created Share the Force – an interactive experience that invites fans around the world to take part in the first-ever collection of Star Wars memories. Users are able to upload and browse the pictures, videos and comments, which are stored in vast 3D virtual environments or “galaxies”. The contents will then be handed to Lucasfilm for permanent archiving. Supporting this, 207 Target stores will open at midnight on September 4th, with all the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens merchandise available to buy.

A great campaign from Target which taps into Star Wars’ huge fan base and celebrates the individual fan stories behind one of the biggest franchises of all time.

#2 Fashion to go

Wifi fashion

Contactless is very much on trend at the moment. From Apple Pay to bPay announcements, the world is going contactless. And now so can your fashion. Lyle & Scott and Barclaycard have launched the world’s first contactless jacket and is the first product from Lyle & Scott’s innovation team. There’s a cleverly concealed contactless card tucked into the sleeve that keeps you connected and flying through payment terminals. With the first autumn days beginning, this seems like as good a time as any to invest in a technologically advanced jacket. But what we’d really like to know is… does this come in pink?

#3 AI Wars

We’re loving Star Wars fever this week, especially where Artificial Intelligence (AI) news is concerned. A robotics company, in partnership with Disney, has announced that anyone can buy the “BB-8” – a droid the size a tennis ball. Who doesn’t love pet-sized, cute robots that hark back to the legend that is, R2-D2? Competition is certainly hotting up in the AI market!

#4 The Great British #CuteOffCuteOff

Nothing gets people’s attention quite like animals. Especially cute ones. This is a golden rule known by PRs and marketers worldwide, but when the hashtag #cuteoff went viral this week, it wasn’t powered by the flacks – biologists worldwide have been tweeting and Instagramming pictures of the cutest (and often relatively unknown) animals they have come across. Apparently the hashtag was born out of some friendly rivalry between baby bat-eared foxes and baby bears and then escalated to a worldwide campaign to find unsung animal heroes that make you go “awwwww”. The hashtag has already helped raise the social profile of countless hard-working biologists and the animals they work to conserve, as well as promoting research groups and animal centres across the globe. And, not wanting to be left out, some brands have already started jumping on the trend.

#5 XYZ scanner

3D printing

Exciting new technology to advance 3D printing has been unveiled by XYZ Printing at IFA 2015 this week. The handheld scanner captures your surroundings as you slowly wave it around and you’re then able to print the results on an XYZ printer. Mashable’s Lance Ulanoff tried out the technology and was impressed with the results. The scanner is expected to ship sometime later this year for the holiday season – we know what’ll be on our Christmas wish lists now!

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Are you up to the B2B tech PR challenge?

Now that summer is over, many recent graduates will be taking their first steps into the working world. PR is currently one of the most popular choices for new graduates with almost 4% of all UK graduates entering the industry last year. For those about to make the move, there is an inevitable choice to make – B2B or consumer?

Sometimes this decision will be made by choice or personal preference, however, for others it’s likely to be dependent on the nature of the agency where they secure their first job. Now, there is often the preconception that B2B communications is very corporate and (rather unfairly) a boring sector to work in. But we would disagree with this whole-heartedly!

We’ve put together some thoughts as to why B2B is an equally dynamic and exciting sector to work in.

Understanding the industry


There’s no denying that B2B communications often requires more in-depth knowledge of your clients’ market and technology. This is down to the nature of the stories you’ll be handling on a day-to-day basis. Thought leadership and news-jacking are both key components to B2B and when speaking to the media, you’re likely to get some tricky industry-specific questions, so it’s important to be prepared – but that’s what makes it so dynamic!

The exciting part is that you’ll get more exposure to a variety of areas outside of your comfort zone.  Okay, you’re a PR professional, but have you ever considered getting down and dirty with cyber criminals or becoming wrapped up in the world of the Internet of Things?

Creativity is arguably more important


PR as a whole requires a certain flair and creativity and traditionally this is what the consumer sector is known for. Yet, we’d argue that this skill is even more crucial within B2B. For example, toys and games may naturally lend themselves to more imaginative ideas than, say, software development, so you need plenty of creativity to find that exciting angle.

Good copywriting skills can also help enormously here. B2B PRs love the buzz of translating dense, technical information to make it digestible, fun and relatable for your everyday reader.

Work with the real innovators


What you may not realise, is that B2B technology companies are the real innovators (at least that’s our opinion!) Have you considered where all the tech from your shiny gadgets come from? Well, before your car learned to talk to your iPhone, a B2B company was developing the technology to allow the conversation to happen.

Most B2B developments eventually find their way down the technology chain and into your home (or pocket). If you like knowing about the coolest technology before it becomes mainstream, then B2B may be the sector for you – working with the innovators that drive the coolest consumer products.

Fancy working in our fantastic B2B team? Get in touch and tell us why:

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onechocolate loves… the view from France

Our French office selected this week’s round-up of inspiring PR and digital marketing campaigns, smart new tech and cool events…

#1 Move my city


As part of their #MoveMyCity tour – running until October 10th – Coca-Cola and Ubisoft are touring the roads of France to encourage thousands of young people to dance. The aim is to find the most dynamic and festive town in the country. Six French cities will battle for the title. Professional dancers and local troupes will perform at each event and will compete by playing Just Dance Now. Participants will see their performance and score in real-time on a giant screen. Each city will have its own unique hashtag and the one with the largest amount of engagement will win the title of “Most Dynamic City”. The prize for the triumphant city is a special award for a project around movement and dance.

# 2 #WSJScoops


This summer, the Wall Street Journal has jumped on the food truck trend to revitalise its image. With its own branded van, the magazine toured the streets of New York for five days offering a free scoop to readers. Visitors could also follow the campaign using the hashtag #WSJScoops, which attracted 8,900 followers on the Twitter page dedicated to the event. A great campaign from the Wall Street Journal to talk to the new digital generation.

#3 Big Data gets delicious

Big Data has infiltrated into many areas of business life, but one surprising sector getting on board the Big Data bandwagon is the restaurant industry. This is certainly the approach of Chef Damien Duquesne aka “Chef Damien”, well-known to food lovers for his French recipe website, 750g. Why Big Data? “Because we know what they like, what recipes they consult and this mass of data will help us to open a restaurant.” With the help of Big Data, Chef Damien is going to launch a new concept: a fully-connected restaurant. Guests will be served starters, main courses and desserts every week, created through interactions between the Chef and users on Facebook. In addition, they will receive recipe sheets with flash codes they can scan to discover videos created by the chef.

#4 #RentréeCanal 

TV channel Canal+ has created a lot buzz on the internet this week when it announced its programme schedule for the rest of the year. Instead of revealing the line-up in the usual preview format, they created mini trailers in retro 8-bit video game format. The accompanying hashtag, #RentréeCanal, has also proved to be very popular on Twitter. A simple yet effective campaign, using nostalgia to take its audience back to their youth.

#5 Super-charged denim

Joes Jeans

Jeans that can charge your iPhone? We must be dreaming. While finding that perfect pair of denim trouser can be difficult, nothing is worse than searching for a charging outlet when you’re powering down. In an attempt to solve this problem, Joe’s Jeans – a Los Angeles-based apparel company – has developed a new denim line it calls #Hello-Charged, which will let you charge your phone on the go. With a hidden iPhone pocket tucked into the waistline, the trousers provide an extra compartment to hold a slim battery, designed exclusively for the brand. Just be sure to remove the phone and battery before throwing the jeans in the wash!

#6 Triber


New app, Triber, has found the solution to losing your friends in crowds: geolocation. During this summer period of festivals, picnics and tanning sessions on the beach or Paris Plage, the app is ever more useful. Offered as a free download on iPhone and soon on Android (end of 2015), Triber operates like a compass and tells you exactly how many meters away you are from the person you seek. It might sound slightly creepy, but in order for it to work, both parties must have the app on their phones and users are able to switch to invisible mode when they don’t want to be found. Triber’s geolocation also allows users to select a specific meeting point to share with an entire group of friends – especially useful if you decide to join your friends last minute or are running late.

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Job Vacancy: New Business Development Executive

Our business:

onechocolate is a boutique PR and digital marketing agency based in the heart of Soho, London. We are an award-winning, global business with additional offices in Paris, Munich and San Francisco, running many international PR and social media campaigns for our clients. The role will be working on onechocolate’s B2B team whose clients include market leaders and innovators in a variety of technology markets such as e-commerce, IT security, software and telecoms.

The job:

  • Combine cold calling (to generate leads) with developing long-term relationships with prospects, both in the UK and internationally
  • Careful, tailored targeting of contacts, focusing in on our key market sectors in technology and corporate accounts
  • Develop qualifying and questioning skills to generate quality leads
  • Work to have a good knowledge and understanding of our target markets
  • Identify and attend key industry shows to meet face-to-face with prospects
  • Manage and maintain the CRM database (ACT)
  • Manage and own our marketing collaterals, developing our credentials, email marketing, case studies etc.

You are:

  • A graduate with English as your first language (essential)
  • Ambitious – you want to make your mark and make a difference
  • Hard-working with a clear understanding of the sales funnel
  • Self-motivated and have the ability to work on your own initiative
  • Incentive and target-driven
  • A team player
  • Passionate and enthusiastic
  • Honest and down-to-earth

You have:

  • 6-12 months’ experience cold calling and lead generating (could be during gap years and/or university years)
  • Proven hunger for sales and building relationships via phone and email
  • A proficient track record in hitting and exceeding targets
  • An eagerness and enthusiasm to sell over the phone
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • A passion for social media

In return, we offer:

  • An award-winning agency with a proven track record of success and opportunities to grow and develop
  • The oneAcademy detailed training programme
  • The ability to work autonomously in an entrepreneurial environment
  • A supportive team atmosphere
  • A fun, sociable office, including quarterly company events & outings and Friday drinks
  • Great location in the heart of Soho


  • £24k; OTE £28-33k
  • Stakeholder pension scheme (after three months)
  • Non-contributory healthcare scheme (after three months)
  • 25 days holiday including Christmas break
  • Birthday day off

If you fit our criteria and are interested in joining our dynamic and enthusiastic team, please email:

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Weekly social scoop

The latest news and developments on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Rainvid and WhatsApp, just in case you missed them…

Weekly social scoop

#1 Facebook becomes the top online news source

By The Drum

  • Analytics firm has named Facebook as the top source for online news, overtaking Google
  • Social media sources accounted for 43% of all traffic referrals with Google only sending 38% of the traffic
  • Meanwhile, Twitter is still a “distant traffic source” – CTO believes this is to do with Facebook’s transparency around algorithms 

#2 Twitter shares plummet amid fears it won’t be able to compete in the mainstream

By The Guardian

  • The company’s market value fell from $41.5bn to $17.6bn
  • Investors such as Harvard, Yale and Stanford have been selling their Twitter stock in recent weeks
  • Concerns follow the slow Q2 user growth and uncertainty around the CEO position following the departure of Dick Costolo earlier this year

#3 LinkedIn launches a new app to allow employees to look up co-workers

By Business Insider

  • 30% LinkedIn users look at a co-worker’s profile at least once a month
  • Only 38% of professionals use their internal intranet service to its full effect and 46% of those surveyed would rather use LinkedIn to better understand co-workers
  • LinkedIn’s new app ‘Lookup’ simplifies this process and allows you to sign up with your company’s email address to easily connect with people within your organisation 

#4 Rainvid hopes to become the go-to source for online videos

By Geek Online

  • The video bookmarking network aims to become the “Pinterest for videos”
  • Rather than being limited to just YouTube content, the Israeli start-up will allow users to collect videos from across the web
  • Users will be able to ‘like’ and ‘follow’ lists within the Rainvid community earning points along the way 

#5 Facebook updates Notes

By Silicon Republic

  • Facebook has revamped the little-used feature to properly format longer content and encourage users to write and post articles on the site
  • The move indicates that Facebook is hoping to rival sites such as Medium, which was set up by two of Twitter’s original team 

#6 WhatsApp web support now available for iOS devices

By The Guardian

  • iPhone users are now able to send and receive WhatsApp messages from their computers
  • The service requires the phone to be connected to the internet as it only “mirrors” the data from the phone app
  • WhatsApp web services are available on both Mac and PC to most Windows, Google, Blackberry, Nokia and iOS devices 

#7 Land Rover promotes its #WeDealInReal campaign

By Marketing Magazine

  • The brand is promoting grassroots-to-stadium rugby through a YouTube video involving 11 grassroots rugby teams across the world
  • From Scotland to Fiji the video aims to tell local clubs’ stories to a global audience

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