onechocolate loves… the view from France

Our colleagues in onechocolate’s Paris office have selected this week’s round-up of inspiring PR & digital marketing campaigns, smart new apps and cool events…

#1 IKEA getting spooky in Singapore

A month after releasing an incredibly popular commercial spoofing Apple, IKEA is back with a new ad – and this one takes a rather different approach. Its latest offering sees IKEA Singapore paying homage to Stanley Kubrick’s classic 1980 film The Shining by recreating its iconic (and super creepy) hallway scene. The Hallowe’en campaign is being used to promote IKEA’s daily late night shopping to its Singapore customers. In addition to the YouTube clip, an interactive social media video hunt will run parallel to the campaign where consumers will be invited to spot and win products that appear in the film.

#2 Track your phone habit

track your phone

Do you have your Smartphone glued to your hand? Or do you have friends who annoy you by constantly checking their phones whilst you’re at dinner with them? Then you need to know about Checky – Phone Habit Tracker. The app, available since September both on Android and iOS, counts the number of times you check your handset each day. We’ve been trying to psyche ourselves up to tryout the new gizmo, but we’re afraid the truth will be too ugly. Sometimes ignorance is bliss.

#3 IDTGV and Google Glass

Google Glass

IDTGV, the subsidiary of SNCF – the French national train company – did a big media coup last week by equipping its employees with Google Glass in order to improve customer service and staff efficiency. For example, when purchasing a ticket, the customer’s ticket is scanned and the glasses display information on the traveler, including identity and seat numbers. In harnessing this innovative technology IDTGV managed to gain wide media attention whilst positioning itself as a leader in customer service.

#4 Twitter in Paris

Twitter in Paris

This summer, Paris’ twitter page rapidly overtook New York’s, with Paris accumulating more than 224 000 followers vs. New York’s 209 000. In aid of our city’s success on social media, we thought we’d enlighten you to a few facts about Paris’ twitter feed. Did you know that the least popular post in the history of the Paris page had no less than 5 likes? And the most popular tweet so far, with 960 retweets, was a post about the Eiffel Tower illuminated for screening breast cancer? 

#5 Be crazy, be yourself

We love this campaign from Maisons Du Monde, a French furniture and home decor company. The brand is encouraging its audience to ‘Be crazy, be yourself’ through a quirky video, which shows, amongst other things, a baby with a fake moustache and a man dressed as a giant fish – glorious!

#6 Digital Week France

Digital week

From 15th-26th October we welcomed, for the first time, Digital Week France to Paris. The event offered a number of courses and events around digital creation and digital contemporary art to a large number of collectors, gallery owners and enthusiasts. Over 11 days and in 14 different locations, many conferences, exhibitions and round tables took place to discuss the digital evolution of society and how artists offer new perspectives and contemporary readings on the topic.


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10 smart ways to stand out on LinkedIn

With more than 313 million members in over 200 countries and territories worldwide, LinkedIn is firmly established as the network of choice for business professionals, particularly those in the B2B arena. However, with an ever-increasing number of prospects, potential partners, customers, suppliers, job seekers and recruiters on the network, it’s more vital than ever to ensure you stand out from the crowd.

As the network continues to grow, keeping up with its latest tools and developments can feel like hard work. So, we’ve put together ten top sure-fire tactics to make you shine. (You’re welcome).

#1 Publish, publish, publish


If you haven’t started publishing on LinkedIn yet, we highly recommend you start. The key benefit of publishing rather than simply posting an update (given your content is suitably brilliant, of course) is its effective way of putting you in the spotlight. Publishing your own great content will go a long way to establishing you as a thought leader, as well as building your personal brand and follower base. You’ll also get analytics on how many people have viewed and shared your posts. Moreover, every time you publish a post your contacts will get a notification, which will serve to keep your name fresh in their minds. If you still need convincing, take a look at LinkedIn’s guide to the benefits of publishing as a professional.

Once you start publishing, remember to make it relevant for your audience; whether that’s customers, partners or peers, the main aim is to provide them with useful content. You should also share your published content on your other social channels to maximise your exposure. Another tip is to share your brand’s URL at the bottom of your published post to direct more traffic to its website. 

#2 Curate and create content 

When it comes to posting updates, you should also remember to source interesting articles to share. The general rule of thumb is: curate 80% and create 20%. Not only will this save you time in content creation, but it’ll ensure you keep on top of industry news and developments.

#3 Utilise the “who’s viewed your profile” feature

Who's viewed your profile 2

This tool gives analytics on who’s viewed your profile; their job title, location and even how they found you. Recently, LinkedIn has made this tool even more sophisticated by adding a cause and effect chart, which tracks your actions that contributed to a higher or lower number of profile views week on week. Also, in the tab next to “who’s viewed your profile” you can also see “how you rank” for profile views amongst your connections and colleagues.

#4 Build your relationships 

For those with large networks, it can be a challenge to stay on top of your contacts, let alone those you’re not yet connected to. This is where the Relationship Tab can help. The feature allows you to record and save information about someone who you’re not yet LinkedIn with. Perfect for following up new business leads and reminding yourself of details regarding your professional relationship with individuals, to develop relationships and grow your network. 

#5 Take the work out of networking


Let’s face it, keeping your network warm and staying connected can be time-consuming. LinkedIn’s Connected App, launched this summer, gives you relevant, timely reasons to get in contact and keep in touch with the people in your network.

Top tip: When you sync your contacts and calendars with Connected, you can turn on handy notifications for pre-meeting intelligence and reminders.

#6 Show off your work 

LinkedIn allows you to connect media to your profile, including video, audio, pictures, documents and presentations to show examples of your past work and enrich your profile. You’re able to do this on the “Summary”, “Education” and “Experience” sections of your profile. You can also find out more by checking out LinkedIn’s handy how-to guide for adding/removing media. 

#7 Join groups

LinkedIn groups

To gain more interest in your profile, identify groups that the audience you want to connect with on LinkedIn are a part of. Once you’ve joined, remember to ask questions and join in conversations and debates. The more you participate, the more attention your profile will receive. In fact, LinkedIn says that active group users get four times as many profile views as those who don’t use this resource. In need of inspiration for which groups to join? Then check out the LinkedIn Groups Directory. 

#8 Re-organise your profile 

Don’t like to order in which your profile appears? You can add, remove and re-arrange entire sections however you desire. When in edit mode, simply hover your mouse over the double-sided arrow next to the “Edit” link for each section. Your mouse will turn into a four-arrowed icon, at which point you can click, then drag and drop to another position on your profile. 

#9 Rejuvenate your resume

Resume 2

We’re seeing LinkedIn move more and more in the direction of being the middle-man between the job hunter and the recruiter. One of the most useful methods for this is its clever Resume Builder tool. Simply choose a resume template, edit it, and export it as a PDF that you can print, email and share. If you’re a recruiter check out LinkedIn’s paid for recruiter tools which include advanced search for candidates, InMail to contact those you’re not connected to and nifty tools to manage your pipeline of talent. 

#10 And finally, remember to keep updating  

Every time you update your profile, it appears in your connections’ newsfeeds. Not only will this keep you fresh in their minds, but having an updated profile will ensure you’re showcasing your skills and experience to their full potential.

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Weekly social scoop

Latest news and developments on Twitter, Facebook, Ello, Pinterest and Telegram – just in case you missed it


#1 Twitter acquires Twitpic archive to protect existing content as service bows out

By The Drum

  • Twitter has acquired the website and photo archive of Twitpic following the closure of the service
  • Twitpic creator Noah Everett announced the news in a blog post, and the deal means that the photo archive of Twitpic will be protected
  • Twitpic announced the decision to shut down in September after being served with a legal notice from Twitter over a trademark dispute. Soon after, it appeared the service may have had a reprieve by way of an acquisition by an un-named company. However, when the deal fell through, Twitpic again announced it would close

#2 Facebook re-invents the 1990s chat room with Rooms iPhone app

By Guardian

  • Facebook has released a new iPhone app, Rooms, that allows users to create near-anonymous chat rooms like those from the mid-1990s internet relay chat (IRC) systems
  • Rooms does not require a Facebook account to use – only an email address to re-login if switching between devices. The app connects users in a pseudo-anonymous fashion to chat about almost anything, away from the main Facebook experience, and is almost a recreation of IRC – but with Facebook’s terms and conditions applied

#3 ‘Anti-Facebook’ investors dig deep for Ello

By BBC News

  • A social network promising never to sell user data or incorporate advertising has secured multi-million dollar backing
  • Ello, which launched in August, has also become a Public Benefit Corporation, which prohibits its current and any future owners from breaking that promise
  • The network plans to make money by introducing micro-payments for additional features. Investors have pledged $5.5m (£3.4m)

#4 What Twitter Fabric Means for Developers

By Mashable

  • Twitter has had a complicated relationship with developers
  • In its earlier days, the social network encouraged third-party developers to build their own apps and services on top of the platform. But the company later began to roll out its own competing features (the most notable example of this is when Twitter created its own image sharing service, frustrating companies like Twitpic and Yfrog)
  • But Twitter made its biggest appeal yet to developers on Wednesday at Flight, the company’s first mobile developer conference. There CEO Dick Costolo unveiled Fabric, the company’s ambitious plan to win back developers

#5 Pinterest Is Continuing To Roll Out More Ads — Here’s What It Looks Like For Businesses

By Business Insider

  • It looks like Pinterest is one step closer to rolling out its ads product to all businesses, as it continues to add new ones to the Promoted Pin beta test that it first launched in May
  • Pinterest launched Promoted Pins with only a small group of advertisers, but has been gradually adding new businesses. The company just added a new wave of  advertisers, based on an invitation to advertise that a source showed Business Insider

#6 Secure Messaging App Telegram Adds Usernames And Snapchat-Like Hold-To-View For Media

By Tech Crunch

  • Telegram, the security-focused messaging app, now lets you add friends without necessarily knowing their phone number. An update to the iOS and Android apps today has introduced the option to register a username, although all users must still bind their account to a phone number
  • The advantage of a username is that you can share your contact details for Telegram without revealing your phone number, thus safeguarding some level of privacy
  • Usernames must be a minimum of five characters — so you can’t make up for losing out on a one-letter Twitter handle here — and can contain letters, numbers and underscores

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onechocolate loves

Our weekly round-up of the most inspiring PR and digital marketing campaigns, smart new apps, cool events, ventures and happenings that have caught our eye… 

#1 Sleepover with Waterstones!


In a fantastic follow up to the American tourist accidentally locked inside the Trafalgar Square branch, Waterstones is inviting 10 guests to have a ‘sleepover’ in its Piccadilly store!

Teaming up with Airbnb, the well-known bookstore is hosting the event this Friday from 9pm to 9am Saturday. Winners will also receive a tour and their pick of thousands of books on offer. Airbnb are also offering surprises from Graze and Weetabix. We love this brilliant example of brands creating strategic partnerships and using unexpected events to their advantage.

#2 Wonderful Everyday

This week, Ikea is teaming up with ITV to run a second-screen ad and content campaign to support its ‘Wonderful Everyday’ campaign; which will span TV, radio, digital and social media. The move will see mobile content synced with 60-second, 30-second and 10-second TV ads, launching during Saturday’s X Factor show and running until 20th December. The campaign is designed to “generate conversations around what makes an everyday meal a special occasion” in support of its dining and kitchen product range.

#3 #LastRolo

Do you love anyone enough to give them your last Rolo?

Nestle is asking the age old question in its latest campaign that also looks to refresh its social channels. Using the hashtag #LastRolo, five short videos have been unveiled on social media and YouTube this week, some are funny, some are dramatic and some are emotional. Our personal favourite is the ‘Office Hottie Daydream’ video, but can choose your own by checking them out on Rolo’s dedicated YouTube channel.

#4 A swift pint

In response to the video ‘Race the Tube’ that went viral last month, Glaswegian brand Tennent’s Lager has created a spoof spin-off version of the video. Just to refresh your memory, the original video showed a passenger jumping off the London underground at one station before sprinting 415 yards in 80 seconds to get back on the same tube carriage with moments to spare.

In Tennent’s ‘Glaswegian edit’ a Scottish runner attempts the same challenge between Hillhead Station and Kelvin Bridge Station. However, the run is more of a leisurely stroll, where he takes time to glance at his phone, stop at a pub for a pint of Tennent’s Lager, read a newspaper, get a sun bed and even paint a masterpiece!

Given the popularity of last month’s video, this is a great idea from Tennent’s to create its own tongue-in-cheek version. Featured on the likes of the The Daily Mail, AOL and the Daily Record this week, the video has received over 10,000 views so far.

 #5 Random Stuff

Ever wondered what being a robot vacuum cleaner or a bus in Europe or perhaps even a goat would be like? Well, thanks to the list of most random simulator programmes, compiled by Stuff Magazine’s rather genius Esat Dedezade, you can experience all the above and more. With a mixture of free and paid-for versions and complete with video previews, whether it’s a farmer, a bear or even a street cleaning machine, there truly is something for everyone. Be warned: viewing may cause random outbursts of laughter.

#6 It’s all about Gotham


If, like us, you’re hooked on a cult TV series and can’t wait for the next season of Game of Thrones, Suits or Breaking Bad, then Gotham is what you need to fill that void. Based on the fictional city of Gotham, it tells of the story of how Batman became Batman. And, of course, the background behind detective Jim Gordon and the early childhood of Bruce Wayne is revealed as well.

With the first couple of episodes already aired on Channel 5 and Rotten Tomatoes reviewers giving it 4/5, it is already storming its way to ‘addictive cult TV status.’ We were hooked from the first episode, now to see where the story goes…

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Is vlogging the new rock ‘n’ roll?

Although the YouTube vlogger phenomenon is something us PR folk have been familiar with for years, it feels like it’s just stepped into overdrive. One vlog star, Alfie Deyes, has recently released a book addition to his YouTube channel, The Pointless Book, which shot straight to the top of the Sunday Times and Amazon bestseller charts. And, in case anyone balked at the word ‘star’, take note: his book signings were cancelled due to safety fears regarding the thousands of teenage girls trying to get to him. Another name to watch is Zoe Sugg, whose work is currently beaming out at us from moving posters on tube escalators and in Westfield shopping centre. Also hot-to-trot is vlog princess, Tanya Burr, who bagged a front row seat at London Fashion Week and is now pouting out from a Superdrug shelf trying to sell us a lipstick.

For brands, working with the top-dog vloggers can pay great dividends. Whether it’s cupcake tutorials or hard-hitting charity campaigns, companies can now reach audiences they never could before by tapping into these vloggers’ huge, established fan bases. The vloggers’ subscribers treat them like rock stars, and consider the YouTubers (as they’re affectionately known) as an authoritative, trustworthy voice. They are revered as ‘best friends’ – always eager to bestow not only honest but also undeniably hip opinions – meaning an endorsement from them can result in big sales.

The results are clear to see, but working with the ‘best of the best’ doesn’t come cheap. The top players are earning up to £20,000 a month in advertising revenue and brand partnerships!

Here’s our lowdown on the vloggers currently sitting at the top of the tree…

Zoe Sugg, Zoella 6.2million subscribers, 2.3million Twitter followers

Fashion and beauty vlogger Zoe Sugg’s debut make-up range for Superdrug sold out within minutes in September. Her first novel, Girl Online, is out next month and she’s been snapped up to work with everyone from Topshop to ASDA. Not bad considering her first vlog consisted of showing us 60 items from her bedroom, including a half-eaten advent calendar and a TV remote control.

Alfie Deyes, Pointless Blog 3.1million subscribers, 1.8million Twitter followers

Alfie, 20, is currently in full-on plug mode for his book, The Pointless Book, named after his YouTube channel. He has uploaded to his YouTube channel every day since he was 15, and worked with top brands such as Cadbury and chat app, Frankly. He also just so happens to be dating Zoella, so together they are one of the digital world’s ultimate power couples. Their ‘How well do we know each other?’ post has hit over five million views in just two months.

Caspar Lee, Caspar – 3.1million subscribers, 1.9million Twitter followers

Caspar is best known for his pranks and sketches and also finished filming a movie with John Cleese earlier this summer. He’s worked on travel videos with Turkish Airlines and proved how adept 02’s new 4G service was for taking selfies. He lives with fellow YouTuber Joe Sugg, who is Zoella’s younger brother… are you keeping up?

Tanya Burr, Tanya Burr – 2.5million subscribers, 1million Twitter followers

Tanya made her name recording videos after her shifts on a department store beauty counter, and her fashion and beauty tips now attract more than two million visitors every month. Her collaboration on a make-up range with Eye Candy prompted the largest waiting list they’d ever had. She’s also worked with Dove, Tresemme and on baking videos for ASDA with her boyfriend Jim Chapman. Unsurpringly, he’s a vlogger too…

Louise Pentland, Sprinkle of Glitter – 1.7million subscribers, 917k Twitter followers

Hitting a slightly older audience is Louise, who juggles her vlogging with being a full-time mum to her three-year old daughter. While still remaining loyal to the chatty fashion & beauty videos that built up her fan base, she’s no stranger to collaborating with brands, from baking videos for ASDA to self-harm awareness videos for Red Cross. Her star is still on the rise, and she is excitedly planning her first live show next month.

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