Weekly social scoop

The latest news and developments on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook, just in case you missed them…

Weekly social scoop

#1 Facebook updates its video features giving admins more control 

By The Next Web

  • The new features will allow page admins the ability to upload ‘secret’ videos which can only be accessed with a direct URL
  • Similar to YouTube’s ‘unlisted’ feature, videos can now be shared privately
  • Video customisation has also had a revamp with age/gender restrictions being added to filtering features

 #2 Average spend on YouTube ads by top brands has increased by 60 percent

By Campaign

  • Brands including Apple, Coca-Cola and IBM have increased their spend on YouTube ads year on year
  • In the past 12 months, branded content have doubled the amount of views they have received
  • Brand channels are also reporting almost 50 percent rise in subscriptions

#3 Instagram could make more revenue from mobile ads than Google and Twitter

By Business Insider UK

  • According to eMarketer’s first ever advertising forecast, Instagram is predicted to generate up to $595m in advertising revenue worldwide
  • In just two years, Instagram is expected to overtake Google and Twitter in mobile ad revenues

#4 Users are spending 60 percent more time watching YouTube videos than they did last year

By Fast Company

  • The average user spends more than 40 minutes in a mobile viewing session on YouTube
  • YouTube head, Susan Wojcicki, wants to grow YouTube into a “dominant force in the video industry”
  • To complement this, Google has reported 11 percent revenue growth year on year

 #5 Facebook users over 50 most likely to use the site to check up on an old lover

By Huffington Post

  • Research by silversurfer.com found that one in six over 50’s in the UK check up on ex-partners on Facebook
  • Social media will continue to play a key role in this demographic as they become less able physically to keep in touch with family and friends, with 47 percent planning to spend more time on Facebook as they get older
  • 16 percent of over 50s want to show an old partner how well they’ve aged and use Facebook to show off their selfies

#6 MPs’ guide to using social media

By The Evening Standard

  • The CIPR has been commissioned by John Bercow to create a Twitter guide specifically geared towards MPs
  • Advice includes waiting 60 seconds after drafting a tweet before posting it
  • MPs are also encouraged not to feign interest in popular culture to seem more down-to-earth

#7 Twitter cracking down on stolen jokes

By The Verge

  • Following the successful removal of “stolen tweets” from Twitter it appears the micro-blogging site is trying to give users more rights to their own intellectual property
  • Claims of copyright infringement can be made on Twitter’s website
  • Content is usually challenged when it involves images or video and very rarely is a request filed against the written content of a tweet
  • Twitter’s staff go through the claims and any they deem valid will result in the offending tweets being deleted

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onechocolate loves… the view from France

Our French office selected this week’s round-up of inspiring PR and digital marketing campaigns, smart new tech and cool events…

#1 Beme, the honest and authentic social network

Casey Neistat, a short-film video artist and social media evangelist, is releasing Beme, an app intended as an antidote to the ‘curated self’ – or glossy persona we create for ourselves online. Via YouTube, Neistat announced his latest creation: the Beme app forces us to  be ourselves in our shares, and in a rather original way. To shoot a video via Beme, you must put your smartphone against your chest, it will automatically record and post without your reviewing the content. And, like Snapchat, followers of a profile can watch videos only once. The waiting list to try Beme is still VERY long before you can even register (nearly three months), a great way to keep the hype around the app. The question is what fate will the app have? With Neistat’s awareness and skill, you can only imagine how quickly the application will grow.

#2 La Matinale du Monde – the perfect app for PRs

Le monde

Le Monde, a top French daily newspaper, launched its mobile app, La Matinale, which offers around 20 articles and videos (mostly paid) every morning. The article selection is much like Tinder, as users can swipe left/right. Le Monde’s ambition is to attract younger readers by addressing “young and active readers, wanting quality content and a simple, quick and enjoyable way to access curated information” says Gilles Van Kote, ex-Director of Le Monde. The subscription fee is 6.99€/month (with a launch price of 1.99€/month), which is cheaper than Le Monde’s full digital subscription (17.90€). Launched on 11th May, the app, La Matinale du Monde, is available on both iOs and Android.

#3 #mabarbeenvacances, when the answer to a racist tweet goes viral

Ma Barbe En Vacances

On 16th July, a Twitter account complained of seeing a bus of the UCPA (Union des Centres Sportifs de Plein Air), and an accompanying image of an adult “Maghrebi with a 20cm beard”. The community manager of the UCPA Twitter account replied with gifs of bearded men and one where two men kiss. Following the immediate success of the post, the community manager invited subscribers to post as many photos of beards as possible, with the hashtag mabarbeenvacances. A quick, appropriate and engaging reaction that soon became viral. The dream of every community manager!

#4 Colour revolution of the foot race

The Color Run

To associate a branded image with an event is a great way to get closer to a target audience and raise awareness. Sephora, a large French cosmetics group, excelled in this recently as it became the official sponsor of The Color Run. According to the latest barometer Uniteamsport conducted in June, The Color Run is the first fun race ranked with 10% aided awareness. Participation in The Color Run, which involves spraying the runners with a variety of coloured powder as they race, keeps growing with over 20,000 runners registered for the second event held in Paris. A great idea to reach its favorite target: a female and urban audience! The next event will take place in Marseille on 4th October 2015.

#5 Oasis, the king of the social networks newsjacking


When the new Bond movie trailer was unveiled, #Spectrum started trending on Twitter and Oasis jumped on the opportunity. It quickly changed the names of actors to ones sounding more “fruity”. Oasis successfully took-over the James Bond saga codes. This fun communication style on its social networks contributes to the brand’s success and it is not about to stop!

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Weekly social scoop

The latest news and developments on Instagram, Google, Twitter, Meerkat and Facebook, just in case you missed them…

Weekly social scoop

 #1 Instagram reaches 14m UK users

By Business Insider UK

  • The milestone was announced at a press event at Facebook’s London HQ
  • It is thought that most of those 14m users are business accounts
  • This is the first time Instagram has broken down its audience numbers to a single region

#2 Google is indexing even more tweets following the deal between Twitter and Google

By Search Engine Land

  • 466% more tweets are being indexed by the search engine
  • Accounts with a higher follower count are still more likely to be favoured though
  • Google is still not indexing more than 96% of tweets

#3 Sima Sistani, VP of media at Meerkat discusses what sets the video streaming app apart

By The Drum

  • The app has recently launched its Cameo feature with the help of TMZ, MasterCard and The Weather Channel
  • The company has also announced its Facebook integration
  • Users have been doubling on a monthly basis since the app’s launch 

#4 Facebook trials a ‘Watch Later’ feature so users can come back to videos when they fancy

By TechCrunch

  • Facebook has reported its site receives 4 billion daily video views
  • The new feature is expected to boost these numbers as users have the option to come back to a video at a time more convenient to them
  • The button is currently available on the desktop version of the site 

#5 Pew Research Centre finds the US is turning to Facebook & Twitter more for news stories

By The Guardian

  • A survey conducted by Pews found that 63% of Americans get their news from the social media platforms
  • Twitter is used for more ‘breaking news’ stories
  • Changes to filtering algorithms or content structures can be attributed to this rise in interest
  • Facebook’s Instant Articles initiative has made viewing news articles within the platform easier 

#6 First snaps of Pluto appear on Instagram


  • NASA and Instagram teamed up to debut the first images of Pluto on the image-sharing platform
  • The social media site was given a one-hour head start on the image before it was officially released elsewhere
  • Proving to be a wise decision, the picture received 100,000 likes in less than an hour
  • NASA’s Instagram account already has 3.5 million followers, making it the perfect place for the debut 

#7 Instagram says no to #Curvy – but #Skinny lives on

By Huffington Post

  • In an effort to stop any ‘potentially harmful content’ being shared on the site, Instagram has blocked #curvy from searches
  • Content under this hashtag frequently violated the site’s nudity policy which is why it has been included in the hashtag cull
  • However, search terms such as bitch, fat slag, hookers and thin still exist 

#8 NHS doctors hit back with #ImInWorkJeremy

By BBC News

  • Following the announcement that UK Health Secretary, Jeremy Hunt, plans to impose a seven-day working week on hospital consultants, NHS staff already working over the weekend struck back to defend themselves
  • Staff up and down the country tweeted to say they were at work with pictures of themselves alongside the hashtag #ImInWorkJeremy

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onechocolate loves… the view from the U.S.

Our San Francisco office selected this week’s round-up of inspiring PR and digital marketing campaigns, smart new tech and cool events…

#1 Short a Guy

Released as part of its #TakeonTJ social and digital campaign, Nike’s latest ad, “Short a Guy”, takes viewers on an exhilarating multi-sport ride and gained nearly 300k YouTube views on its first online. Using the soundtrack of The Trashmen’s “Surfin Bird” – made popular in the recent years by FOX’s hit animated comedy series, Family Guy – the “short a guy” kid is spotlighted when he gets invited to take part in a wide range of games. The ad also features cameos from famous athletes such as MLB players Mike Trout and Garrett Richards, Olympic Gold Medalist and volleyball player, Misty May-Treanor, and soccer star Mia Hamm.

#2 VR Goes mainstream – and into your theatres VR

It appears that ‘space-age’ virtual reality (VR) technology might be closer than we think. Samsung and Skybound Entertainment have announced production of a new virtual reality suspense thriller called “Gone”, which will play on Samsung Gear VR headsets. Producer David Alpert noted that VR is a complete departure from traditional movie making and “3D is just an expansion of an existing technology, but VR is a whole new experience”. Could we all have headsets in our homes one day? It’ll be exciting to see how this technology grows.

#3 DVDs Are Dead, Long Live Chromecast


In the same year that members of the Television Academy switched over to online voting, the Academy also announced a multi-year partnership with Google, promising delivery of Chromecast devices to members in an effort to (finally) trim the volume of DVD screeners sent out every year. Not only is the development environmentally friendly, but as COO Maury McIntyre pointed out: “It also gives our members a great way to view programming across their devices year-round”.

#4 The age of Periscope: Internet leaks rampant at Comic-Con

 While we did enjoy watching the new trailer for the upcoming Suicide Squad movie, which is now available everywhere, it could mean that popular movie studios stop releasing them at Comic-Con due to the number of people putting bootlegged versions on places like YouTube. Even though Comic-Con explicitly bans the use of video and streaming apps, drones and Google Glass, it will be difficult in the coming years to stop the flow of traffic when technology such as Periscope already exists.

#5 Robots vs. Fido


 Would you consider replacing your pup at homewith a robot instead? As digital tech continues to make its way into our homes – it could soon take over our household animals, too. Jean-Loup Rault, an animal scientist at the University of Melbourne, says “You don’t have to feed it; you don’t have to walk it; it won’t make a mess in your house; and you can go on holidays without feeling guilty.” There’s a real appeal for those with allergies and small spaces, and when Sony shut down the last tech clinic for its discontinued dog Aibo in March 2014, owners in Japan held funerals. Would you consider the switch?

 #6 Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week Goes Tech-y


Fashion week is known to push the boundaries of style, and this year’s Haute Couture Fashion Week in Paris was no exception. From a giant painting dress to flower head cages, designers like Jean Paul Gaultier and Maison Margiela showcased the best of the best in exclusive, handmade designs. Karl Lagerfeld at Chanel brought new technology into the mix with several waffle-light jackets in the label’s signature tweedy style, but in 3-D printed fabric. While most haute couture values century-old techniques, we can only imagine the artistry and creativity the world’s biggest fashion labels will exhibit in the future.

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5 effective tips to connect your social and lead generation

social and lead gen - dartboard

Every marketer wants to drive leads through their social media efforts, but are you doing it in the right way? Social media plays a vital role for brand awareness and thought leadership, but ultimately the goal is to convert likes into sales. If your social media strategy is not seamlessly aligned with your business objectives, with a clear agenda for targeting a specific audience and driving traffic, your social content will  be nothing more than pretty wallpaper.

With 75% of B2B buyers using social media to support purchase decisions and the buyer journey becoming increasingly more complex and competitive, it’s more essential than ever to connect your social media and lead gen operations.

Here are our top five tips to effectively leverage social media to support your lead generation and drive sales:

#1 Drive social traffic to the right place

It may sound obvious, but time and time again brands send out emails, tweets and LinkedIn posts without a strong call to action (CTA). Alongside your messaging, you should be thinking about where you want to send the prospect: is it your website, campaign landing page or perhaps a Hubspot page? CTAs should be highly targeted, not just by demographic, but also in response to where the prospects are in your sales pipeline. Providing the right content at the right time in the buyer journey is essential to successful lead generation and increases the likelihood of your sales team closing the deal.

#2 Enticing gated content

Whether it’s a white paper, eBook or webinar, information gained from gated content is gold dust to sales people. However, if you’re not promoting it sufficiently on your social channels, chances are you’re not getting sufficient ROI. Bake in promotion of gated content to your digital strategy and remember the more highly targeted your promotion, the better. Not only does gated content filter out those who only have a casual interest in your product or service, but it’s a great way to find out the individual interests/pain points of your prospects.

#3 Maximise earned media

We mentioned earlier that the B2B buyer journey is becoming more complex. One of the reasons for this is the sheer amount of choice and information available, which means that prospects are already educated on your product before they even interact with your brand. Moreover, the average buyer engages with three times more pieces of content about your brand than content written by your brand. This is where earned media comes in. Online influencers and their vast communities present a gold mine for brands to tap into. They wield just as much kudos as traditional media, if not more and, crucially, can move needles when it comes to sales.

#4 UTM codes

If you haven’t heard of UTM codes, they are attached to URLs and show exactly where referral traffic is coming from (e.g. a tweet, email or white paper) without having to create custom landing pages. Adding UTM codes to links posted on your Twitter and LinkedIn pages allows you to see traffic generated by specific posts rather than just total referral traffic from both platforms. This is a great tool for tracking ROI and enables you to then build upon the best-performing social media content and ditch the content that fails to generate clicks.

#5 Paid social activity

To truly sweat the assets of your owned and earned media, invest in paid social activity. If your budget is small or stakeholders are unsure about investing in paid, identify the platform that the majority of your audience is active on and choose the content you want to invest in strategically. If you’re considering LinkedIn, check out our guide to the developments LinkedIn made to its marketing solutions portfolio earlier this year.

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