How to be the ultimate B2B Pokémon trainer

Pokémon Go has broken a number of records in the Apple and Android worlds alike, with an estimated 75 million downloads across both Operating Systems (OS) globally. In comparison, Tinder, which launched in 2012, only hit 100 million downloads in January this year. That’s some pretty impressive numbers for a game that hasn’t even been rolled out in all of its target markets yet.

On top of that, the success of the game has gone beyond the augmented walls of the game and Pokémon themed Spotify playlists have now started popping up, as well as 3,000 McDonald’s restaurants in Japan which are now officially sponsored PokeGyms. It’s pretty fair to say that this has become an international sensation, and an international success story that businesses can learn from as well. We’ve highlighted four key differentiators that have really helped Pokémon Go stand out from the crowd which can be applied to different areas of business to mirror results:

Adopt new technology

Pokémon Go gives us “normal folk” – those who can’t afford an Occulus Rift headset – a chance to experience the beauty that is AR. This means that in some instances I’m sure the novelty of the technology far outweighs the game itself. Pokémon Go is by no means the first game on the market to use AR (Ingress, Geocaching, Zombies Run! all got in there first), but it’s definitely the most popular. We all know that being able to experience the latest and greatest technology is a draw. Are you bringing your customers something new and exciting and making use of the latest technologies available to them? If you’re not, you might find yourself left out and be forced to watch your potential new customers snapped up by a savvier Pokémon trainer!

Encourage collaboration

Businesses can always learn from one another, whether it’s going to popular watering holes (PokeGyms) and catching up on the latest trends with your peers, or attending industry events to take part in panel discussions and share case studies of your successes with similar-minded people. Pokémon Go has a very social element to it; players are forced out of their comfort zones and come face to face with other Pokémon Trainers, and chances are, you’re going to have a chat with one of them. The internet has been flooded with pictures of unassuming PokeGyms filled with gamers, or tales of friendships being formed as a result of the game. Any business needs to consider whether its employees are getting out and meeting with people they can learn from on a regular basis. Working together is much more profitable than trying to do something alone.

Make sure you have the IT infrastructure to support your growth

The problem is that many IT systems were built quite a while ago, and the boom in technology development means that they are no longer fit for purpose. Niantic suffered from a very embarrassing server failure which put a hold on the game’s global roll-out very early on in the launch. Disappointed customers who suffer due to a lag in processing power or capacity issues aren’t going to do your business any favours. Ultimately, all organisations plan on growing, and if your IT system can’t support that, you’re going to run into pretty serious issues very early on. Many technology firms see future-proofing as an important factor when creating any IT system, but are businesses realising how important it is to retaining customers too?

Playing on nostalgia

Have you ever seen something that reminded you of your childhood and been immediately drawn to it? Researchers in Harvard have found that these memories can put us in a more “altruistic and charitable frame of mind” – the perfect tool for any successful marketing campaign, and something business can look to invoke if appropriate. Social media platforms by design capitalise on nostalgia, making it easy to find out exactly what we did on a particular day in history – Facebook offers daily memory posts, while the app TimeHop catalogues your entire social media history specifically for a reminder of not just how ridiculous your outfits were back in 2007, but how much you’ve developed personally and professionally in that time as well. So while Pokémon Go has done a brilliant job of reminding Millennials of a time when life was much simpler and all they had to worry about was their Game Boy, it has provided the perfect platform for rapid mass adoption.

From the IT teams to the marketing department, businesses can certainly learn a few things from Pokémon Go. One thing we are yet to see is whether its success is sustainable; could this be another flash in the pan in a couple of months’ time? Only time will tell.

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Weekly social scoop

Latest news and developments on social media including Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Tinder Social – just in case you missed them…

social media scoop

#1 Twitter now lets anyone request a verified account
By The Verge:

  • Twitter will let users request a verified account and the all-important blue tick by filling out a form on its website
  • The form asks for a verified phone number and email address, a profile photo, and additional information regarding why verification is required or helpful
  • However Twitter still says, “an account may be verified if it is determined to be of public interest”

#2 Selena Gomez’s Instagram, Facebook and Twitter posts ‘worth up to $550,000′
By The Independent:

  • Selena Gomez is now also the most influential person across Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, with almost three million engagements per post
  • She has a combined following of 181 million followers – half of which are on Instagram
  • Her success has been attributed to her selective attitude to the brands she works with on her social channels – she posts less sponsored posts than many other celebrities, and as such is more engaging to her fans

#3 Facebook may be trying to copy Snapchat again with “quick updates”
By Mashable:

  • New screenshots of what look to be an experiment, show the company is working on a new feature that allows groups of friends to privately share photos and other updates that disappear after 24 hours
  • Quick updates lives in the main Facebook app behind the new smiley face icon in the top right corner of the app. From there, you can add friends to groups so you can see each other’s updates
  • However, a Facebook spokesperson said this was an old test and that it had no plans to roll out the feature to more people

#4 Tinder Social launches globally
By TechCrunch:

  • Tinder Social has launched to provide a new way for groups to plan big nights out
  • Users can choose to add friends to their group via Facebook, and then match with other groups that are in the area
  • If one person from each of the groups matches, then the groups gain access to a shared chat room – just like regular Tinder

#5 Twitter test redesigns how you compose new tweets
By Mashable:

  • Twitter is experimenting with a new look for the tweet composer in its iOS app
  • The test moves the app’s tweet composer to the top of users’ timelines. Previously, the app’s tweet composer was a separate part of the app
  • A Twitter spokesperson confirmed the experiment, saying it was meant to make it easier for iOS users to tweet while browsing the app

#6 Instagram lets Taylor Swift test a tool that could see celebrities block abusive comments
By The Drum:

  • Instagram is reportedly allowing Taylor Swift and other high-profile figures on Instagram test a tool that “blocks” negative comments
  • According to the Times, the new feature means that rather than having to individually delete hundreds or thousands of comments, as a regular user would have to, Swift – or whoever is controlling her account –  is able to remove them en masse immediately

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onechocolate loves… the view from France

Our French office selected this week’s round-up of inspiring PR and digital marketing campaigns, smart new tech and cool events…

#1 PokémonGo arrives in France!


The latest mobile craze, PokémonGo, has created a worldwide phenomenon in such a short space of time. Of course, big brands and companies such as Orange and SNCF (France’s national rail company) have been quick to exploit the buzz on social networks to attract and entertain customers…

#2 Viva Technology, a great success for the first French IFA

French IFA

Earlier this month, the first “Made In France” tech trade show came to Paris and what a fantastic turnout it had! A massive 45,000 visitors attended the fair to discover the latest innovations from tech giants and start-ups alike. Key themes from the show included digital art, drone, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, robotics, 3D printing and Internet of Things…

#3 Sucre Detox, the sugar-responsible packaging!

Did you know French citizens consume an average of 70 grams of sugar per day, which is the equivalent of 14 tea spoons! To raise awareness of overconsumption of sugar in France, food distribution chain, Intermarché launched a new creamy chocolate dessert that helps you ‘detox’ from sugar. The product comes as a pack of six pots, each with decreasing sugar amounts. By the time you reach the last pot, it contains 50% less sugar. A great campaign with a strong message, worthy of the Cannes award it won this year. Check out the video to find out more about the campaign.

#4 Travel Football

To celebrate being the host nation of Euro 2016, 48 train stations across France participated in a footie-themed stunt involving Foosball (what we call “baby foot”) and giant robotic replicas of plastic players. It was a great way for travellers to entertain themselves while waiting for their train. By downloading the app, you can invite people to play against you at the station and players had the chance to win tickets to matches too. A very fun, interactive experience organised by SNCF, inspired by Euro 2016.

#5 Tropical Summer

Perfume brand, Eau Jeune, recently launched its new fragrance ‘Double Je Urban Tropical’. Via a partnership with popular YouTubers, Rose Carpet, Eau Jeune made several short videos for the launch, which has already received over 1.8 million views since the start of July. The brand campaign will run until the end of the year. We love this vibrant experience from these fab girls. Check out the video from Rose Carpet above.

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Weekly social scoop

Latest news and developments on social media including Pokémon Go, Twitter, Facebook, Periscope and Pinterest – just in case you missed them…

social media scoop

#1 Pokémon Go is now live in the UK
By TechCrunch:

  • Pokémon Go reached Europe last week, launching in Germany on Wednesday and the UK on Thursday
  • Crucially, in its short life it has surpassed past Tinder in total installs, has passed Twitter in daily active users and inched past Facebook in engagement time

#2 Twitter Kit adds support for Vine videos
By SocialTimes:

  • Developers using Twitter Kit can now seamlessly incorporate Vine videos into their applications
  • Apps will automatically expand Vine videos in their timelines and play loops just as they appear within Vine

#3 Facebook’s Instant Articles are now on Messenger
By Mashable:

  • Instant articles, previously limited to the main Facebook app, are now compatible with the Android version of Messenger and will be on iOS soon
  • Instant Articles load within the Facebook app (and now Messenger) instantly and don’t direct users to the publisher’s website
  • This marks the first time the company has expanded the articles beyond the main Facebook app

#4 Periscope adds Editors’ Picks channel for viewing curated streams
By SocialTimes:

  • Periscope announced the release of an Editors’ Picks channel within its live streaming application, which allows users to browse curated streams they may have missed
  • Users can find the Editors’ Picks channel by tapping the search button and looking under the Broadcasts tab, and are picked by Pinterest’s editorial team

#5 Pinterest acquires the team behind Highlight and Shorts
By TechCrunch:

  • Pinterest is acquiring the team behind Math Camp, the creators of Highlight
  • The acquisition is in line with Pinterest improving its discoverability product – its core competency is discovering new content, and the Math Camp team launched with an app initially created around the hope of discovering people around you

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A Content Marketer’s Guide to Newsjacking

With the Euros 2016 competition coming to a close and Wimbledon gearing up to reach its climax in the coming weeks – it’s been an event-filled start to the summer. And of course that’s not to mention the EU referendum (but the less we say about that the better!) The one thing these current events all have in common, is the huge potential for newsjacking from a marketing perspective.

Newsjacking is a valuable tool for any content marketer. With social media opening up the discussion board on current events, any business of any size now has the ability to weigh in – be it via Instagram, blog posts, video content or traditional PR. Newsjacking allows content marketers to leverage current events for positive brand exposure for clients. More importantly, it’s an opportunity for businesses or brands to show off their opinions and personality, and differentiate themselves from competitors on a larger stage.

Here are some of our best practice tips if you’re looking to leverage current events for your business this summer:

  1. Be prepared to act fast

Some known events can be planned for — consider Euros 2016, Wimbledon, or The Olympics for example. These things all have fixed dates which mean you can use the lead time to develop a solid marketing strategy building up to the event. But life is unpredictable, and some of the best newsjacking opportunities can be much more reactive.

It’s time for businesses to get in the real-time mindset. The hardest part about leveraging newsjacking is remembering that you need to be quick and agile. As content marketers, we’re used to following detailed timelines and getting different teams and stakeholders involved. But when it comes to newsjacking, time is of the essence. You need to have the bandwidth and capacity to act in real-time, and if you can manage this the rewards will speak for themselves!

  1. Don’t choose blindly

It’s easy to get newsjack-happy, but the process is most effective when you’re selective about the issues or events you want to engage with. Leverage the stories that are most relevant to your target audience and industry. Newsjacking is about aligning your brand with an event – so you can afford to be picky. Don’t just jump on the issues bandwagon.

Businesses will also need to think whether it’s going to have a possible impact on shareholders too, so make sure you give it some thorough thought. If you’re going to newsjack, try to build your activity around a positive event and at the very least make sure it is relevant to your brand.

  1. Follow the news curve 

Effective newsjacking means quickly injecting your thoughts, opinions and perspectives into the media stream before there’s too much noise. Each news story has a lifecycle and to get the most impact from your content, it’s best to get in early and catch the rising trend. Content marketers need to keep a close eye on the news and industry happenings so they can be the first to hop on a story.

However, that’s not to say that if you’re not first then you’ve missed the boat. Stay on the reactive and take a look what’s already out there. How can you get cut media through when it’s already a saturated story? Make sure you have something different to say! Some of the greatest newsjacks may have been bordering on the controversial, but they certainly stand out from the crowd. (Just make sure you’ve got the shareholders on board before you tread that line!)

  1. Tap into the human emotion

Consider using reactive newsjacking as an opportunity to effect change and establish thought leadership among your peers. It can be a great opportunity to show empathy with your customers, and turn a breaking news story or event into a positive reflection on your brand – without alienating the consumer.


So before you dive straight on to a breaking news story, take a step back and consider; how relevant is this story to me and how will it help me stand out from the noise? Newsjacking can be a fantastic tool – but use it wisely!


Newsjacking popular events

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