onechocolate loves… the view from the US

Our colleagues in onechocolate’s San Francisco office selected this week’s round-up of inspiring PR and digital marketing campaigns, smart new apps and cool events…

#1 Gartner’s 2015 IoT predictions

Connected cars

Gartner recently released its report “Predicts 2015: The Internet of Things,” which projects that there will be a quarter of a billion connected vehicles on the road globally by 2020. The analyst house also predicted that one in five vehicles around the world will have some sort of wireless internet connection within five years, at an estimated total of more than 250 million vehicles. It’s difficult to fathom now, but given how many connected devices our team saw at CES recently, it might not be too far of a stretch!

#2 Exploding kittens blow up Kickstarter

This week, one project broke the Kickstarter record for the most backers ever. No, this new idea was not a next-gen gadget or innovative piece of tech, it was in fact a card game with exploding kittens! Created by Matthew Inman (The Oatmeal), Elan Lee (Xbox, ARGs) and  Shane Small (Xbox, Marvel), the simple card game has already raised more than $4.4 million from more than 100,000 backers, and shows no signs of slowing. We can’t wait to play it!

#3 Puppy Bowl lineup

Puppy bowl

If you’re having a “ruff” day, you should check out the new Puppy Bowl lineup. The annual event plays in conjunction with the Super Bowl (airing this Sunday, February 1st) and is aimed at those who aren’t interested in the big game. Besides, who doesn’t love a room full of rollicking, happy puppies? And if that wasn’t cute enough for you, this year the 2015 lineup will be joined by a team of goat cheerleaders. Go team!

#4 Apple Smart Watch

Apple Watch

After Apple’s record-breaking earnings announcement this week, the innovative tech giant gave some insight into its much anticipated Apple Watch. The company said that the watch is “right on schedule,” and will begin shipping this April. With so much hype surrounding this new device, it will be interesting to see how people actually interact and use the device day to day. Considering Apple just shattered analyst expectations with revenue of $74.6 billion, the company looks to be doing just fine!

#5 Half a billion people can’t be wrong

Facebook mobile users

Despite widespread reports that Facebook is losing its touch, it looks like we just can’t quite shake off this social network. It released an earnings report this week noting that some 526 million active monthly users access the app on a mobile device. This number is already up from the 456 million in the previous quarter, and represents a whopping 38 percent of Facebook’s 1.39 billion monthly active users. It looks like Mark Zuckerberg’s push towards mass mobile adoption is working.

#6 Tumblr update for content creators



While there are many corporations using Tumblr effectively, namely Denny’s, J. Crew, and many more, the social media platform recently rolled out a series of updates to help content creators with updates to both its mobile and web app. Users can now access several tools much faster for style and formatting, and includes improved support for push notifications and messaging. Get blogging folks!

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PRmoment Awards 2015: Shortlisted

PRmoment Awards Shortlist Badge


We are delighted to announce that we’ve been shortlisted for the Integrated Communications Campaign of the Year category in the PRmoment Awards, 2015.

Our entry, entitled: PLAYMOBIL: 40 years young, outlined our work with the much-loved toy brand, to demonstrate how a creative and integrated approach would make PLAYMOBIL’s 40th anniversary year go off with a bang!

We were tasked with engaging target audiences in new and creative ways, securing coverage in nationals and hard-to-reach lifestyle magazines and growing the brand in the UK. We did all this and more; helping to generate sales, smashing coverage targets and super-engaging PLAYMOBIL’s audience.

The results: 70 national and broadcast pieces, 300+ pieces of coverage overall, which delivered 1.7 billion opportunities to see, 600% increase in Facebook engagement, 10% increase in Y-O-Y sales. Smartly integrated, on-brand, creative, cost effective. Job done.

“One word… Wow!!!” – Jamie Dickinson, Marketing Manager, Playmobil UK

PRmoment Awards identify campaigns that demonstrate the highest level of strategic planning, creativity and business results. With the number and standard of entries being extremely high this year, with over 600 entries from campaigns across the UK, it’s fantastic that our work has been recognised as industry leading.

Congratulations to all the PR teams involved in the other shortlisted entries and we look forward to the winners being announced on the 4th March 2015!

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Weekly social scoop

Latest news and developments on WhatsApp, Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook – just in case you missed it 

Weekly social scoop

#1 WhatsApp is now available on your desktop

By The Guardian

  • Last week, WhatsApp debuted its messaging service on desktop, previously it was only available on mobile phones
  • The desktop version is already popular with users; messages appearing at the same time as they appear on mobiles. Messages are stored on phones rather than desktops, and users cannot start a new chat group without starting it on their phone first
  • The desktop service does have some limitations. For example, it is currently only available for Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry users. Due to restrictions on Apple’s platform, it cannot be used by iPhone users

#2 Pinterest to open up more user data to advertisers

By BBC News Technology

  • In October 2014 Pinterest was valued at $5bn (£3.3bn), but analyst firm Forrester has since said that “Pinterest’s marketing value lies more in the future than in the present”
  • In an effort to make itself more profitable, the social platform is allowing marketers to see data indicating what its users intend to buy
  • Currently, Pinterest only makes limited types of information available to marketers, such as users’ gender and location

#3 Twitter lets you catch up on stories you might have missed

By The Independent

  • Hate that feeling when you’ve been on holiday and feel like you’re completely out of touch with what’s been happening? Well fear no more, Twitter has launched a new tool that will allow you to catch up on tweets you may have missed
  • The new feature is available now on the social network’s iPhone and iPad apps and will be added to Android and the web version in the near future 

#4 Facebook to put an end to hoax news stories

By The Guardian

  • You may have seen numerous stories on your Facebook newsfeed that have turned out to be fake. Three example of these include Bill Gates giving away $5,000 if you share his Facebook photo, the Talking Angela app is a front for online paedophiles and an entire small town in Texas has been put into Ebola quarantine
  • Facebook has updated its settings to allow users to report a story as a hoax. Once a story has received a number of reports, Facebook will acknowledge it as fake and remove it from the network

#5 Twitter discourages users from sharing Instagram links

By The Inquirer

  • Twitter sent out prompts last Thursday to high profile users to ask them to stop sharing links to pictures on Instagram, and instead share them directly on Twitter
  • The move sees Twitter continue to push for more native multimedia on the site; the platform is reportedly planning to launch a native video tool later in 2015 

#6 Twitter teams up with Bing to translate tweets

By The Independent

  • Twitter has launched a new feature that will use Bing’s translation tool to translate tweets
  • Users must enable the tool in their account settings; they can then click on a small globe icon to have them translated. The new version will then appear below the original tweet

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onechocolate loves… the view from Germany

Our colleagues in onechocolate’s Munich office selected this week’s round-up of  inspiring PR and digital marketing campaigns, smart new tech and cool events…

#1 Tough Enough


This month, DELL proves once again that it knows how to make a funny campaign work. As part of its ‘Tough Enough’ campaign, it has released the latest episodes in a series of short YouTube videos, which show the IT support of a fictional company at work. The hilarious situational clips are sure to resonate with those who work in or with IT departments.

DELL has also created a tumblr site where you can not only find all the video clips, but also comical dialogues between users and IT support. Those who work in IT can even upload their own stories about the most incapable users they have had to deal with. This multi-channel campaign is a great, tongue-in-cheek way for DELL to talk to its target market and position itself as a leader in IT technology. 

#2 A whole new world

Instagram account

This week, we stumbled upon a brilliantly creative Instagram account from Derrick Lin – a photographer and brand strategist from Columbus, Ohio. Derrick converts everyday objects such as his desk, coffee mug, sugar bowl, even colleagues’ faces, into a new world in which miniature figures are taking over. What we take away from his creative idea is to think differently, change perspectives and always keep an open mind to experiment.

#3 Mario comes to life


This week we spotted that a group of students from the University of Tübingen have given the beloved video game character, Mario, the gift of intelligence. Through a combination of coding and the basic principles of psychology, these talented students brought Mario to life; he understands spoken advice, commands and questions, and he even assesses his own needs by collecting coins when he is hungry or exploring when he is curious. While we love this as a fun game, the artificial intelligence technology used also gives insight into the future of things to come such as the self-driving car, self-optimising assembly lines or traffic control systems.

#4 Girl, you wanna get a beer?

You wanna get a beer

Suppose your brand wants to reach a new demographic, how do you do that? By talking to them, of course! That’s precisely what Astra, the German beer brand, has done to appeal to a female audience. It has installed a high-tech billboard next to a bar in Hamburg that can discern the gender of passersby. Whenever a woman walks past, it begins a conversation and invites her for a beer. Although trying to appeal to a new audience, the lame pick-up lines used by the billboard still stay true to the brand’s blunt, tongue-in-cheek character.

#5 Viral marketing

Viral marketing has been a buzzword for some time now, and one of the key rules is to not make people feel like they are being ‘marketed’ to. The brand and/or product name will almost always take a back seat. Content can be quirky, funny, moving, shocking or all of the above, but the most important thing is that it should evoke emotion and be shareable. Done well, viral marketing also has the potential to deliver great ROI; budget is spent on, say, one video that can then receive thousands or even millions of views and shares.

We enjoyed a trip down memory lane when we read Claudia Hilker’s article on the best viral marketing campaigns for social media für unternehmer. Our personal favorite was Ruegenwalder Muehle’s video to introduce its new dry packaging. Check out the hilarious clip above for yourself.

#6 Facebook ends hoax stories

Facebook hoax

Most Facebook users have at least one friend on Facebook who regularly posts outlandish stories that turn out to be fake. However, as of this week, when you come across a hoax story about a dead celeb or law change, you can report the story as false. When a number of people have flagged the story, Facebook will acknowledge it as a hoax and delete it. Although Facebook may not be known as the most reliable source for information; it’s good to know that our News Feeds will be more trustworthy from now on.

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#BlueMonday hits 2015

Yesterday was Blue Monday, the day considered to be the most depressing of the entire year. But as we climbed out of our warm duvets to face the cold winter morning and the slog to the office, many of the brands we know and love took to social media to cash in on this now highly competitive diary date – with freebies, fun and games.

Across all of the social platforms, the media marketing machine went into overdrive, with giveaways, creative promotions and a blast of fun to beat the January blues.

So where did the idea of Blue Monday come from? No, it’s not just a New Order song; it’s actually a PR invention! Back in 2005, the now defunct Sky Travel channel ran a publicity campaign that cited the third Monday of January as “scientifically” the most depressing day of the year. The idea, fuelled by social media, has stuck ever since.

It’s a great day for creative newsjacking so we thought we’d share our favourite #BlueMonday moments from this year…

Pret kindly offered us a free caffeinated pick-me-up for a limited time in exchange for an aptly chosen buzzword, a great way to start the day. (Well, apart from those of us who didn’t notice the tweet until after the deadline.)


Supermarket brand Aldi handed out £20 gift vouchers throughout the day to those who participated in the #AldiChallenge on its Twitter feed, which consisted of a series of competitions; from sharing your favourite joke to caption contests. To add to our happiness, they also tweeted a picture of an adorable sleepy baby.


It wouldn’t be true internet-based happiness production without throwing a few kittens into the mix. The charity Cats Protection shared pictures and videos to make us feel as warm and fuzzy inside as the kittens themselves.

Cats Protection

And finally, this little missive from Innocent Drinks made us smile…

Innocent drinks

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