onechocolate loves… the view from France

Our French office selected this week’s round-up of inspiring PR and digital marketing campaigns, smart new tech and cool events…

#1 Read, work, sleep

Currently, there are more and more projects being established worldwide to promote reading. In France, SNCF, France’s national railway company, has started offering e-books to train passengers. But Brazil’s ‘Ticket Book’ scheme has been taking the concept of the commuter who reads even further. L&PM Editores, the paperback books publisher, has created a collection of ten novels that aren’t just for reading – they also serve as subway tickets. Through an integrated RIFD chip in the cover, users can operate the turnstile by scanning the book as you would your underground card.  The novels are sold at the entrance of the stations, are credited with 10 trips with the ability to recharge on the Ticket Books website. Moreover, the cover shows the Brazilian subway. What a smart way to promote reading – and the subway brand!

#2 Wake up with a sexy man’s voice

Why have a boring bell as an alarm when you could wake up to a sexy man’s voice? Imagine being awoken by a charming, husky, British voice who gently tells you to open your eyes… Thanks to photographer Grace Huang’s ‘The Morning Man Alarm Clock’, now you can. Do note, however, that while the American and French accents are free,  other accents will cost you $0.99 each. Best. Invention. Ever.

#3 Netflix doesn’t like spoilers

What would you do to someone who spoils a show when you’re in the middle of a Netflix binge? Cold shoulder? Permanent shunning? This is the question that Netflix’s latest viral video poses. In this video, the viewer is asked to decide what to do as a man is about to be executed by a gangster. When gangster is about to change his mind, the victim reveals a massive spoiler from season one of Orange Is The New Black. It’s at that moment when the video becomes interactive and gives us a choice: do we want revenge or will we forgive him? The two alternative endings reveal the percentage of people who have voted for death or grace.

#4 COP21: Get your blank sheet talking

one france

At the COP21 event which will soon be held in Paris, NGO One is challenging world leaders to help the poorest countries via a digital campaign. One is fighting against extreme poverty as it invites users to post a picture of them with a blank sheet in their hand on the website. Each photo comes alive once a word is written on each sheet of paper – to emphasise the statement ‘CLIMATE: give priority to the poorest countries.’ The initiative  will be shared on social media via #SolidariteClimat. It is a beautiful and poetic viral initiative to highlight a reality which can sometimes be seen as less glamorous.

#5 Skiing with Club Med

Club med

Club Med has installed a ski resort in a big Parisian train station to give visitors a unique immersive experience: they have installed 8 gondola lifts at 5m high and a ski simulator and chairlift can be viewed through the Oculus Rift or Google cardboard. We love this successful stunt that proves that Club Med remains at the forefront of technology!

#6 Taking the driving test in a Porsche: dream or nightmare?

To promote its ‘Experience’ program and driving courses, Porsche has captured candidates taking their driving test using hidden cameras. Those who expected to obtain their license driving a city car ended up in the bucket seat of a Porsche 911 Carrera with 370 horsepower engine. The examiner, placid and unruffled, plays the game as if it was a bog-standard car. The automatic transmission and rear engine offers a pleasant surprise to the unknowing candidates. A great little stunt to encourage fans to go and test their driving development program!

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Consumer PR and Digital Marketing Vacancy: Paid Internship

Seeking: an enthusiastic and ambitious consumer intern – to start your career in our Soho office.

*Passion for consumer tech products, services and trends is vital*

This is a paid internship (£1,088.75 per month gross) for a period of three months, with potential for a junior permanent role for the right candidate.

onechocolate is a PR and digital marketing agency which specialises particularly in the earned space. More insights on our website here.

The successful candidate will also:

  • Like the challenge of working across a range of markets and clients
  • First class verbal and written communication skills
  • Good organisational skills
  • Be eager to learn
  • Eager to ‘get on the phone’
  • Be a multi-tasker – ability to juggle
  • Be self motivated and have the ability to work on own initiative
  • Be honest and down to earth
  • Work hard and have fun too
  • Previous PR and/or digital marketing experience – preferably within an agency

Candidates must already be based in the UK.

In return we can offer:

  • Award-winning agency (finalists for 8 industry awards in 2015)
  • oneAcademy – our comprehensive training and personal development programme
  • Great client experience – on big brands and technology innovators
  • Fun location in the heart of Soho
  • A proven track record of success and growing rapidly
  • Collaborative and supportive team environment


  • £1,088.75 per month (gross)
  • 28 days holiday including public holidays (pro rata)

How to apply: Send your CV and cover letter to:

Only candidates invited to interview will be contacted. Good luck!

Job Vacancy

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On screen: the biggest broadcast trends for 2016


Where would you expect to find a broadcaster?

For most people in the UK, the word “broadcaster” immediately brings to mind BBC newsreaders. Since 1922, the BBC has dominated much of British broadcasting, first with radio, then TV, and most recently online content. So when we think “broadcaster”, we think of the pros that have become national treasures, such as the utterly fabulous Moira Stewart who has graced our screens since the Eighties.

Thankfully, TV newsreaders are still a thriving breed (and their sartorial flair is alive and kicking– see Jon Snow and his ties). But the reality is that the context in which we watch TV has changed beyond recognition – with laptops, iPads and smartphones as viewers switch over to on-demand TV. And when it comes to traditional broadcast TV advertising, you need only look at the extent to which YouTube has gobbled up ever larger slices of its budget share and this is a shift that will continue to gather speed.

All this means is a wealth of new opportunities for PR and digital marketing. Here are three broadcast trends that savvy marketers should have at top of mind in 2016:


2015 was the year of the vlogger, so anyone who isn’t aware of how influential vloggers are by now is missing a trick. What we’ll see more of in 2016 is vloggers crossing over from “new” media (YouTube, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram) into the traditional broadcast space and bringing with them a new, younger audience. And vloggers have huge brand potential – they have been highly influential for years, but 2015’s vlogger guidelines for advertising has given them, as broadcasters, a new legitimacy.

Mobile video news channels

With increased broadband and data speeds, a mobile-first strategy towards streaming video has set some channels apart from the rest. These aren’t the traditional channels, who are having to adapt their content from the TV, but rather disruptive newcomers. For example, Vice News was originally a lifestyle magazine but its video focus has made it successful in the news space. The fact that numerous major players are jumping to invest in it shows how Vice has become a serious contender in the broadcast world. We’re likely to see video-focused, mobile-enabled channels like this become even more important in 2016. For marketers, this means more opportunities to use video to gain exposure.

Podcasts vs. streaming

If you’re listening to the radio on your phone, you have either downloaded a podcast or, as is more increasingly the case, taken advantage of widely available broadband to stream a station directly. The benefit of podcasts for PRs is that much of the content is planned and produced well in advance, leaving lots of time to plan and deliver a pitch, but there are big benefits with easily streamable stations, too. We already have over 300 channels in the UK, and the growing diversity of content means plenty of opportunities for PRs. With Apple Music launched in 2015, it will be interesting to see how the PR industry starts to make the most of radio in its new form.

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Great coverage for onechocolate’s green policies in The Guardian

At onechocolate, being energy-efficient is part of the fabric of the business and something we’ve been doing for over a decade. We all do our bit to be green in the office and have fun doing it.

The Guardian’s Efficiencyhub has featured an article on this topic with great comments from our founders, Jill Coomber and Sue Grant, including our top tips for being an environmentally-friendly business, our green policies and how we inspire and educate fellow colleagues to commit to this strategy. You can read it here.

“We take pride in being an environmentally-friendly business. Being office based and needing lots of tech to do our jobs, it is key that we are energy efficient.” – Jill Coomber


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Weekly social scoop

Latest news and developments on Facebook, Pinterest and Google+ – just in case you missed them…


#1 Google+ lives on

By The Telegraph:

  • Google is refusing to give up on its social network, and has relaunched it with a new focus.
  • The overhauled site will become an interest-based network, focusing on collections and communities.
  • Despite there being more than 2.5 billion Google+ accounts, a report found only 6.7 million of these have posted over 50 times since joining – less than 1%.

#2 New Facebook tools help you manage awkward break-ups


  • Facebook now helps you avoid the social media awkwardness of a break-up with features to help you see fewer of your ex’s posts, and for them to see less of you.
  • You are asked to opt-in to these new tools once you change your relationship status to “single”.
  • The features mean you can remain “friends” on the platform without the emotional distress of seeing an ex having a great time without you – part of Facebook’s plan to ease the burden during painful life events.

#3 Facebook launches Work Chat – an enterprise version of Messenger

By Social Times:

  • Facebook begins its play for enterprise domination with the launch of Work Chat on Android.
  • The app features all that we know and love in Messenger – group chats, chat heads, free voice calling and stickers.
  • The freemium version of Facebook at Work is due in 2016.

#4 Pinterest and Facebook reach new brand perception heights, YouGov BrandIndex reveals

By Social Times:

  • Facebook and Pinterest have seen two of the most important consumer perception metrics hit new highs over the last 45 days.
  • Facebook has taken off in this time, with 43% more consumers having a positive impression of Facebook than a negative one – a huge leap from 32%.
  • These are the networks’ highest general impression levels with consumers since YouGov BrandIndex began its tracking: for Facebook in August 2007 and for Pinterest, since April 2012.

#5 Quora starts troll-free AMA (ask me anything) writing sessions

By TechCrunch:

  • Quora takes on Reddit’s “wild west” AMA sessions with sessions from thought leaders answering pre-submitted and moderated questions.
  • Users who are interested in topics around the session will be invited to take part, and submit questions before the AMA. These will be up- or down-voted by the community, and any that don’t meet the standard will be removed.
  • The aim is for Quora to attract a higher calibre of speaker. With Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg and US Senator Tim Kaine already lined up, the signs are good.

#6 Facebook’s new fundraiser tool makes it easier for nonprofits to raise money

By The Verge:

  • The experimental fundraising tool for charities has launched in the US, with plans to launch in other countries next year.
  • Nonprofits will be able to launch fundraisers on their Pages, showing users how many people have contributed, how much money they want to raise, and suggesting possible donations.
  • Users can contribute money directly from the News Feed, with a single-page form to process payments via PayPal, credit or debit card.


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