Market leader
07 March 2017

Becoming a market leader: the view from a PR and digital marketing agency

We love working with innovators and challengers, partnering with them to become market leaders. On the consumer side, we’ve done this for brands like Nokia and PLAYMOBIL, while our excellent B2B team has delivered this for the likes of Trend Micro and Amdocs.

Crossing the chasm and becoming a market leader takes big ideas and a strong direction. Here’s our top five tips on making the transition:

Think big

Success begins in the planning: where do you want to be in 12/24/36 months? What does success look like? What milestones will you set? What do you want people saying about you? How do you inspire a wider group to buy your products? Champion your brand? How does that feel, look, sound? And then…

Message big

Having visualised your new positioning, you need to update your messaging and roll this out around the company. If your new messages are robust, you’ve shared them well and got the buy-in you need, then you’ll get consistency. It’ll be loud and clear who you really are (or, will be).

Look big

Your visuals also need to reflect your new thought leadership. Audit what you are doing. Less can be more. Do it better, to a higher quality and be different. Don’t just copy existing leaders. Bring fresh angles and a new edge.

Act big

It’s great when you’re an innovator. You can be controversial, the new kid on the block, punchy and punching above your weight; startling your fans with great new products, ahead of the market. If you get that right you have a hard-core base of influencers who are already your customers and evangelising about your brand. Now you need to help your brand grow up. Not get boring but capture some of that wisdom, while continuing to inspire. Great leaders have an assuredness and gentle confidence in what they do. Walk this line. Now.

Speak big

Spokespeople also create market leadership. We spend a lot of time with our clients helping them achieve this. You need an inspiring vision for your influencers, get them to see the world from your point of view. Evangelising creates the change you want.

Shamelessly plug

Find the right partner. A strong PR and digital marketing team that’s on your side and ‘gets you’ is invaluable at this point. Be brave, be fresh, be real.