Online Video Content Creation
05 February 2015

Video: Why – and how – B2B brands should use it on Twitter

After months of speculation, Twitter has announced the rollout of video on Twitter; a tool which will enable users to record, edit and upload 30-second clips straight from Twitter. Video is certainly a powerful medium – with more of us consuming video than ever before, it’s a valuable asset to brands. Recently, Facebook has had a great amount of success with it, reporting that users are watching more than a billion clips per day.

So, what benefit does video on Twitter have? The answer is reach – particularly for B2B brands. Twitter is a key platform in the B2B arena, often taking priority over other video-led sites such as Instagram, YouTube and Facebook.

With an average of 500 million tweets sent out each day, one of the key challenges for marketers will be how to catch users’ attention. So we’ve compiled a list of top five tips to make your B2B Twitter video shine:

#1 Tailor it to the platform

Remember that Twitter is a ‘reactionary’ network. Your audience is used to consuming real-time news, so adapt your content to this. Be quick off the mark to respond to topical events, trends and issues in real-time.

#2 Simplicity is key

The general rule of thumb for the length of a marketing video on YouTube is 30 seconds. Twitter’s audience is even more fast-paced, being used to consuming information in 140 characters. So, make your clip snappy; capture the attention immediately and get your brand messaging in early.

#3 Encourage interaction

It is all about engagement. So include a call to action in your video or the accompanying Tweet. With the easy-to-use tool available to your audience, you can encourage users to respond to your clip with their own footage, or run a competition for the most creative 30-second clip about your brand or product.

#4 Make it emotional

As a B2B brand, your product may well be very techy or corporate and not necessarily lend itself to a gripping or comical clip. However, the key to making content shareable is to appeal to your audience’s emotions, so ‘humanise’ your product with some good old-fashioned fun or drama. Check out Taulia’s resources page for some great examples of making cloud-based invoice, payment and discounting management solutions goofy.

#5 Sweat your assets

You don’t need to create a whole new marketing strategy or libraries of video content to succeed with video on Twitter. Maximise the video content you already have and slot it into your existing Twitter activity to seamlessly increase engagement and reach.

The development offers an exciting opportunity for B2B brands to create diverse, fresh content to reach an even wider audience and maximise engagement, and we can’t wait to see what brands will do with it. Do you have any further tips on how brands can make the most of the video on Twitter?