A Social Media Campaign Which Deserves an Applause

When it comes to applying for a job, most of us will fill out an application form and hope our way with words and experience will guarantee us a job interview. However, due to the wonders of technology more of us are finding innovative and creative ways to catch our future employer’s attention. One candidate who did such a thing is Lindsay Blackwell, the 22 year old girl who launched a social media campaign to get herself noticed, and here is how she did it.

Late last year the University of Michigan were looking for an applicant who would fit the position of Social Media Director for the university, the first of its kind. As you can imagine the role attracted a lot of candidates, but one applicant stood out for all the right reasons. Lindsay Blackwell knew that the traditional CV and cover letter would not show off her capabilities in the competitive market, so she developed a website dearlisarudgers.com an interactive cover letter directed at the Vice President for Global Communications and Strategic Initiative at University of Michigan. The clever design was thought up and designed by Lindsay over the space of one weekend and gave her the back drop to launch a social media campaign which would reach a mass audience.

You only need to take a look at the website to see how phenomenal it really is and how well it has been marketed. After developing the site, Lindsay’s next phase in her march to win an interview, was launching a full blown social media campaign around her website to get people talking about it. She set up a twitter account @dearlisarudgers where visitors to her site were encouraged to write their own letters to Lisa, and where she had video updates of her progress.

Due to her hard efforts and social media and viral strategy, the campaign was a hit. The site to this day has had over 22,000 unique visitors in 83 countries since its launch. And the campaign was picked up by the media on blog sites worldwide and in the local press. Visitors were so fascinated and proud of what Lindsay had achieved that they were rooting for her to get the job.

Lindsay was extremely clever in what she achieved; she understood her audience and listened and engaged with them on a daily basis. Her efforts paid off, she was offered an interview but sadly did not win the role.

However, the story has a happy ending. With her campaign going viral it would not be long before a creative company would snatch her up. She now works at Digital Marketing as Social media Director – an impressive turn out for such a young professional who has bagged a high profile job at such a young age. In a recent interview by Eric  T  Tung she gave the following advice to young graduates and social media fanatics on how to launch a social media campaign:

“Be honest. That’s solid life advice, too, but the same is true in social media and viral strategy. There will always be content that goes viral for its own reasons without any actual marketing efforts–but when you’re talking about crafting content with the hope of viral spread, I think the most important thing is to be genuine and transparent about your message, your company, etc. The Internet may seem vast and wildly temperamental, but at its root is a community of people–and people like to share stories about other people, not the prosaic content so many companies waste time pushing out to the public. Give people something to interact with. Social media is ultimately about conversations–construct your content in a listening framework, and you’ll invite success.”

All I can say is Lindsay really has set a high standard for social media job applications and it will be hard to beat her. She is inspirational to young graduates and truly understands the power and effect of social media.

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